Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Pick of the Beauty Sale Bargains! UPDATED

Sales are a minefield- lucky for you I have done some online shopping today and will share with you some of the best finds!
Aromatherapy Associates and Alpha H.. I always stock up in the sales!

 I skipped Boots, House of Fraser and Debenhams Beauty,- not much there online, or it all seems the same things (apart from Debehams have Benefit Cabana Glam for £19 and some nice L'occitane sets (Verbana smells like sherbert lemons)).

Alpha H- (Yes the brand which has done WONDERS for my skin. I blogged here) and Beauty Bay have a fantastic sale on the Alpha H range including the Liquid Gold Night Intensive.  If you are unsure about trying something new, then I can really recommend the smaller kits that give you lots of smaller sized products (the Liquid Gold discovery kit is around £35).  I can also recommend the eye complex- so gentle around the eyes- a great reviver for an overindulgent festive period!

Micro-bubble by Daniel Sandler? See further down for discounts!
Other favorites in Beauty Bay's 40% off sale include Aromatherapy Associates (for revive body gel, oils and enrich body scrub), Murad (great skin cleanser), Paul and Joe vintage inspired makeup (the bon bon primer is £20!) and a few Jemma Kidd brushes.
Paul and Joe Primer

SpaceNK Sale- why buy a Clarisonic Mia for £96 instead of £115- when you can get a Clarisonic Classic for £99 reduced from £150 (unlike the Mia, the classic can be used on the body as well as face).  It has transformed my skin.

Space NK have Aromatherapy Associates Revive bath and Shower oil reduced from £12 to £6!!  Some Shu Uemura makeup (drawing pencils £7, cleansing oil around £20..) AND Chantecaille is worth a look- check out the Delices des Roses lip palette reduced from £50 to £25.

Chantecaille from Space NK- 50% off (see further down the post!)
Feel Unique have up to 50% off- worth looking at Burt's Bees Tinited Lip Balms (I have these and they are great- sale at £4.49. Vegan, Cruelty free, highly pigmented and nourishing.

If you are, like me, a Daniel Sandler makeup fan then you can pick up the cult Micro-Bubble lipstick for £9.54 instead of £13.25 or checkout the water-colour blushes as they are £11.60 instead of £14.50.

If the winter weather and heating is drying out your skin then check out Darphin's Hydrating Kiwi Mask- I have reviewed it on this blog and am replacing it in the sale as the whole range has 15% off (as do many other ranges at Feel Unique!

What have you picked up in the sales?  Any good beauty sales I have missed?  Point me in their direction...!!

UPDATE: Lush have 50% off their Christmas items including Snow Fairy and gift boxes for £5!
SpaceNK have added Laura Mercier candles reduced by 50% to £14.50 Creme Brule Candle anyone?

Asos beauty sale has a number of affordable bargains from GHDs for around £60, Jemma Kidd, Bourjois, OPI for £7, Nails inc, Benefit boing for £9, Korres from £9, Model mirrors... it's a good sale!!!

Cocktail Cosmetics: Brilliant NYX and ArtDeco goodies!

P.s. If you are looking for fashion and accessories I'm putting my spots and purchases on 

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Just a little note...

... to wish each and every one of you a lovely and peaceful Christmas.  I have been working so hard that I havent really had time to feel very festive.  Today has just been about spending some time with family... and sleeping!  I hope you have had the day you wanted! 

I always spare a thought for those without family, those on their own, those working - especially in hospices.  Christmas goes beyond presents (although those are nice)!  Hopefully everyone has had a safe and quiet day!

Ok- who got a Furby this year?

Happy Christmas from Computergirl's Musings xx

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Topic Post: Hair Removal for party season [Sponsored Topic Post]

I mentioned a while back that I might accept one or two sponsored topic posts in the future.  Just to be clear, I never accept money to write positive things about a product or service- that would be lying.  I always tell the truth and my blogger/media affiliations vouch for that.  From time to time I might accept a commission on this blog- that is a little bit of pocket money to write a general topic article- one which I might write anyway regardless of sponsorship.  I invest a lot of time and money into this blog, buying products, visiting venues etc so being able to put something back into the pot is always a bonus.  As always, all words are my own, all views are my own.  Nothing will sway this.

Hair Removal.
Smooth, toned, supple skin... I can dream right? (Oh and the sun looks pretty inviting too!  The UK is freezing!)
With the Christmas party season being in full swing, most women suddenly find themselves faced with a dress-to-impress event.  Skin that has been hidden under 20 layers of jumpers, tights and trousers will be thrust into view- this terrifies me for two reasons.  Dry skin and hair removal preparation!

Why is it us women in the UK feel the need to remove all (well most!) hair on their bodies?  Travel some countries and it doesn't seem to bother the native women, but in the UK and US there seems to be a big thing about women having hairy legs or arms.  Men are fine, but women seem to be viewed as grubby with stubbly legs.

Looking back through history, there seems to be a change during the age of liberated vintage pin-up drawings.  Women with perfect corseted figures and smooth, dainty legs.  No-one every draws stubbly legs!!  Prior to that women were stuck in bloomers and long dresses- showing leg or even ankles was a taboo act!  You remember Mr Darcy?! Seeing a women's ankle would have meant she was a harlot!!
Benefit Bathina- great pinup inspired leg 'sheen' for a festive glow!

 Of course, hair does have advantages- its supposed to help keep us warm and keep bacteria off the skin, but evolution has undoubtedly left variations on this.  I think it boils down to men being the hairy caveman who makes fire, and women wanting to be clearly distinguished from the neaderthals.. Well maybe not on the surface, but deep down there must be some substance in that thought?

Nowadays its easy, if not time consuming, to remove hair.  Depending on the growth and density, methods can be slightly painful, but normally last from a few days to a few months.

