Friday, 24 February 2012

Pond's winner and 600 follower MAC giveaway

The winner of the ENTIRE Pond's skincare kit is...............


I noticed that I hit 600 followers on the blogger dashboard (GFC).  While follower numbers arent everything (there are lots of other ways to follow like Bloglovin, Facebook, Bloggers, Network blogs, email etc) GFC is the easiest way for me to see YOU, my blogging family!
Win a current collection Mac Lipstick of your choice.

Of course it's a bit milestone so I have shuffled round the giveaways to have a 600 follower celebration.  It was a toss up between MAC and NARS, but seeing how popular my last MAC post was I thought I would go with that and leave the NARS for another celebration (800 possibly!)

International Giveaway Rules
1) Must follow this blog via GFC.  It's easier to follow up.
2) Leave a comment saying what specific posts you would like to see on
Computergirl's Musings in the future
3) Gain an extra 8 entries (2 for each additional point) by;
  • Following me on twitter and tweet " Oo check out @computergirl200 super duper Mac giveaway! "  (2 entries)
  • Blogging about this giveaway (post or sidebar picture/link) on your personal blog (not competitions blog!)
  • Following my facebook page and leave a nice comment on my page.
  • Follow me on bloglovin' and like this (and possibly other!) posts!
Please check back to see if you have won.  I will do my best to ensure the item reaches you but I can't control the item after posting.  'Compers' will be disqualified as it is not in the spirit of this giveaway.  My decision is final and I reserve the right to end or change this giveaway.

Giveaway closes March 17th! Good Luck!


    1. I would like to see more Jewellery/Makeup/Clothes Hauls You Do In The Future.
      Followed you on Twitter: @JadiieyyyyPop
      Blogged about it at:
      Also put it on my Blog sidebar which you see if you go to the link above aswell.
      Liked you on Facebook : Jordanne Palmer (also commented)
      Alread Following you on Bloglovin' : Name either Jordanne or Jordanne Palmer or (Email is a good contact if i win)
      Going to see if i can like this page.
      Thanks x

    2. Hi,
      GFC : Camelia Andrasescu
      I like to see more beauty stuff reviews.
      twitter : @cameliaadriana
      Tweeted :!/cameliaadriana/status/173119785612222464
      Like on FB and comment
      Follow on Bloglovin :
      Thank you

    3. So happy I won, thank you!
      I have emailed you my address :)

    4. Congratulations sweetie!!!

      I follow you on twitter @olgap77 and tweeted as well
      I posted on my sidebar along with a link
      I follow on Bloglovin. I think the username is Leave me on the catwalk, but I'm not 100% sure. Liked some posts too!
      I liked your facebook page as Olga Petsi and wrote a little something something! :)

      I like your reviews a lot, so I want to see more of them!


    5. 1)GFC - Stefanie Gladden
      2) I love reading reviews, and seeing hauls!! any beauty products!! I love seeing other peoples opinions! :)

      Following on twitter ( steffers516 ) and tweeted -!/steffers516/status/173233369788858368

      Following my facebook page and commented - Stefanie Gladden

      Follow me on bloglovin' and likeD this and other posts! :)

      Thanks so much for the chance love! :)

    6. I would like to see posts like Makeup Collection or Nail Varnish collection as I love reading posts like that!:)

      Following and Tweeted on Twitter - jade_loves1
      Followed on Bloglovin - Jade or
      + I will like some posts hahah!xoxoxo

      Blogged about on my blog:

      Thankyou for the chance to win!xoxox:)

    7. I'm a follower via GFC!
      I'd like to see some makeup looks and FOTD posts :)
      I follow on twitter as @beautylovenotes and tweeted here

      Thanks! x

    8. GFC: vivien-zsofia
      I'd like to seee posts about polishes.
      Twitter: @zsovia!/zsovia/status/173529076752068608
      FB: VIvien Romvári

    9. GFC: Jacqueline Joy C. Glumalid
      I'd love to see makeup tutorial posts. I'm rubbish at applying eyeshadows :P
      Twitter: @jackieandsleep!/jackieandsleep/status/173689591281352705

    10. What an acheivement Emma, well done, it's well deserved!! I would love to see more dupe posts and I loved reading you 7 lipsticks post!!

