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Chanel Perfection Lumiere Vs Mat Lumiere: Initial thoughts

Chanel advert- classy and flawless.
Well I managed to get my mits on some of Chanel's latest foundation.  I blogged little while ago that my beloved Mat Lumiere was being discontinued for a new foundation (also links to my comparison of Mat and Pro Lumiere).  I wanted to try Perfection Lumiere because if it was not suitable then I would need to get a back up of Mat Lumiere- or start a dreaded hunt for a new foundation before my current bottle runs out.

Chanel brochure- packaging on right.
Perfection Lumiere is replacing Pro Lumiere (Pro L) and Mat Lumiere (ML).  That is a bold move for Chanel.  I found Pro Lumiere too illuminating (and not oily skin suitable :( - plus colour matching was rubbish).  Mat Lumiere is/was much more suitable on my oily combo skin, and the colour match was better but could look a bit dark on my paley pale skin.  It could also make me look a little grey in some lights (especially if I had a spot bruise/scar under my foundation :(.  However it was the best problem skin foundation I had tried to date.
After 8 hours.
Please excuse my brows in the picture above- they are in the horrible 'between threading sessions' stage!  Here is the foundation after 8 hours.  I am a little 'glowy' round the nose- which shares the honour of being one of my most oily patches, along with my chin.  Interestingly my chin is not looking too oily.  The camera flash might exaggerate the 'luminosity' slightly but a little powder will sort any excess oil.  Very impressed with the cheeks. (Daniel Sandler blush, Givenchy lips (both in my top 11 of 2011 post), Illamasqua eyes)

I have only used Perfection Lumiere (PL) for a couple of days.  The lovely MUA matched me and then gave me enough samples for a few days.  Here are my thoughts....

Close up of foundation on my skin.

  • Light formulations- sits lightly on the skin- doesn't feel like I have foundation on.
  • Slightly more liquidy than ML so it doesn't thicken so much when in contact with air.  The ML pump clogs so easily, but the formulation is thicker.  Chanel claims this one won't clog as much and from what I have seen so far, it hasn't clogged up at all.  Hopefully this will make application less of a game of dispense roulette!
  • Formulated for long wear.  ML seemed to last very well but was not specifically formulated or marketed as long wear.  PL *IS* specifically formulated and marketed for long wear so I hope it lasts longer than ML.  So far it has held up for at least 8 hours with no retouching.
  • Seems to work on oil combination skin!  It is a sort of powdery liquid so the finish is a little powdery.  This seems to absorb excess oil- although I haven't had a chance to use this on my really oily days yet.  I hope that use of a setting powder would be sufficient.
  • LOTS of shades!  If you want to see the full extent then I found THIS AMAZING SWATCH POST.  Chanel have tried to cater for skin with a red undertone, yellow undertone, peachy middle toned skin (which you don't want to emphasise the redness -this is me!) and darker toned skin.  This is a big improvement.  More on shades later.
  • Provide a build able coverage.  Want more coverage? Wait a minute for it to dry then apply more.
Shade swatches on my arm- more on this at the end of the post.

    • Price.  This is £36 for 30ml which is an increase on the prices of Mat Lumiere and Pro Lumiere (I think these were around £33).  I wish the price was more affordable. 
    • ML has a higher inbuilt SPF of 15.  PL only has SPF 10.  Something to keep an eye on if your daily sun exposure is likely to leave you needing higher protection.
    • Bottle is glass which, although looks aesthetically pleasing, is a bit heavy.  Part of me wishes they had gone with the vita-lumiere plastic packaging so it was lighter to carry around.  That said I guess it is not designed to be reapplied, so hopefully I wont have to carry it around with me.  Plus plastic bottles infuse dioxins into the product over time- which can cause cancer.  Hm I think Glass is ok actually!! PRO POINT!!
    • The product sets quite quickly so you need to work quickly.  Also if your skin is dry it will streak a little and absorb it quite quickly.  Make sure you hydrate/moisturise your skin before you apply.  Also don't dot all over your face before blending.  Target the product in one area and blend then move on.
    • The colour turns darker as it dries.  Sometimes a whole shade darker.  This means that you really need to try before you purchase, or you could end up with a colour you didn't bargain for!  The don't directly match previous ML and PL shades.
    • It does illuminate a little, so if you have uneven, bumpy skin or large pores then this might illuminate and draw attention to these areas.  Hopefully a good skincare/diet/cleansing regime and primer will help.  Not as illuminating as Pro L.  Also thankfully PL seems to photograph ok so far, so dreaded white sheen!!
    Although I love Mat Lumiere, sometimes it could look a bit thick, crackly and grey on my skin.  So far Perfection Lumiere matches my skin colour a little better, lasts well and doesn't make my skin feel clogged or dry.  It can still be thick, but I haven't noticed it as much as ML.  I have noticed PL on my skin a bit in certain lights, but as I am use to wearing foundations with more coverage this doesn't bother me too much.  If you are more used to less coverage (vita-lumiere aqua etc) then you might find this is a bit out of your comfort zone.
    Clockwise from top left. Perf L Beige 20, Mat Lumiere Clair 20, Perf L Beige Rose 22, Perf L Beige Rose 12
    Photo above taken as soon after applying.