My home use hair removal tales....
  • Razors are easily available (unless you're under 16 in which case you might need a supervising adult to buy them for you- seriously!!), just remember to use shaving gel OR the cheaper alternative of hair conditioner.  Both work well to ease blade friction and reduce 'razor burn'. Ouch!  And never shave in a hurry. Unless you want to end up looking a bit like Christina A with her self-tan malfunction....
  • Hair Removal Cream: Normally smells quite very odd and can be a bit messy.  Just burns through the hair- so careful not to fall asleep with it on- or mistake it for deep treating leave on hair conditioner (though I have heard of a scorned woman treating her cheating husband to this 'speacial hair conditioner....'....)
Adding Aloe Vera Gel to skin post treatments can help soothe and reduce redness.

  • Home Wax strips/Kits.  I have never really got on with these. Lord knows I've tried.  The pre-waxed strips are normally set hard and require heating a little between your hands.  Cue lots of rubbing hands together, missing some patches, placing strips on and mentally preparing yourself to rip it off... only to find it only half works.  I tried a kit once- the one where you put wax in a rollerball thingy, then place hot water in another container, place the roller ball thingy inside then apply onto your skin, place cotton sheets on it and rip- confused?!  I ended up with a mixture of hot water and wax on my legs, ran out of strips and then found the hot wax had leaked all over my "really nice and now not-so-fluffy' dressing gown.  That kit is now recycled into pencils or some more useful then a mensa mind challenge beauty product.
  • Electronic Epilator.  It looks like a medieval torture instrument- and the one I had was pretty loud, which meant people I lived with asked what on earth I was doing.... *cue red face*.  It literally rips the hair out at speed from the root. You have to glide it over the desired areas- I was never brave enough to use on anywhere other than my legs.  It hurt- though the freezer pack did help.  Though I liked not having to wait for 4-6 weeks growth before using it (unlike waxing).

My preferred method for legs is salon waxing- only it adds up in cost and you have to go on a regular basis so that you get every hair growing at the same rate- so there is a little bit of 'growth' towards the end.  Inevitable I end up with a razor most days.  Can be quick, last a few days and doesnt require traveling (I generally use this razor).  I LOVE having my eyebrows threaded.  Depending on various times of the month the process goes from pain free to YOUCH! So take this into account when you book.  The results are long lasting and clean cut- this is a middle eastern technique which can be used all over the body.

I have never tried Sugaring or Laser Hair Removal.  I have heard various reports on the painfulness of both but that Laser Hair Removal is the only process which eventually kills the hair root meaning no more shaving/plucking/waxing etc.  Sounds good!!
Don't forget to detox after all your 'dress-to-impress' Christmas parties!  Although dancing in high heels is supposed to be a good work out so don't feel too guilty about skipping the gym the morning after!

So my question to you is, what method do you use, and do you have any tips?

This topic post has been sponsored by Urbana Hair Removal at

Coming up: Huge Clothes Show Haul (just see the Instagram photos (username computergirl200), Topshop makeup haul, Mac Haul, Apivita goodies, Christmas Giveaway(s), Alpha H, Murad... Christmas!

Disclaimer: As stated this post has been sponsored by Urbana.  That is to say my time has been compensated.  No positive review has been bought

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Week in Instagram & The Clothes Show 2012!

Well, this is new for me!  I'm on Instagram!  I took a long time to join,  but if you want to follow then my user name is computergirl200.  Original, I know!  The same name as my twitter!  Let me know if you are on there!

My Instagram pictures!

*Christmas Nails*, *Post*, *Advent Calendar*, *Grumpy Cat*, *Winter Sunsets*, *Rainbow Pens*, *Winter Hot Chocolate and Homemade Shortbread*, *Cupcakes*, *Shopping*, *My Favorite Notebook*, *Some food I didn't like*, *Some food I miss*.
It's hard to show these pictures in full- in fact these are chopped down versions of what is on Instagram.

I'm not sure if you like these posts- I always enjoy seeing them.  Perhaps you could let me know if you'd like to see more instagram posts?

The Clothes Show
I was up at 6am yesterday to make the opening of The Clothes Show in Birmingham.  It's running the 7th-12 December at the NEC and is well worth a visit.  I have lots of news to share, interviews hauls, pictures.. but I thought I would share a few tips for anyone heading there in the next few days.  I have been before and on balance I think I liked this year a bit more- it seems to have more useful things going on, and a bit more space to move about.  Some good brands and deals (more on that at the end!);
  • Wear flat shoes- or ones you can walk miles in.  I saw many a young girl holding her shoes in her hands throughout the day!  Barefoot and crowds do not mix!
  • There are a few offers and vouchers for tickets so do an Internet search before you buy.  This might leave you with more spending money ;)  Students/UCAS get 20% off tickets!
  • The show guide (map) comes with a wristband that gets you lots of discounts.  Best thing is to get your guide (£8 unfortunately) and sit in the coffee or wine enclosure whilst having a quick read.  There are lots of show exclusives in the guide, which some people don't read until the train ride home (d'oh!).
  • Food outlets are there but if you are watching the pennies, head to the Zest and Company stands, buy there goodie bags for £3 (possibly £2 if at the end!) and you will find several healthy and not so healthy snacks AND drinks in them (as well as beauty goodies- which will make great stocking fillers)!
Waiting for the first fashion show to start.  Loved the themes and the dancers were great.

