Friday, 13 January 2012

Toxin Free for Energy! Life Detox! (Plus More Winners!)

I tend to make resolutions in September.  Lighter days = more success!  In January I do make a few positive reflections.  Rather than "I'm going to give X, Y and Z up" I say "I'm going to (try and) do more of A,B and C".  If you think of giving things up, then you always end up feeling like you are missing something.  Putting a positive spin on things can really help.

Yummy in my tummy. Detox isn't all about food though.....

I did quite a large series of posts last year on lightening up my life through body, mind, foods and outlook- in fact I ended up winning an award for them :).  I set myself challenges for diet, exercise, de-cluttering and mind (if you want to read the last post with links to the goals I set myself then Click here).  In recent times these have perhaps fallen by the wayside a little (Christmas excess... well pre Christmas, then Christmas, then the bit in between Christmas and New Year which everyone thinks won't count, then New Year, then the rest after New Year...  then 'Christmas doesn't finish until 12th Night', then ......well I could go on and on, but the excess has to finish at some point before I end up on a Channel 5 documentary called "Britain's 99 Stone Horror Blogger" about a women trapped in a house of junk where she can't find her bed under all the rubbish, and is too fat to get out of bed, let alone have good cleansing facial beauty routine!!).

Starting (or restarting) a habit can be the hardest thing but hopefully if you have been feeling as sluggish as me, then these tips will be some for you to steal.  Remember, what is inside of your body and mind (stress, diet, deficiency, disorganisation, lack of sleep etc) will show on the surface.  The clues are there!

I need more energy, routine, organisation and detoxifying inside!

Detoxify: Your Food!
Water with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice is simple to make.  A great way to wake up and detoxify your kidneys in the morning.  This will help your skin and energy levels as the body will work better without toxins.  Don't sip it over hours through as the acid will affect your teeth- drink over 20 minutes and you should be fine.  No cheating with pre-squeezed shop juice in a bottle!!  It lacks fresh vitamins, plus juicing your own lemons will work out your arms!
Classic detox juice!

Add a tea spoon of flax-seeds to help cleanse your stomach.  (Why? Google it ;) ) Also keep your water intake up (around 1.5 litres a day) but did you know the body absorbs water better when it is in hydrating foods such as melon, cucumber etc?  Eating a diet rich in fresh juicy fruit and veg will keep your body hydrated.  A hydrated body is able to flush out toxins (literally!!) more efficiently, and put liquid towards blood production (which helps transport energy boosting nutrients and oxygen around the body.)  I have been trying to get back to 3 energy sustaining healthy meals a day, and less Christmas junk food snacking!
Healthy skin diet- no not the book- don't eat the book. Read it!

If you want more diet/body/skin help then I can recommend the Healthy Skin Diet (See my mini review here)

Detoxify: Your Clutter!
Stackers from London Clock at House of Fraser
I picked these duck egg blue stackers boxes up in the House of Fraser sale for around £6-9 each.   They have 25 compartments for earrings and neatly stack on top of each other.

Um... An empty box....
 I also purchased a larger one for bracelets.  These will protect my jewelry, but also leave it organised in a way which takes up little space, but allows me to quickly view and select pieces.  There are some of these left (click here) but you'll have to be quick- several designs sold out online as I was selecting these.
Box now happily fulfilling it's purpose in life.

I have also sorted through all my drawers, reorganised my wardrobe (item type, then colour!!) donated old or unloved items to recycle or charity.  This is a very therapeutic task!  There are a few items which were slightly too good to donate so I might put them up for grabs on here?

Being organised makes for a better night's sleep.  It saves time, plus it helps keep your living space clean.  Clutter breeds dust which harbours germs and dust mites.  De-cluttering little and often is a good way to stay on top of things- however twice a year it is great to have a big clean and clearout!  If I am struggling to get motivated, I stick on a good upbeat tune tune ) and challenge myself to put 10 things away before I can do anything else- or tidy until the good tune has finished.  Dancing is optional although might help pick up your energy levels- or get a few weird looks through the window.

Recent 'Tidy Detoxify Tunes' include;

And the best song to inject a bit of sunshine into gloomy dark days

Help keep germs and dust at bay by sleeping with your bedroom window open an inch.  I closed mine with the cold weather and storms, but I hope to keep my window open from now on!  This is also supposed to boost your immune system so if you are someone who is always catching colds, or waking up with a blocked nose, then this could be for you!