    Colour References:
    I wear Clair 20 in Mat Lumiere and have been matched at Beige Rose 22 (Beige Rose is slightly lighter 12.  Clair 20 matched Perf L Beige 20 when B20 is in liquid form.  Obviously B20 dries a bit darker.  In Pro-Lumiere I was Limpide 10, but this was too dark for me.

    Photo of swatches as above, but after letting them dry for a minute.  Mat Lumiere is not fully dry towards the centre.
    Perfection Lumiere is avaiable online from a few places including House of Fraser, Harrods and Debenhams (when they get more stock).

    So there are my initial thoughts.  Although I have tested it over several days but I have had to have the colour ordered in.  This means I cant fully review the clogging bottle issue although the bottles looked ok when I saw them.  I will be posting my further thoughts on this product after a proper testing of over a month!

    Do you have this product.  What do you think of Chanel's foundations? Can you recommend any oily combination skin foundations?  Is this post useful?

    P.s. I have announced 6 winners so far of my Christmas Giveaways and none of them have got in touch.  Please have a look through the last 2 posts to see if it's you!!


    1. It looks really good on your skin. It's always daunting when one of your fave product is being discontinued

      1. Thanks Gaelle. I was dreading it, but it's quite a relief to find that the new product isn't unsuitable- it's just different xx

    2. I looks awesome on you, and yeah im kinda glad Mat is going i didn't think it was all that good but Perfection Lumière sounds great! :D

      1. Thanks! Thats so sweet. Have a look and see what you think! xx

    3. It looks beautiful. I think sometimes you need to give a new product time to grow on you.

      I know Clinique skincare products don't work well with you, but have you tried their foundations? I use the Super Moisture Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 in Shade 1 for everyday use and I use their Superbalanced Foundation in Breeze (which is the lightest color) for special occasions. I have acne-prone, hypersensitive combination skin that's super, super pale. The lightest Superbalanced is too dark (by a shade or two...which is normal as I'm so pale), but the Super Moisture fits as it's pretty sheer (it just evens out the redness and that's it.)

      1. Hi Katie, That's so true. It's important to test over a month so I will see how I get on with it and do a follow up. I havent tried Clinique foundations but I will try to have a look next time I am out! It is a pale to find pale foundations! xx

    4. Great post. :)

      Check out my new blog

    5. i really want to try this but i feel like i need to try some samples first... it is a lot of money to get wrong :S

      1. It is pricey but worth a look- the counter will happily match you xx

    6. I loved Pro Lumiere... but I don't really like Perfection Lumiere. My skin is really dry and I don't get matched easily. These foundations are really pricey! I use Vitalumiere Aqua at the moment and I really like it, but I won't repurchase. I would use Revlon Colorstay instead, it's way cheaper and does a great job! They also have a oily/combination skin range.

      1. Hi Olga, I don't think this is one for dry skin- unless you have a really good moisturiser. It is pricey, but I tend to switch things up with a few other foundations/tinted moisturisers. I havent used revlon colour stay but will put it on my 'look at' list xx

    7. This is such a brilliant thorough and informative review- nice work lady!
      I personally adore mat Lumiere it has been a very worth while investment for me and Im saddened its been discontinued!
      Shocked at the price bump and really unsure if pro lumiere is for me, agree with you chnaging foundation lines has been a very brave move for Chanel


      1. Thanks Liz! Go and get a colour match/sample! I am sure they will be happy to match you! I want to see how this copes with my oily oily days! xx

    8. Thanks for posting this really useful review!

      I've got normal to oily skin and usually use Mat Lumiere Cedre 30. I was just about to order the same colour in the Perfection Lumiere online but after reading your review I think I will pop in store for a colour match.

      Cheeky putting the price up though, when they're actually giving you less choice!

      I've always thought they should offer a smaller handbag/travel size too.

      Thanks again
      Suz x

      1. Hi Suz, Thanks for your comment! I really recommend going into the store and getting matched. I am very happy with the colour and wouldnt have been able to match myself online. A smaller size would be great (although I bet they would make it more expensive!) Easier to carry through! Thanks for the comment! x

    9. great on...will try the PL and see how it goes...welldont really have a choice do I given Chanel could care less if I/we were invested in this product or not

      many thanks

    10. Really upset on the discontinued of ML. I used ML 30 cendre & bought Perfection L(PL) 30 beige as the sales said a tone lighter will be less coverage for my skin tone. But the PL gives more yellow based which makes me looks dull & ML definitely gives more perfect coverage on me.

      1. That is a shame. Have you gad samples if other colours and products? I was glad to try various ones to match up over different seasons.

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