  • Don't just head to the 'main' high street brands (New Look, Miss Selfridge, Oasis, Rimmel, Paul's Boutique, Lee Stafford etc.  It's amazing what you will find tucked round each corner.  I love the handmade sections and Anita's Vintage Fair (including Oxfam vintage stall).  It's amazing what individual and unique items you can pick up.  Perfect for gifts too!
  • The main catwalk is good- and you never know who is going to be making an appearance.  However there are a few other stages inside the hall.  I managed to see the lovely Liberty London Girl talking about Blogging and answering a live Q and A.  There are also talks for writers and bloggers, educational incite talks for those wanting to know more about studying in the fashion industry (plus lots of information stands), trend alerts, talks on healthy modelling (including "All walks beyond the catwalk'- more on that later), catwalk school, goodie bag giveaways, make-up an hair demos and much more.  (Don't miss Rachel Wood on the Style Studio stage!)
  • Various celebrities and industry experts are there throughout the show, but some are only there for one day only so check the clothes show website for the latest up to date information.
  • After the show closes, pop long to hall 3A for the World Duty Free sale.  Free entry :) Open till late!
  • Yes, there are fashion scouts and searches for 'the face of...' campaigns, but don't wear ultra skinny outfits and a face caked in makeup.  I lost count of the number of people I saw wearing evening makeup- it makes it look like you are hiding lots.  Let your natural beauty shine through so the scouts can see what they have to work with!
I have to give a big mention to the lovely Georgie (Dreams that Glitter and owner of Beau_xoxo) who is a fellow blogger.  She hand makes beautiful items (which I have indulged in) so pop over to her stand for a Blogger's Discount!  Also the guys at Little Black Dress, Carmex, Sleek and Model's Own are great (with great exclusive deals too!).  Don't forget to say I sent you ;)
Georgie's beautiful stand! B43 and I love her outfit (and her nails were fab!)

I have much more to follow but I thought I would share a few tips for those visiting and follow it up with haul posts very soon!  I'm back on Monday so if you will be there then let me know!  Anyone else been or have any tips?

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Lip Service: Overview 1 of my lipbalms and glosses.

I was looking for my Aveda Nourish-mint lipglaze (post on it here) and I realised, as I emptied my drawer, that I have a fair few lip glosses.  Sad thing is, I know these aren't all my lip glosses and balms.  I had a few in my handbag(s), and a couple by my computer by Rimmel, Bourjois, Illamasqua, Lancome, Carmex, Jelly Pong Pong.....  I know, I know, I only have one face.
Top: Estee Lauder, Victoria's Secret, Model's Own, Burt's Bees, Apivita. Second Row: Jemma Kidd, Barry M, PixiGlow, Clinique, Aveda, Carmex, Bodyshop, ByTerry and a Dior on the bottom!

Lipglosses are normally one of the cheapest things in a range, easy to pick up, persuade yourself you 'need' just one more lipgloss... I though I would take a few snaps and show you what I have.  I do try to purge my collection every now and again for hygienic reasons (no-one wants to ingest a 5 year old product now, do they!? *shudders*).  And no, I never share.
Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush collection colours: Candy Baby, Slice of Heaven, Juiced Berry, Taffy Go Lucky, Red Delicious, Yummy Berry, Mocktail Hour, Strawberry Fizz.  If you want more info on these then I found them on the US VS site (though the packaging is a bit different form my duty free haul).  $9 each or 4/$20.  Glosses 2, 4, 7 and 8 have shimmer in.
I don't tend to wear lipsticks and glosses together- too messy.  These are used on 'down days' of trips to the gym where I know I cant wear makeup (if I love my skin) but feel too under confident to wear nothing.  A tinted lip gloss or balm is the way forward!  They have also been useful in this past week where I have been blowing my nose so much that the skin chapped under my nose and on my upper lip.  Nice.

I also have long hair.  Long hair + sticky lipgloss = hair stuck to lips.  No.  Just.  No.

Ignore the rouge chubby stick! It sneaked in!
Left- Right: Jemma Kidd lip glosses in Orchid (it had orchid in the title but I cant remember and helpfully is down for maintenance.  It's been down for ages so hope it's back soon.
Estee Lauder Pure Pop lipgloss in Pink Cupcake.  It's pink and has iridescent glitter in it.  I think it has been discontinued, but good old ebay lucked out
Jemma Kidd High Shine lipgloss in Shell.  Gorgeous neutral shade with a bit of a thin shimmer (swatch post here)
Barry M Toffee lipgloss (number 10).  Standard blogger item.  Tastes great. Blue undertone, makes teeth look whiter (Boots link buy 1 get one half price) 
Pixi Glow Magic Tink Tint. Pink but reacts to your lip ph to create shade.  Previous post where Bagpuss investigates this product link! Similar to the Dior lip glow (also pictured) but slightly different.
Clinique chubby stick (not quite a gloss) and Aveda Nourish-mint lipglaze in cassia (the perfect autumn shade for me.

Some of my natural balms.
Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balms in Pink Blossom and Rose.
Apivita Blackcurrant lipbalm.   Post to follow on these I think!  Vegan, natural, great.
By Terry Baume de Rose.  I know I have mentioned this on the blog before.  SpaceNK Cult product, worth a look if your wallet is flush!! (link)
Body Shop Cranberry Lip balm.  Normally retails at Christmas, smells/tastes great and has a bit of festive gold shimmer.  One of only a few jar lip balms I'll buy (and the jars always remind me of being at school where everyone had a jar of dewberry lip balm and dewberry body spray)!  STOP PRESS: When looking this up to see if this year's incarnation is available, I saw that it is in a dome packaging!! No need to apply with fingers!  This makes me happy- no gooey, messy finger or unsanitary poking of germs onto lips with icky fingers while on the go!  It's Christmas in a lip balm for me! (Link)
Carmex (just poking into the picture- yellow tin).  This is great when my lips are chapped.  Cheaper than By Terry, tingles and gives my lips a hug.  Also comes in tubes (hurrah) and mint, strawberry, cherry and original flavours.

So there are *some* of my lip balms and glosses.  I think I will have to do a follow up with all the ones I didn't round up.  For a girl who doesn't wear them on a daily basis, I have quite a few.

Do you wear lip balms and glosses?  Is my collection normal?!  Any favourites?  Are collection posts interesting and do you want more?  Any recommendations?

If you want more info, just ask.  Hope you are having a great weekend!

(Discalimer: All purchased/personal gifts apart from Models Own, Apivita, Aveda and pixiglow glosses.  Mentioned as part of my collection and if I didnt like them they would have been donated to charity or thrown out by now!)