Detoxify: Your fitness!
I try to stay active but have let my cardio slip a bit recently.  A good walk is brilliant at blowing out the cobwebs, boosting circulation and improving your skin.  Back to two sessions a week for me! One thing which I have been getting to grips with is the Slendertone muscle toner belt.  It helps tone your muscles during day to day life.  Since Christmas and New Year have been so busy, it has been interesting to try and kill two birds with one stone as I have not had time to do my normal toning routine.  I like the idea of toning as I type, wash-up, watch tv... Does anyone else have one of these?  I might do a separate post on this?
Helo nice flat, toned muscles!

I have also been finding that doing yoga breathing in the mornings is really helping me to get my energy levels up.  The mornings are so dark that I find it hard to get going.  I can't wait for spring when I start feeling a bit more human!

Detoxify: Your Sleep!
Getting 8 hours of decent sleep makes such a difference inside and out.  After a period of late nights, late night tv and lie-ins, the best reset button is getting up at the same time every day- preferably just after 8 hours sleep.  Eat a good, sustaining breakfast, lunch and dinner and make sure you have had a little exercise in the day.  Also make sure you have at least 30 minutes of relaxation (sans tv/computer/phone) before your head hits the pillow.  A good book or bath should do the trick (my recent posts show that I am back to reading books!).  Free your sleeping space of stressful clutter, and free your mind of stressful sleep-disturbing thoughts (it can be helpful to write these down in an agenda/to do list).

As for my alarm clock... I will be using the Sleep Cycle App more this year.  It monitors your sleeping patterns and wakes you up at a time in your sleep cycle where you are likely to feel less groggy.  I give it a 30 minute window and have found it to wake me up gently and efficiently.  Just pop your iPhone on flight mode (so a rogue text or call doesn't disturb your sleep!), turn the sound on, set the alarm and pop the phone face down in your bed.  I do set a back up alarm for five minutes after the 'wake up window' just in case :)  However, at 69p it's one of the best Apps I own.  Plus the alarm noises are very nice :)  If you don't wake up instantly, don't worry.  Sleep cycle will wait a few minutes then repeat the music, a little louder :)

How do you detoxify?  Do you have any tips?  How do you store things?  Would you like more of these posts?  Can you recommend any fitness apps?  What are you motivational music tracks??

P.S. The next three winners of Days 4-6 of my 12 days giveaway are 4) Ria 5) RosieHannahh 6) Victoria.  Please send me an email with the title Giveaway and the number.  Incidentally not one of the winners who was announced in the last post has sent me an email.  Perhaps if you know them you could tell them to get in touch?

P.P.S. Outfit of the day post on today- or you can look at my hair :) Have been using the new Aussie shampoo :)
Disclaimer: All products mentioned were purchased by me, apart from the slendertone which was sent for review.  As always this has no bearing on my posts.


  1. Very inspiring post;) It's the first time in my life that I really want to eat healthy, work out and make it a part of my life. I used to do it (well, for a week at most...) because somebody else did, it wasn't for myself. Now I know it's all about doing it for yourself;)

    1. Hi Marta, Thanks so much. Glad it was useful to you. Yes, healthy habbits/detoxing has to be for you. If your heart isn't in it then it won't be a total attempt. Sounds like you are doing it for the right reason- Best of luck! Thanks for the comment xx

  2. i could really do with doing all these things, i still have a million tons of xmas chocolate in the house and keep saying i will start once it is all gone, i should just take it to work and get rid of it really...

  3. "what is inside of your body and mind will show on the surface". This is way too true! Even if you feel ok, or force yourself to feel ok, all the bad things will show. Maybe your skin will break out, maybe you'll gain weight out of nowhere, maybe your sleep pattern will go crazy. So it's better to let them out or force them out. As in if someone's hurt you, tell them, and don't keep it in. If you've been feeding your body with bad for you things, work out to force them out.
    I'd love to see some more of these posts. It's always good to find out ways to make life better.
    I've been listening to All American Rejects, Maroon 5 and songs like Love is noise by the Verve and some Glee upbeat versions lately when I've been working out. And my ultimate feel good song is Good Life by One Republic (and the BoB remix is good too).
    I should probably stop talking now. Comment's going way too long :p


    1. ps.I emailed you last night at computergirl2007blog @ .Thanks again :)

    2. Oo Thanks Ria- I havent seen anything- I'll go check the spam/junk folders though just in case xx


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