Sunday, 19 February 2012

Haul: Cook Mac, Shop Mac

I don't always make it to a MAC counter in time when there are limited edition collections, and trying to grab things online can be a bit of a mission (I have been THAT 'stalk and refresh the page 100 times a minute' girl)!  I like seeing the collections, but MAC bring out so many per year that I do loose track of them nowadays.  However I was really pleased to see images of the 'Shop Mac, Cook Mac' collection.  I'll be brutally honest- it isnt going shake the moutains, but there are some cute pieces.
Pretty Pink Gingham print box!

I managed to get a great look at the collection at Selfridges (who currently have the collection exclusively) and there were some nice pieces.  Sometimes my MAC shopping experiences have left much to be desired (pinning your customer to the spot is never a good tactic!) I'm pleased to say that I was offered assistance within a minute and had an assistants full attention and help (unlike the Laura Mercier counter where I was the sole customer and ignored while the SA's chatted to each other- their loss)! 
Photo fail: Then tendertone is on the right!

The overall feel is 50's Kitch and this is reflected in the packaging.  I liked the look of Runway Red lipstick but it is similar to one I have from collection 2000, so I left it there!  Plus it's not a colour I would wear lots so I'd rather invest in something I'll get more use out of.  I almost, almost picked up Innocence Beware- in fact I might go back and pick it up.

I came away with a Tendertone in the colour 'Hush, Hush'!  As you can see its a browny nude, with a bit of fine shimmer.  These aim to combine the softness of a balm with the finish of a gloss.  This collection of 4 tendertones has a yummy, gentle strawberry-kiwi scent and flavour.  They aren't too sticky (no hair-stuck-to-lips scenario!) and contain in inbuilt SPF 12 factor to protect your lips.
Notice the pretty shimmer :)

Once applied, the colour is quite sheer, but they look good on their own or over a lip stick or stain.  These really make my lips feel so soft!

Shop MAC, Cook Mac is currently available exclusively at Selfridges stores and online.  As a little extra, from  February 25th there will be a 50's Kitch Mac pop up at Selfridges Oxford Street with models, Djs, and checkouts.  I'm not sure when the collection will be on Mac online but I plan to pick up a few more tendertones for sure!
Tendertones get a (fashion pout) smile from me!

Tendertone's cost £11 for 6ml and come in a glass jar (which is slightly smaller than the soon-to-be-discontinued Studio Sculpt concealer).  You can view the whole collection on Selfridges online (link!)

What do you think of the Mac Limited Edition collections?  Will you be purchasing anything?  Have you tried the tendertones?

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  1. I like the tendertones from MAC, this one looks lovely on you :) x

  2. I love the gingham packaging and this looks really pretty on you. x

    1. It's so cute isnt it? Thanks so much! Wanted to do full face but have hormonal cystic spots today :( xx

  3. I can't keep up with the MAC collections either!! I have never tried tendertones but it looks lovely :)



    1. They are nice! Worth a look! Especially because they are not permanent xx

  4. Ooo nice little haul. My local MAC counter has a lot to be desired and rarely anything other than the norm makes it there. These look fab *heads to MAC site to repeatedly refresh*!

    1. Hi Liz! Some counters are great, some rarely get other things in! If you want a peak then they're on Selfridges right now! xx

  5. The gingham packaging is so up my street :) I actually haven't even heard of this collection lol, I just found out from you! Must check the tendertones out, have never tried them before, plus I like the jar idea better than the pot for some reason xxx

    1. Hi Min- its cute isnt it? Jars are heavier BUT wont infuse plastic dioxins into the product- which is better for your health! Worth a look xx

  6. Wanna try tendertones! :)


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