Friday, 16 November 2012

Lip Love: YSL GLossy Stain 4

I had high hopes for this product.  I introduce YSL's Glossy stain number 4 in Mauve Pigmente.  Mauves are my reach to shade- yes I know- another Mauve.  Stick with me though!
Even the packaging is shiny :)
I seem to put lips products on and they disappear within an hour or so.  Not the glossy stain.  It is a sort of gloss but combined with a lipstain (guess the clue is in the name).  It is pigmented and dries a little sticky but once 'set' it stays really well and lasts for an impressive amount of time.
It looks a little pinky but carry on reading....

The applicator can be used to apply a really strong cupids bow line, so no need for a liner (unless you want to use an Aveda clear liner to make an even sharper line).

One application is enough, but 2 or even 3 creates a darker stronger lip.  I've not been brave enough to wear the 3 shades lip outside yet.
Left with flash (which I think I overdid!) and natural light right.

Be warned though that this shade does dry a little darker than it first looks in the bottle.  I am not sure if all the shades dry darker, but it means I ended up with a little more darker vampy colour than intended- but it suits me so I'm happy that I went slightly out of my comfort zone!   Also a tip is to start at the centre of your lip and work outwards- otherwise you might end up with a darker splodge at the outer edges (like I did below in the pictures).  A quick q-tip soaked in bioderma will sort this.
No flash, flash! (Full face shots show my red, sore, flaky nose.  Silly winter cold!! Full face shot to follow!)

YSL Glossy stains are a little pricey at £22.50 BUT Debenhams currently has 10% off and 500 points on beauty if you spend over £40 so effectively it means you spend £35.  I bought mine as a Christmas treat, and picked up a few gifts at the same time :)  You can see the full range at Debenhams HERE

I love the Glossy Stains!  Do you have any or any similar products?  Do you stick to safe lip colours, or break out the brights?

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

OPI Orly Rimmel Nail polish dupe alert!

While browsing my nail polish collection in my state cold induced boredom, I discovered something.  I have lots of dark plum shades of nail polish.. I appear to have been drawn to purchase the same colour multiple times.  Shopper's memory block.  Introducing OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, Orly Naughty or Nice and Rimmel Black Cherries.

They are all seemingly the same colour, though quality is a little different.  And price.  So to save you guys making the same mistake I thought I'd share my triple purchase.
Orly, Rimmel, OPI L-R.  Top No flash, flash.

Orly Naughty or Nice  Mini mani 5.3ml £5 from Boots or £6.96 for full sized 18ml from this ebay seller.  Applies well, dries fairly quickly, free from nasty chemicals.  £0.39 per ml for 18ml bottle.  5.3ml bottle is more but I think currently on a 3 for 2 deal!

Rimmel Lasting Finish 193 Black Cherries £2.99 for 8ml from Boots (Currently on buy 1 get 1 half price).  Not sure about ingredients as the bottle is blank.  Thinner than the other two polishes so need a few coats.  £0.37 per ml

My photo minus flash didnt come out, but you can see the swatches above.
OPI Lincoln Park After Dark £11 for 15ml from Look Fantastic although I bought mine from Sally beauty in store.  Fairly thick, free from chemicals. £0.73 per ml

So, no surprise that the OPI is the most expensive.  It's hard to find in the UK but my recommendations are salons, ebay, Lena White (link although the picture shows a very strange coloured bottle! How is that the same polish as mine?!).  I think it is a lot cheaper in the US.  Rimmel and Orly are available more regularly in the high street in the UK, and I would ordinarily say you get what you pay for, but when I broke it down to price per ml, I realised that the prices weren't that different, yet Orly is the one I recommend.  The formulation is good, it dries in an acceptable time, the ingredients are on the bottle- so why pay nearly double for this colour from OPI?

I still like OPI (and have a number of polishes by them).  I like the unusual mixes and colours, though I would think again about buying regular colours from them at full price!

I hope this post has been useful to those of you who lust over OPI Lincoln Park After Dark- just nip to boots.

Note to self: Don't buy any more dark wine/purple polishes.

Do you have any dupe alerts for polishes?  Where do you buy yours from?  Does anyone else buy things, get home and realise it is exactly the same as what you already have?

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

10% off MAC: Mac Collection: Ramble: Update

If you read The Beauty Hack you'll have seen my post about Debenham's holding an event today- 10% off all beauty (link for those who like drooling over makeup/skincare)!  They are also offering free delivery to beauty card holders (code SHBC) and 500 points (£5) on a spend over £40- so  off I went to have a look and of course I ended up placing a few orders!  I'll update you when they come!

Mac Collection
I was looking at the MAC section and I have to say that the MAC collection  Glamour Daze caught my eye.  Soft colours, 60's inspired, golden hues- gorgeous and perfect for Autumn gloom!  I have cooled off recent MAC collections.  There was a time where I would sit on the website refreshing every few seconds on a collection release day, but now I think a little more carefully about purchasing limited edition items (but still end up purchasing a few...!).  I loved the "By Request' collection, bring back a few favourites- I hope they do that again!  It takes a while to test a product and find out if you like it (by which time it has sold out or removed from stores) re-promotes are always good!

Whisper of Gilt

This skinfinish caught my eye.  So sparkly, smooth, pretty... yes I am a magpie for sparkles!  So I wondered if any of you have purchased it?  Whisper of Gilt is an ironic name- my brain is saying 'buy it, buy it, buy it!' so I have renamed it Whisper of Glit, as in Glitter.  Everyone loves glitter for Christmas... maybe it is meant to be?!

Winter Colds suck.  I have come down with one badly int he last few days, so I'm applying Sudocrem to my nose to counteract the sore split skin from tissues.  I have also ready that a double dose of Zinc is supposed to scientifically help the body fight a cold, so I'm giving that a go!  If you have any cold rescues please let me know!  My throat is sore so I'm laying off the lemon juice!
Essential cold care nose treatment! It can sting, but boy does it help!

