Monday, 13 February 2012

Getting lippie (liner) with it!

For years I didn't see the point in lip liner.  I'd just add a bit of lipstick and go.  Of course I knew about it, I just didn't really 'get' it.  Well a few years back I 'got' it.  We all want the 'flawless took me no effort' look, but will spend hours grooming ourselves to get 'the look'.  The general rule of make-up seems to be feature the lips or eyes, but not both.  If you want people to look at your lips, then framing them neatly is a must.  We all reach for the eyeliner on a daily basis, so why not for use it for lips too?  (Well probably not the same pencil although some brands can be used for both- not that I would want red eyeliner or black lip liner on a regular basis!!)

A good lip liner will help prevent lipsticks for feathering and 'bleeding' by creating a barrier.  It will create a neat defined outline around your lips, which you can then colour in with your desired product!  If you want to make your lips look a little fuller then a good defined line will help create the illusion of volume (but be careful not to line too far outside of your own lip line!)

My current 5 most used lip liners

Top to bottom!
Prestige Lip liner in Silk L-206 from Boots (I think this was around £4) A nice blue toned pinky nude.  I often use this with patisserie lipstick by Mac (link! Use SHBC for free delivery)

Max Factor Colour Elixir Lip Liner in 02 Pink Petal £4.99 from Boots (MF is currently on 3 for 2).  This liner is very soft- sort of like Urban Decay's 24/7 eyeliner pencils).  It is a nourishing texture and lasts quite well. Good neutral dark pink with a hint of brown.  I use this with the Max Factor Elixir lipsticks (7 lipsticks, 7 days, 7 faces Post)

Mac Lip Pencil in Oak £10.50 (link!) (Use code SHBC for free delivery!) This is a brown nude colour, and I use it with Blankety lipstick when I have flesh nude lipstick on.  Because I have pale skin I tend to go the dark brown side of nude- I fear concealer lips!!

Natural Collection Lip Liner in Mulberry from Boots. 3 for £5 or £1.99 each.  Cheap as chips and quite useful!  A nice dark purpley wine colour.

Illamasqua Medium pencil in Feisty £13 from Debenhams (use SHBC for free delivery).  A nice soft, blue toned bright red.  Illamasqua has over 39 shades in this multipurpose eye, lip, face and body pencil.

Prestige Lip Liner and Mac Patisserie

I have to say that I have found the MAC, Natural collection and Prestige liners to dry a little and become hard.  If this happens to you, then try either dipping the tip in some moisturiser and then working in into the pencil by drawing on tiny dots on the back of your hand- this will also warm the product up.  If you don't have time to do this then a quick blast of heat from a hair dryer should warm it up (but also dry it a little).  Be careful to sharpen often as the hairdryer heat could increase bacteria levels!  I have also been known to leave mine on the radiator for half a minute or exhale repeatedly on the tip!

Nooooooooooo!!!! Don't do it!!

The trick with lip liner is to stick as close as you can to the lipstick shade.  Take is a shade lighter or darker, depending on your preference but at all cost avoid the 'Kat Slater' from Eastenders look... aka completely mismatched lipstick and liner.

Is lip liner a yes or no for you?  Which brands do you like to use?  Any tips or tricks to share?

Disclaimer: All lip liners mentioned have been purchased by me and all views are my own!


  1. I agree ! I use it when I apple red lips, but I've not found something that matches the rest ! But I must get something :)

    1. It can be hard to find matching colours, but trial and error- or use Sam's tip below xx

  2. the best lip liner around is by No7 in the colour nude, i use it to fill in the whole lip and it looks amazing :D

    1. Thanks :) Next time I have a £5 off voucher I'll seek this out! xx

  3. Top tip for you, buy a liner that matches your lip colour, not the lipstick and you'll never be without a liner again!

    Loving the prestige one!


  4. love your finally picture....noooooo!

  5. I never use lip liner. I don't like it to see on any woman.

  6. I rarely do more than just use gloss on my lips. I am horrible at reapplication and actual lip color requires so much work. On the rare occasion I do wear lipliner my fave is Wallflower from UD because it lasts forever and is smooth to apply.


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