      GFC - emmath23.
      Twitter - @emsmixedbag (about to tweet about it now).
      Facebook - Emma TH



    11. Hi,joining dear:)

      I love everything that you post about MAC products:)

      gfc: arra
      twitter: @NakedArra
      FB: Arra Morta
      Followed you on bloglovin too and Liked this post:)

      Arra M.

    12. GFC: Ciara M
      Twitter: CiaraLMurphy

      Congrats on the followers! :D I'd love to see some swatches and Best buy/favourite posts! (:

    13. I want to see more beauty/makeup hauls in the future!


    14. Hi)
      GFC : Lulu
      I love your reviews and I'd like to see more how-to posts please)
      twitter : @LuluFleg
      Tweeted :!/LuluFleg/status/174805338674044929
      Like on FB and comment: Olesia Flegka
      Follow and liked on Bloglovin : redalepou(at)

    15. Hi!
      GFC: Lu
      I'd like to see more reviews :)
      twitter: @Lucianittaa
      facebook: Lu Gaspar

    16. Hey :)
      Thank you for holding this give-away :)
      I would love to see haul posts :) i love being nosey lol!!!!

      GFC: tinkerbelldani

      Facebook: danielle jordan 'tink' terry

      I follow you on twitter and i also tweeted: @tinkabelldani

      Thank you :) xox

    17. Hello, first congratulations on 600 followers!
      Fab giveaway-
      I would like more lipstick posts...I am obsessed with lipstick and like to hear about new colour to try.

      I have followed on GFC for aaages
      GFC: Aspirationsofglam
      Twitter: Aspirationsofgl
      Ive tweeted :)

      Many thanks

    18. Congrats on your well deserved followers! I love your favourite products posts, so I'd love to see more of these, and maybe some disappointments posts, with products that won't work. I'm a follower via GFC, and on bloglovin (I'm the 10th person to like this post.
      Thanks for doing this!

    19. i want to join! :)

      GFC: theresa
      I want to see more tutorials regarding eyeshadow blending.. :)

      Followed on twitter: @jayresa03
      Followed fb: theresa montino
      Followed on Bloglovin: theresa montino

      thanks :)

    20. I follow on GFC as Danielle. I would like to see more reviews. I follow via BlogLovin and twitter. I tweeted!/danziesbitsof/status/176362709548400640

      6 entries x

    21. Hi! I follow with GFC: Viktoria and Bloglovin'
      Twitter: @EternalLife_
      FB: Viktoria DeRoy (and I've followed you with my page She Paints Her Nails!)

      Thanks for a lovely giveaway :)

    22. I should add - my email address is :) x

    23. I'm making a mess of this! I forgot to add I'd love to see any posts on your skincare routine, I love seeing what other people use :) x

    24. Hello :) This is such a great giveaway! Congrats to the last winner. I would love to see more nail posts on your blog.

      I follow you via GFC as Naomi Willett.
      I follow you via Bloglovin' and liked this post.
      I follow and tweeted on Twitter as @Bewitchery_.
      I like you on Facebook and commented on your page as Bewitchery.

      Naomi x

    25. Congratulations on reaching 600 followers! I would like to see more nail posts and organisation tips (I love being organised!)
      I follow via GFC
      I've followed your Facebook page and left you a nice comment
      I've followed you through Bloglovin' and liked a few posts!

    26. Hi lovely! Amazing giveaway :)
      I follow via GFC: Aoife/Fashion Turn to the Right
      I would love to see more swatches and dupe posts! :)

      Hope youre having a lovely wednesday :) x

    27. I'd love to see more lipstick posts :)
      gfc: agnieszkazg
      twitter: @agusiazg
      FB: Agnieszka Insińska
      Bloglovin': agnieszkazg

      1. I had to change my email from to, so If I win, please contact me on the second email :)

    28. Great giveaway - GFC Becky
      I love seeing review posts tbh
      following via twitter as BeckysMABBlogs and tweeted about the giveaway!/BeckysMABBlogs/status/177524369529114624
      Also, following via Bloglovin (becky's makeup and beauty) and liked

      Good luck to everyone!