Blog changes: Just a note that after 3 and a bit years of this blog, I might be accepting one or two blog sponsors from now on- strictly monitored and only a handful per year.  Not sponsored reviews- that's just a paid review and that's not my style.  I speak my mind on here- always have and always will.  I always disclose samples, and will continue to disclose as per my B.I.T.E. and Handpicked Media memberships (read more about my thoughts/involvements/guidance for PR/blogger ethics HERE) (I always find it interesting to see which bloggers don't disclose..).  However these posts will just be my normal posts- my content, my choices- BUT with my time sponsored by (insert name/blogger/Url at end of post).  WHY? Because I spend a lot of time and money on my blog, 500 posts, several years, lots of giveaways and I have to get a life balance.  I'd love to blog more but I also have to work so I can eat (and buy a new lipstick every now and again....).  Also I want raise a bit of money for charity and so in the spirit of my blog, I will be carving of a potion and donating it at the end of the year.  (Apparently charity donations are down by up to a 3rd this year so if my little corner of the world can help then I'm game)!  I'll see what grabs my heart but initially the local hospice and the orphanage in Africa one of my family is a volunteer at.

So basically: same content, very few changes, a handful of posts might have a sponsor, disclosures still in place, vetted sponsors.  I'm testing the water so if you have any thoughts then feel free to email me or comment.  You don't have to read the byline of who sponsored the post, if you dont want.  I was just thinking of ways I can justify blogging more, while supporting a few good causes.

Giveaway Thanks for all your entries.  I have picked the winner and it was Georgia, so well done.  Email sent so check your inbox.  I LOVED reading all your comments and choices-Mac was the overall favourite.  I have a few more 'wants' on my fantasy makeup list!  If you didnt win this time, then stay tuned as I have some things I have been saving throughout the year for my annual Christmas giveaway!  Possibly the 12 days of Christmas giveaways... just wait and see!

Loving: (This is NOT sponsored by the way!!) this advert on tele- the 30 second mark "Let's make you into a unicorn"  I'm not advocating there is anything wrong with dogs, but a unicorn would be cool :)

Any updates, thoughts, cold cures, Mac collection thoughts- or Limted Edition products you wish would return?

Monday, 5 November 2012

Meanwhile on the other blogs...

Not everyone follows my other blogs or the other blogs I follow, so here is an update with some things I have enjoyed writing or reading recently! 
This is a random Furby for no reason other than it looks sweet. Apparently they are in for Christmas this year.

Liparazzi wrote on the latest Clarins collection- which looks beautiful.  I love Laura's blog- it has great design, fashion and makeup purchases!

5 foot 10:
Model tips link, Winter Hats link, Sam Edleman Dupes link.

The Beauty Hack:
Free Maybelline Foundation Link, Free beauty magazine Link,  50% off benefit makeup link, and how to fix a broken nail link.

Tali (Former Gloss Goss) showed us the beauty of a good winter coat and a Chanel Lipstick Link

I havent watched an All That Glitter's video in ages- Elle and Blair just go a bit too big- they were launching their own Glitzy Glam collection, then fashion, books, phone cases etc etc and I wanted to see things other than that.  That said I stumbled on their website (wow has that changed!) and found this video of 'Getting ready with Elle'  It's brave to show yourself without makeup- but I thought it was a really nicely made video and interesting. Youtube Link

I was glad to see a return to blogging by Tina (All the Vanity) with some interesting products (link) and also enjoyed Caroline (AKA The Beauty Mouth) wishing her son a happy 21st- love the family pantene advert! (link)

Finally (for now though there are many blogs I read and enjoy via bloglovin and blogger) I loved reading about Roger the puppy on Laura's blog ( for those under a rock).

What have you enjoyed reading recently?
P.s My lipstick vote/competition ends shortly so enter here to try and win Chanel or Mac.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Pointless Beauty?

I came across these today- I cant remember how or why... but they are weirdly odd.  And a little expensive.  But hypnotically beautiful.  A-Morir lace glasses.  They sort of look futuristic, lady Gaga designed and well- possibly not much use.  Imagine getting a sunburn with them on....

It got me thinking to expensive things that are actually not functional but everyone jumps on the bandwagon- then you get it home and find it doesnt really work that well.  For me it was probably a home wax roller kit.  Smooth legs, no salon trips, save money- be like the girl in the picture who has a great smile as she skips and hops around New York in a silk pink skirt that graces her smooth and fuzz free legs.....   It was the kind you put the wax in a pot, put some boiling water in another pot, then put wax pot into water pot, screw together and 'rollerball' the melted wax on your legs. 

I ended up with boiling water and wax mixed together (I think the pots melted), the applicator was too hot to hold, yet if you let it cool the wax cooled too much to use.  The pots also didn't screw together correctly so when you turned it upside down the water dripped onto your skin...

Surprisingly this didn't actually remove much hair... the 'system' is now recycled into pencils or whatever plastic is made into.  Utter FAIL!

So come on, what things have you bought that have been an utter fail- yet seem SOOOOOO good when in the shop/online/blogger or YT raves??

(P.s. my mac or chanel giveaway closes very soon- some great comments so far!)

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Autumn Saviours

Well, its cold in the UK.  Leaves are falling off the trees, and the skies are grey.  I had a nice surprise when my mum bought me some new (and very snuggly) slippers.  I'm also about to start using hot water bottles again... brrrr!

I thought I would share with you some of the products I have been using to try and combat the onset of winter.
Autumn lovelies (Lanolips, Weleda, L'occitane, Orly, By Terry

Lanolips Lovely Buttermilk Balm.  This stuff is amazing. Multipurpose and luxurious.  Seals your moisture into your skin, but without leaving a weird residue.  I have a detailed post coming up on this but for now check it out at (And you can use this code to get £5 or £100 off, and gain triple points this weekend and it's on a 3 for 2 on beauty products!!) Win!! (link!) (The codes are also on my new blog so check that out :)

Blistex (Which I forgot to photo so I'll have to do another post- or click the link if you are impatient!!) As much as I would love to use By Terry all the time (see below) It's slightly bulky to carry around every day and due to the price, I try to break up my usage by using other products every few days.  Also this means my body wont get used to the formula and compensate.  I was introduced to this product by the girls at Lipcote.  Its minty and my lips love it. (And you can use the same Boots code above!) £2.59 (link)

Weleda oil Body Oil is a great ay to seal the moisture into your skin before you wedge yourself into winter tights/boots/trouser/scarf/jackets.  Come spring or Christmas parties your skin will be perfect to show off with minimal prep!  Little goes a long way... (link)

Orly Cuticle Care Complex Brilliant bakewell tart smelling goodness for the nails- and Orly know a thing or two about them!  Costs around £10 but I have found it for under £8 on ebay with this seller.
Honey hand cream, Orly, By Terry...

