Thursday, 2 February 2012

Gold, always believe in your soul!

Crock o' Gold!

There is only ONE song which you can (optionally) listen to while reading this post...  It had to be done!!

I blogged a while back about how, when I was in my early teens, I had been told at a colour consultation that I should stay clear of gold things and only wear silver.  This meant that for years I had a stigma attached to gold things.  It was only as I got older that I realised that actually I CAN wear golds (of a certain hue) and wear gold accessories.  Silver has a colder tone and while I do still wear silver the most, gold can really brighten and warm my complexion!

I think the key is not to cover yourself in gold as this can look tacky, but a little touch here or there can look very elegant!

As you can see I have amassed a few of my most used gold items :)

  • Gold Multi sequin top from Oasis (previous season).  You can sometimes find old season stock on ebay, or I found a different but cute one at Boohoo .  Incidentally while on the Oasis website I found a gold sequin skirt in the sale reduced from £80 to £15! Yes or no? (Link)

  • Alpha H Liquid Gold (Before and after pictures/post HERE)

I have a few polishes which I am happy to wear on their own or over another colour.  One of these is Sephora by OPI 'Looks like rain, dear'.  A gorgeous gold sparkle polish with tiny holographic pieces in it.  I have previous posted swatches (link!) and I love it. 

Unfortunately it was limited edition but worth asking at Sephora or doing an ebay search every now and again.  Feel free to suggest dupes!  (P.s. I am giving away some OPI this week so check my last post!

 ...And while we are on the subject of makeup.... 

This is my recently purchased (while shopping with a fever!!) Vital Enlightening Highlighter Powder from the current No7  Floral Brights collection.  It's a light subtle gold and I am enjoying playing around with it.  Pictures to follow :)  I also picked out my three most used gold eye shadows.  Urban Decay's Half Baked, Amber lights and All that Glitters (Mac).

Mac All that Glitters
Urban Decay's Half Baked

Mac Amber Lights (Centre) (Left: Romp, Top: Mulch, Right: ATG)
These are three gorgeous soft eye shadows- I always use a primer to really secure them and bring out the shimmer.  I also love teaming it up with my GOSH Golden Moss eye-pencil (soft as butter and costs £5 or less if on 3 for 2! Swatches/ post)

(L-R no flash) No. 7 highlighter, Half baked, Amber lights, All that Glitters.

(L-R flash) No. 7 highlighter, Half baked, Amber lights, All that Glitters.
Of course when going out, a girl need a nice clutch bag- and this one is by Michael Kors.  Kors is normally known for his clothing (and the rose gold watch that every beauty youtuber / blogger seems to have nowadays).  I like this clutch because it is a decent enough size to hold a phone, keys, lippie, money and still have room for a couple of other things.  It has hidden magnets inside so once zipped up, it will fold over nicely, plus there is a wrist strap so you can keep it secure.

Dress up any outfit with a little gold sparkle!
Roomy inside, plus luxurious soft fabric inside.
Done up, folded discretely and hanging by the clippable strap!
Of course, not many of us can afford a nice Michael Kors bag- the price tag is normally around £200 which, lets face it, few of us have spare these days.  Well I can tell you that if you purchase some Michael Kors eau de parfum from February 28th then you can get this clutch free.  That means you get two things fro the price of one.  I think it has to be the 50ml and above but worth asking as prices start at £35 which is far more appealing to me than £200 for a bag!  I haven't actually tried the MK signature perfume but I have heard form other bloggers that it is worth a sniff!

Of course I can't mention gold and perfume without mentioning DKNY Golden Delicious (and the $1million bottle).  A perfume I have been using quite a lot over winter.  (Review/pictures here)

One of my favourite gold item's I own is this cute little mirror.  It's just bigger than a bank card and lives on my vanity table.  Perfect for checking that gold eye make up with!  It also makes me feel like Princess Snow white or Cinderella (albeit a giant sized one with a tiny mirror)!

So, is Gold a YES or a NO for you?  What is your favourite gold item you own?  Any gold makeup recommendations?

Disclaimer: The clutch was a sample/gift sent for consideration.  All opinions are my own as usual!                  


  1. Gold gets a big YES from me! That polish looks gorgeous and I'm pretty sure I have a dupe but for the life of me I can't remember where it is or what's it called. I'd recommend you a gold nail polish by mememe called elegant and if you can find it a body cream by the bodyshop with subtle gold shimmer in it.

    1. Hi Ria, if you remember what it is then let me know!! I will have to check that one out by mememe, and the body cream- thanks so much :) xx

  2. Replies
    1. Hi lovely, the gold nail polish is certainly brightening up my day- not sure I could do gold leggings, but probably most other things!! :) xx

  3. I have a skintone that supposedly flatters gold, but I always think it looks weird on me. I almost always wear silver jewellery and accessories. I do love gold makeup though!

    1. Well makeup is always a good place to start :) xx

  4. Wow, love every single thing in this post!
    The little mirror is so cute!

    Marie x


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