    29. Hi! I always like reading product reviews for inspiration! :)

      GFC & email -

    30. hello great blog and giveaway!
      gfc : Στελλα
      email(for bloglovin')
      fb name :Stella Damaskinidou
      I love reviews and can;t get enough of them :))

    31. Love this giveaway!

      GFC: Shade'
      Bloglovin: Shade'
      Twitter: IslandFashion24
      Facebook: Shade' Morrison

    32. I would also like to see lip combo post!

    33. I also forgot my email lol,

    34. Hi!
      gfc follower, facebook too (& wrote you a little something, and I really mean that ;)
      name: Melita Jagodić
      twitter id: @tomel611
      following you via bloglovin' too

      kisses, m.

    35. Please enter me.
      I follow via GFC Cristina
      I like tutorials
      I follow you on twitter as @GondosCristina and I twitted!/GondosCristina/status/178642899532124160
      I follow you on facebook as Cristina Gondos and I left a message on your facebook page.
      I follow you on bloglovin with the email address
      I also posted about the giveaway on the sidebar of my blog
      Thanks for the giveaway

    36. GFC: mojemakaze
      I would like to see review posts

      twitter: @mojemakaze
      blog sidebar:
      facebook: Moje Makaze

    37. Great giveaway!! I would love to see makeup tutorials, reviews and hauls!!
      GFC: Domniki Chatzaki
      Bloglovin': domnikichatzaki
      Twitter: @Menia_Chatzaki
      blog sidebar:

    38. Congratulations U deserve it honey !!!

      GFC: Sadi

      I follow you on twitter @Sad20ful
      and tweeted as well here :!/Sad20ful/status/179191586326978560

      I follow on Bloglovin via email :
      the username is Sadi .I Liked some posts too!

      I liked your facebook page as Sadia Latif and wrote a little something something! :)

      I always like your honest product reviews . plzz do more of them I would like to see more these posts and haul posts.

      email :


    39. I'd love to see more reviews - partly cos I'm nosey and partly cos I like seeing what people think about things :)
      Following on GFC as Jesss
      mustbeadreamer [at] / @JesssXD


    40. great giveaway!!!!
      love your blog and i like reading reviews and skincare tips.
      gfc L.K.

    41. Hi from Spain!!

      Enter me please ^_^

      The post that I most liked me is the dupes of drugsture beauty products vs expensive brands.

      GFC name: bambaki83
      Email: mimica69(at)hotmail(dot)com

      I follow u on twitter as @bambaki83 and I tweeted about your giveaway here:!/bambaki83/status/180040127693852673

      I liked your facebook page as Miriam Rivas (Mirikitty)

      I follow you on bloglovin' and like this post as mimica69(at)hotmail(dot)com


    42. Hi,

      I'd like to see more jewellery. I love a bit of bling but am totally uninspired when it comes to where to buy - maybe some funky online stores?

      Sara xx

    43. Hi Miss Emma!

      I follow you by the name Kate on GFC.

      I would love to see more posts about what you find funny or just silly things. I sometimes think that people take life too seriously and just need something silly or fun or cute or whatever. I really loved the smiley face in the moisturizer post. That was just so random, silly and funny. I've learned that life is way too short to be serious and worldly all the time; you have to be silly sometimes! Be silly!

      I follow you on Facebook as Katie Grant.

      Blogged on Tumblr:

    44. Hello !!!
      I follow you via GFC with the user iulika_ct. My email address is
      I would like to see nails with models, maybe butterflyes.
      I follow your Twitter page and twitted about the giveaway!/iulika_ct/status/180575698459693056
      I like your Facebook fan page, my name on Facebook is Iuliana Gondos, and I posted on your wall
      I also follow you on Bloglovin ( and liked allot of your posts.
      This is an awesome giveaway. Good luck to everyone !!!

    45. Hi :)

      GFC: Gemma

      I would like to see more posts about shoes!I love shoes :D
      Twitter: @elleestgemma

    46. Amazing giveaway. Please enter me!!!
      I'd love to see more makeup reviews and dupes.

      GFC: Gabriela
      Email: conbdebelleza(at)gmail(dot)com

      Follow you on Twitter and tweeted:!/GabrielaGLC/status/180795335088672768

      I like you on Fb too as Gabriela Luzon ..

      I follow you on Bloglovin as conbdebelleza(at)gmail(dot)com

      Thank you!!!

    47. Hi,
      I would like to see more beauty stuff reviews.

      Following you on bloglovin and liked this post as madelaine.wood


    48. I´d like to see review posts on hair care products and makeup removers.
      GFC: Sofia
      email: sofialibera(at)gmail(dot)com


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