Baume de Rose by Terry The By Terry front seems to be a bit quiet at the moment but this product still crops up every now and again.  It's a balm that can be used on dry skin and cuticles.  I have posted on it previously (link) but I use it mostly on my lips.  It lasts for ages, a little goes a long way and people often ask what product I'm wearing. My lips suffer a lot in the autumn, so this is a treat.  Further information at SpaceNK (link!) and I just noticed they have a little sale on!

Honey Hand Cream L'occitane.  I posted on this in July (link) including cheap links, so not much to say apart from I love this product.  None greasy, smells yummy and keeps my hands soft in the harsh climate.  Small enough to carry round at all times :) Love it.

What are your Autumn saviours? Any recommendations? Just shout if you want more info on anything :)

P.s. Don't forget to enter my Mac/Chanel giveaway- it's a close one, but still open!

(Disclaimer: I like the stuff I mention and bought all of it, bar the Lanolips but that has not affected by thoughts!)

Friday, 26 October 2012

Exciting news!

Just a small post to let you know about my other beauty blog.  It's fairly new, but if it's your sort of thing then give it a follow on blogger/blogloving/twitter.  The Beauty Hack is a place for tips, tricks, steals, coupons, beauty blog giveaways, money and time saving ideas- all related to beauty of course!
I'm also on twitter @thebeautyhack where I will try to retweet giveaways, competitions, freebees, discount codes and posts of course.  Computergirl's Musings will still continue, I just found I was getting too many good things and they would overload this blog- so if you are a bargain seeker, craft lover or just a beauty obsessive, then check out

I have a wonderful Boots code and discount to post later today so stay tuned :)

P.s. Dont forget my Mac/Chanel question giveaway!!

Monday, 15 October 2012

Winners & Giveaway 3 Mac or Chanel

I have sat on this for longer than I should.  I cant believe to describe how busy I have been- and all work.  As a result I got a bit run down.  I always have those orange fizzy vitamin tablet drinks from the pharmacy when this happens.  There is something hypnotic about watching the tablet fizz away in the glass of water... maybe that's just me?!

Anyway without further a do the winner of the gorgeous Oria silver earrings is:
Gillian Holmes.

International Kiss winners are:
Hana's Clay

Well done!! Please get in touch via email to claim your prize!  You have 7 days or I'll draw different winners.

Now giveaway 3!

Your choice of 1 Chanel lipstick OR 2 MAC lipsticks.  Everyone likes a bit of chanel or mac right?! But which is better? I thought I'd do a vote and give you the chance to win your choice!! These must be normal permanet line collections, but I might be able to get hold of a (same price) Limited Edition item at the time of buying.


1) Be a GFC/blogger dashboard follower- easier to trace! Open internationally.
2) Tell me which is best- Mac or Chanel!  Chose what colour chanel lipstick you would like or what 2 colours of mac you would like!

Extra names into the hat if you;
3) Follow via bloglovin, facebook or twitter.
4) Blog about this giveaway (including a link to this post and don't forget to link me to your post in the comments below!!)
5) Follow me on twitter and tweet "Which is better- Chanel or Mac lipstick? @computergirl200 is giving away Chanel or Mac. You decide!!"

That's it. Simples! Closes 5th November 2012 11:59pm!

Disclaimer: Winner chosen by  Rules must be followed or entrants will be disqualified. No compers.  I reserve the right to change, amend or cancel as appropriate.  I accept no responsibility once sent and no other prize or money will be offered in exchange.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Ask a dermatolgist: Answers

In March, Miravue clinic approached me and offered 10 readers the chance to have their questions answered.  Well after a few hiccups and lots of emails, 8 answers rolled into my inbox a few weeks back.  I'm not sure who answered them, but I don't think it was Dr Punjabi as she has been very busy working and studying for exams.  I am truly sorry to all of you who have asked questions and been waiting for answers.  I appreciate your patience and emails.  I have emailed Miravue many times (believe me!) but have not had the responses until a few weeks ago .  The answers have been pasted as a response the the original post (Click HERE!) so you can have a read if you want.  I dont think I'll be getting the outstanding answers.

Just in case any of you were wondering, this is not a sponsored post, neither have I paid for this service.  I have no affiliation with Miravue.

In other news:
  • I do have some interesting skin things lined up and might be asking you for questions so please keep tuned! 
  • Winter skin in setting in.  Dryer outer layers and harder to moisturise.  I have found a couple of skin saviours for hands and face.
  • Christmas is coming.  I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry when I see the Christmas displays in shops.....

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Giveaways close SATURDAY!

Hi all! I started a new job and its been taking up all my spare time- not to mention I'm tired.  I'm going to close my two giveaways SATURDAY at 12:59 UK time so if you havent entered to try and win £150 silver earrings, or Kiss Nail goodies then what are you waiting for?

What have you been up to this week?  Anyone started college or uni?  I miss that 'back to school' feeling.  For me it always meant buying some new stationery, which made me feel like I was going to be organised and work hard!!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

3rd Birthday International Kiss Giveaway!

Following on from my £150 silver Jewelleryby earrings giveaway (which is still open link) I have another special giveaway.  I have quite a few things to giveaway and I though of just doing one MASSIVE giveaway but then I though it would be better to have several- that way there is more chances to win!

