Sunday, 29 January 2012

January Favorites / Haul / Winners

I thought I would get this up early for a change!  I have spent the last week congested, sniffing and snuffling away like a human hedgehog so this little lot has been my saviour of sorts

  • Antibacterial hand wipes (I don't want more germs thanks!)
  • Tissues (not the ones in the picture, but several rolls of loo roll.. which lead to use of..
  • Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream to sooth lips and nose skin (Link!) and then when the skin split...
  • Sudocrem (link!) £1.99 antibacterial barrier cream. Locks moisture in.
  • EchinaCold capsules to help boost my immune system (Link!) Boots currently have 3 for 2 on these!
  • Multibionta probiotic multivitamins (link!) Boost my immunity and build me up after.
  • Nurofen Meltlets (link!) Ibuprofen which, unlike many tablets, can be specifically taken without water or on an empty stomach (i.e. perfect handbag drugs for sudden relief).
  • Cough/throat sweets. Pretty much all 'throat sweets' don't do anything other than help you produce saliva which soothes a tickley cough.  These Ricola ones are sugar free with herbs in. £1 bargain! Yum!
Perhaps I'll do a post on how to survive a cold in terms of boosting immunity, skincare, how to apply makeup? What do you think?

January Favourites
Now, cold aside, these are the products which I have been reaching for when I wasn't reaching for tissues and soothing balm this month;
  • Slendertone toning system (Post!) I haven't been exercising recently due to being a snot (filled) bag so this has meant I could still keep my toning program without leaving the house!
  • Book. In Her Shoes by Jennifer Weiner.  Different to the film and equally as good.  If you like the film then I can recommend the book.  Thankfully not a disappointing read which sometimes happens with film/book combinations!
  • Weleda regenerating body oil in Pomegranate. Not sure about the regenerating part yet, but I received this in my Glossy box and started to use it after a shower.  My skin is really soft and this oil smells lovely when warmed during application.  More in a separate post!  
  • Optrex ActiMist eye spray (Link!) Spray on closed eyes, refreshes and soothes irritations.  Dark days/nights = computer/tv screens = fixed stares and not blinking = dry sore eyes.  This stuff instantly soothes them and makes me not rub them too much! (Rubbing = very bad!!) Suitable for glasses and contacts wearers.
  • Chanel Perfection Lumiere- still liking this but have not been wearing much makeup due to the cold.  See my initial thoughts and a comparison to Matt Lumiere HERE
  • Illamasqua Pencil in Adamant (post here) Lovely smokey grey which is a great alternative to black liner.

AKA THIS is what happens when you go shopping with a fever!!!
 Tune in tomorrow for the story!!

Three More Winners!

Computergirl's 12 days giveaway Days 7-9 winners are;

Day 7) Magz13
Day 8)  Emma (Seb's mum) (No not me!!)
Day 9) Sophiephiephie

Days 10, 11 and 12 will be announced in the next post as I need to keep track of everything and I don't want to drown!!  I still have several other prizes left over- I have just been of a go slow as my body does internal battle!

If your name is above please send me your address via email using the title Giveaway day (insert number). Thanks so much and well done!

What have you been loving this January?  What are your cold fighting staples?  Have you used any other these products?  Hope you are all well!

P.s. The Blogger Height Wall has been updated again at so don't forget to have a look and see who is your height!  There are lots of lovely bloggers there with amazing style which you can steal or ask them which shops stock clothes that will fit you! Don't forget to add your name, height and URL while you are there!


  1. MY POOR EMMA!!! *many e-hugs* Between you and Tali, I wouldn't know which one to go visit and coddle first if I managed to transport myself to England at this very moment.

    Be careful how many Ricola you use. Your throat and mouth can become dependent on them to supply moisture, which is why I don't use them (that and they taste HORRIBLE.) The same applies to any drop with menthol in them. I use Ludens Throat Drops in Wild Cherry or Wild Berry (I hate the taste of Wild Honey) because they contain Pectin. Pectin coats the throat and soothes the irritation and helps your throat produce more bile. It's naturally occurring, but the best part is your throat won't become dependent on it while you're ill or you're allergies are acting up. I'm a singer, so for me, that's what I need when I'm singing. This is a lozenge you'll see among a lot of singers because it's so good for the throat. (Just a teeny warning.)

    Get well soon!

  2. Aw thank you Katie! Yes poor Tali has been quite ill, but I haven't been that bad thankfully (although have had something similar to what she has and it was horrible!!)

    I don't use the Ricola that much, only when I can't stop coughing and haven't got any liquids to drink. Cherry drops are quite nice, and those sound good. I'll have to look out for them. What kind of singing do you do?

    And thanks, I'm on the mend :) xx

    1. I sing first or second soprano (depends on the notes) in the non-audition choir at my community college. The non-audition choir has a bit more freedom in terms of the pieces we do. We sing classical, Baroque, jazz, pop (really rare though and I relish it when we sing pop), opera, Broadway, folk music, African music, etc. This semester we seem to be stuck in opera and Broadway land as that's what we're mainly doing with a smidgen of classical. I don't mind Broadway and opera, actually, as long as it's Broadways and opera I like and recognize. I love a lot of Broadway shows (though I've only seen one), but there are a few that just grate me. One of those is Oklahoma. We are doing bits and pieces of Oklahoma. I am not amused.

    2. Aw wow- Sorry you are doing Oklahoma and don't like it. Its strange how we can like one piece of music and not like another- most because of a reason we just cant pin down. It's good to have a mixture of repertoire, and some pieces you already know. Learning things can be tough. Do you do concerts too? xx

    3. Yes, we do concerts, which I despise. I am not the person who joins choir for concerts. I do it for everything BUT the concerts. I'm actually "normal" there, which is hard to say because I've done dance, orchestra, band, and numerous sports! Our choir does one this semester. We do two in the fall.

      Actually, I don't like Oklahoma because of the music. It's very....very, you have to hear it to understand it. I've never seen the musical and it drives me crazy. The title piece, "Oklahoma," just drives me up a tree. I guess you have to hear it. I've sung it in two medleys before, and so my disdain grows every time I have to sing it.


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