I'm a fan of Kiss nail brand.  I love their designs, their products work well for me and I love the nail art transfer- so easy to use!  Sadly these days I cant wear false nails too often and it seems daft to put them on for a few hours- so this is your gain!
It's seems fair that there be 3 winners for my 3rd blog birthday so this is giveaway number 2 with 3 winners!  Items will be selected from the above and sent in 3 parcels to 3 separate winners!
  • This one is open to blog followers via any of the following (GFC, blogloving, facebook, network blogs, Google+)
  • I love finding new blogs and with my traveling this summer i'm out of the loop.  Leave a comment below letting me 1 or 2 blogs you love to read and why (please put an URL so I can find them!)  Also tell me which country you are in!
  • Since this is not restricted to GFC please leave a way I can contact you (blog URL, twitter or email address!)
For extra entries;
  • Subscribe to me via GFC, blogloving and facebook if you arent already (and comment below so I know!)
  • Tweet 'Emma Computergirl is giving away the secret to fab nails @computergirl200 ' and make sure you're a twitter follower!
Hope you like this giveaway and stay tuned for number 3- it's a good 'un!

I reserve the right to change, amend or suspend this giveaway.  Those not following the rules will be disqualified.  Items sent via royal mail.  No substitution or alternative available and no responsibility taken for the items once posted.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Interview with Michelle Doherty: Alpha H

Longtime readers will know how much I love Alpha H (If not you might want to see my before and after pictures Here then you will see why I like it!)  I managed to pull a few strings and get the chance to interview Michelle Doherty, owner and director of Alpha H Skincare line.  I havent done many interviews on Computergirl's Musings so let me know if you enjoyed this and I'll look into bringing you some more :)

Computergirl's Musings: How did you come up with the idea for Alpha-H?
Michelle: Having suffered with a demoralising skin condition for many years, I was introduced to Alpha-H by a friend when I was 28, at the time Alpha-H consisted of a single two-step program of the Balancing Cleanser and Balancing Moisturiser. By just using these two products over a short period of time I experienced astounding effects resulting not only with happy, healthy skin but a personal boost to self confidence and esteem. Since then my mission has been simply to bring the very best skin care products and services to the world, not only just for a season or a specific reason but for a lifetime.

Have you always been into skincare?  If not what was the turning point?
My obsession with skincare started really when I began to suffer from painful acne at around the age of 14, I would save up to buy the best creams and lotions and was hugely disappointed when nothing worked. I was a sales representative for a well known beauty brand in New Zealand until I discovered Alpha-H. 

So many brands talk about routines-cleanse, tone, don’t use toner, pre cleanse, moisturise, serum, night treatments, eye cleanser, moisturiser for under the eye etc. – we all get a bit overloaded. What are the basic essentials to a routine?

At Alpha-H, following a strict ‘routine’ is just the opposite of what we want for your skin! I do agree that it is necessary to cleanse in the morning and evening, and essential to be using good sun protection daily. Keeping the skin as hydrated as possible is also important however so is keeping the skin ‘alive’ with constant change and a variation of products designed to target each individual’s skin concerns. Your skin is a living, breathing organ and when challenged in appropriate ways it can alter its behavior and further promote a more youthful, glowing complexion. Liquid Gold is our hero product as it has the ability to alter the skin’s pH and create waves of stimulation that last overnight, keeping the skin active all night long. The results from using this product on alternating nights are fantastic; a firmer, smoother, brighter and glowing complexion is expected every morning after using Liquid Gold.
Two of my skin saviours: Liquid Gold and Intensive night repair serum!.

To the nitty-gritty, blackheads and large pores. How should we treat them and can they disappear?

Large pores and blackheads are usually the result of dead skin cell buildup on the surface of the skin. By adequately exfoliating the skin you can clean out the pores which further tightens the walls of the pore, giving the effect of “zero pores”.  The debris in the pore, which displays a blackened appearance, is usually a mixture of oil and dead skin cells. Using a product like the Micro Cleanse which uses micro beads and 14% Glycolic Acid is the perfect way to tighten those pores. The micro beads physically breakdown stubborn debris trapped in the pore and the Glycolic Acid melts away the dead skin cells within and around the pore. 

Of course, we all know you for Alpha-H, and I am a big fan of the Intensive Night Repair Serum. I wish I had invented it! What other beauty product and makeup items do you wish you had invented?

Well that is the beauty of owning your own skin care company; I have the ability to keep inventing new and innovative products. I love finding out about new ingredients, skin technologies and different formulations and how they affect the skin.  For me, formulating and inventing is a journey, from an idea, to the different samples I personally test out on my own skin, to the final product and then seeing the results that that product is able to give to my customers. Flawless looking skin is a passion of mine and I have been on the hunt for years to find the perfect foundation. I would love to create a foundation that is as hydrating and caring for the skin as it is perfecting. Stay tuned later this year as Alpha-H is about to add some colour to our range … 

Finally, other than using great products, what are your essential tips for healthy glowing flawless skin?

Your skin is affected by what is happening with the rest of your body, for example; unbalanced hormones, problems with digestion, stress, alcohol, unhealthy diet and so on. For me, I believe that if you want your skin to be glowing and flawless, it starts from within. Focus on maintaining a balanced, healthy diet and lifestyle and you will find that everything else follows and reaps the benefits from these health conscious choices. 

A huge THANK YOU to Michelle for taking the time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions for Computergirl's Musings.  I hope you found her answers as interesting as I did!  For more information on Alpha H please visit my previous post which includes recommendations for retailers!

Do you use Alpha H?  I asked Michelle so I'll ask you- what beauty product and makeup items do you wish you had invented?  Who else would you like me to interview?

P.s. Don't forget my £150 silver earrings giveaway is still open!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Travel Makeup and Airplane Essentials

Home- again :) After my post on Italy and what I bought, and what accessories I took I thought I would share with you what makeup I took and what travel essentials I took on the plane.  I always love reading about space saving ideas and seeing what others take on the plane.  Most places restrict the amount of liquids you can take on an aircraft to small bottles under 100ml so you really have to plan what to take!

Here is what I took!

Airplane essentials!

  • Clockwise from Top: Gum/sweets.  Great way to force pressure out of your ears.  I hate haveing fuzzy ears on the plane.
  • Wet wipes!  I use Carex anti-bacterial wipes.  Great for spillages (especially useful when my gelato melted all down my hand during the 35+ degree heat!
  • Mini Fan.  Smaller than a credit card (but obviosuly thicker!)  Purchased from House of Fraser's Go section (link) £7.99 and a god send!
  • Compeed: This case is packed full of all sorts of plasters, but I needed them when I sliced my hand open in departures!  The compeed ones are great to protect blisters (especially when hot sweaty feet rub against shoes (link)
  • Handbag security hook.  Unclips and balances on a table to provide a hoot for your clutch handbag.  Essential in busy areas to help protect your bag from thieves.  Also keeps your bag out of the way of puddles and dirt on the floor (link to similar one on ebay)
In my carry on clear plastic bag I have;
  • Carex anti-bacterial gel.  Perfect for use in departures, arrivals and on the plane.  Especially if the guy next to you falls asleep and you cant wash your hands before you eat!
  • Insect bite treatment.  Bugs LOVE to bite me so I needed this on hand to stop me from scratching the whole plane ride home!
  • Optrex eye mist.  All that air con on the plane... Just close your eyes and spray on to eyelids to relieve tired, dry eyes and help take away the need to scratch and rub! More info at Boots where they also do their own cheaper version, which is just the same I'm told.....
  • Clinique Superbalm lip gloss in Currant.  An small mini size just for plane use!  It was a magazine freebee and I didn't really like it but it was perfect to keep my pecker moisturised during the plane flight (and beyond) (link)
  • Weleda Citrus moisturiser!  Perfect to relieve dry hands/skin on the plane!More on this later!
Very proud of light packing!
Now on to the makeup!  I always try to keep things minimal but change things each trip depending on the destination and reason.  Italy = dry, hot, heat.  So hot 'glowy' skin and potential tanning which will affect base products.

All products open- but I forgot two so keep reading!
Clockwise from top left: The Body Shop travel brush kit, Boots mini emery board inside, Estee Lauder Extravagent Gold palette, (behind) The Body Shop  Lightening touch concealer/highlighter pen, Clinique Chubby stick in Graped up, Daniel Sandler blush in peach puff, MAC studio sculpt concealer, ELF complexion perfection powder,  Boots No.7 mauve eyeshadow trio, (above) mini Bourjois Blush/highlighter, Aveda nourishmint gloss in casis, Chanel vitalumiere aqua 30, MAC patisserie  and Viva Glam VI, Crown Kabuki, Urban Decay 24/7 dual ended black and brown pencil.

Of course I forgot that I had stashed two products elsewhere for the trip home.
Urban Decay Primer Potion and Avon supershock mascara.

In a hot climate we tend to 'glow' more so the Elf complexion powder helped to reduce redness and pigmentation while reducing the shine.  The Primer Potion helped to fix eyeshadow, eyepencil and the under eye concealer pen.  I also used this pen as a liquid concealer on spots, before using a bit of blush to bend it.  I normally have to use a heavier foundation but in an average 30-38 degree heat this was not going to happen, so I switched to the lighter Vita Lumiere Aqua and was quite impressed.  I didn't wear it all day but it held up quite well.  Of course the lip colours changed according to outfit and event, but I stuck to neutral colours so I could play up my eyes.  If you have the extravagent gold palette then just try wetting the brushes a little before application... a useful tip to create a bolder night time look!

If you want to read up on any of these products then I have done plenty of individual reviews, posts or mentions of msot of them.  Just search my blog :)

Don't forget I am giving away a pair of £150 silver earrings (link!) Part of several 3rd blog birthday celebrations!

Do you travel light?  What are your ultimate dual purpose travel makeup items?  What do you take on the plane?

Saturday, 11 August 2012

My 3rd Birthday! Jewelleryby £150 Oria Silver Earrings Giveaway

Computergirl's Musings is 3!  It seems like yesterday I started writing a diary documenting my bad skin... and look where it has taken me!  My blog naturally evolved and has lots of topics and products (and fashions) under it's belt.  Most importantly it lead me to a lovely blog family.  Thank you!

I was chatting to Jewelleryby ( regarding a completely separate topic and was gobsmacked when they offered me a pair of silver £150 earrings to giveaway to you guys.  Jewelleryby are an ethical, small company based in Yorkshire- so right up my street.  No nasty mining processes, and unique beautiful designs.  All their pieces are hand crafted and build to last (one thing high street jewellery could learn from!!)  Their staff are lovely and willing to help you choose the perfect piece for your collection or gift for a friend.   I wanted to have a special giveaway to celebrate three years of this blog and so this is one of 3 different giveaways.

These beautiful earrings are designed by Oria.  They feature a pair of hares diving .  I love how their ears are little hearts!
Gorgeous, beautiful, delicate designs that dont harm the earth.

This giveaway is open internationally so anyone can enter.  Please don't forget to thank Jewelleryby as this is very generous of them.

To enter just do three things:
  • 1. Leave a happy birthday message to Computergirl's Musings below!
  • 2. Have a look at and tell me what your favourite piece is (maybe link it in the comments?)
  • 3. Make sure you are a follower of this blog via GFC/Blogger dashboard as this is only for blog followers.
For an extra entry or two
I think this Alex Monroe baby bumblebee necklace is cute (link)
  • Follow this blog on bloglovin and like a few posts.
  • Follow me on twitter and tweet 'Wow @computergirl200 is giving away a pair of £150 silver Oria @Jewellery_by earrings at '
  • Like my facebook blog page
  • Post this giveaway on your blog (don't forget to link below)! 
Because I verify entries, dont be surprised if your comment doesnt appear straight away.  No 'compers' please!  Both Jewelleryby and I reserve the right to amend, change or disqualify or suspend this giveaway.

Best of luck! Winner drawn early September!

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