Friday, 10 February 2012

Valentine's Shmalentines. Things you can buy yourself.

Who needs boys?!  Seriously, unless you love yourself no-one else is going to respect you or love you.  And let's face it, makeup lasts forever (or until the 1-2 year expiry date!) and shopping can be a bit more satisfying than boys (or am I deluding myself a bit...)!  At least you know where you stand with shopping... in stock, order/try on, fit:keep, wrong size: return and get a refund!!
Valentines: Wine, cookies, sweets, DVD and nail polish.
Someone raided M&S... Belgian chocolate cookie selection is amazing.  Very addictive!!

I know there are a lot of 'Valentine's' releases, but to me I see them more as a pre-spring collection rather than something I need someone else to buy me to show me they care.  Love should be something that is always the centre of every relationship.  It's the little considerate things that count, like always checking each other is ok, knowing when your partner looks tired and taking them home at social occasions without them saying, not leaving them behind places, making them their favourite food, not leaving dirty clothes/towels about, doing the washing up so the other person doesn't have to wade through layers of grime and dirt just to make a cup of tea, making a hot water bottle in their bed as a surprise, hoovering before they get home from work every now and again so that they don't have to do it when they come back exhausted (or come back and see mess!), drawing a bath for your partner every now and again.... you get the picture!  No amount of makeup, handbags, roses (which are normally farmed unethically using slave labour), (blood) diamonds) shoes, or chocolates purchased on one day of a year can makeup for 364 days of neglect!!!!  (And boys, do NOT even THINK about buying that 7p Asda smart price valentine's card.  If you really are then trust me, a homemade one will go down better...)

Nail Polish of choice.  Orly's Rock-it.  Red with glitter in :)
My nail polish choice of the V-Day.  My choice has to be Orly's Rock it polish form the Mineral FX collection. Gorgeous dark burgundy red with a goldy/wine duo chrome glitter/shimmer.  Available for £6.99 inc postage HERE

If you feel like treating yourself (go'on!) or treating someone special in your life (Special can mean friend, mum, aunt etc) then these are some ideas for you!
Doesn't this swatch look a bit like a rose?
Emma Watson (Lancome ambassador) has picked her favourite 6 items out of the Rouge In Love lipsticks (£21) and Vernis in love polishes (£12) and will be personally presenting them at the Oxford Street branch of Selfridges Friday 10th Feb at 4:30.  It looks like a pretty range and Ms Watson has great classic style so I'm sure they'll be a hit.  If you can't get to London then the full range is available on Selfridges online (lipsticks link and polish link!).  I haven't tried Lancome lipsticks so I'll be swatching away this weekend!

I also love the look (no pun intended) of Daniel Sandler's 'In love' candle, (hand poured by J Ward).  It can also be used as a moisturiser once melted (which I think is cool).  Also order this delight from his website (link!) and receive a Daniel Sandler Base brush for free (plus free delivery).  I have the base brush and it is one of my most used brushes.  I use it to apply moisturiser normally, although it does create a flawless finish with foundation.  So forget this 'valentines gifts for others' malarky and buy one thing and end up with 3; a gorgeous smelling candle, a moisturiser and a luxury base brush.. bargain!

Talking of dual purpose candles, I quite like the sound of Earthly Body edible candles (link!).  You're in the bath, the candle is alight, you get hungry.. eat the candle! Go'on!  Practice your fire eating skills!

Wahanda (link!).  Make yourself have a treat!  Valentines is a huge stress whether you are in or out of a relationship.  Relax by taking a spa treat from just £20!  That is 2-3 bottles of wine, but much kinder to your body!!  I recommend a nice hot stone back massage to work out stressed muscles and relax your mind.  Just don't eat the candles at your spa. They might think you are a bit odd.

Sometimes getting away is as good as a rest.  If I am going somewhere of  the beaten track I use local, independent places, but for larger cities I use and late rooms to find a nice hotel, then plan a few excursions (theatre, castles, museums, SHOPPING!) around it.  If you really want luxury (and we need a little in our life from time to time) then pamper yourself with Mr and Mrs Smith international breaks.  No- Don't wait for someone else to do it!  Especially not a boy- they generally get fed up of a website within 1 minute and book the first thing they see regardless of suitability or cost!!

So, as you can see, my Valentines is shaping up well.  Nice pampering evening of stress free indulgence, personal shopping and trip planning!  This post is slightly tongue in cheek- of course I think that celebrating any sort relationship (partner, parent, sibling, friend) is very important, but I just don't believe in pinning it down to one day of the year :)

Is Valentine's day a big celebration for you, or a big old normal day?  Do you go all out or ignore it?  Any disaster date stories?  Are you going to be like me and use it as an excuse to buy things for yourself?!

P.s. No more mentioning of the V word this year :)


  1. Edible candles eh? Sounds ace!

    Have a lovely Valentine's Day. I'm not keen on the day itself either. I think you're right in saying showing someone you care is about much more than presents xx

    1. I know- sort of looks like White chocolate! Yumm xx

  2. phizzy pig tails! yes yes yes! love them! xxx

  3. I completely agree that love and affection should be given 365 days a year not just on the 14th of Feb. Valentines for me is just a regular day with just a bit of fun thrown into it. I have kids so the day is cheezy and fun. I think if your in a great relationship then there is no pressure on this day; it the guys/gals that seem to neglect their partner that has a harder time with it.
    Anyways your day sounds perfect, enjoy.

    1. Aww sounds like you have the right attitude. I just get a bit overwhelmed with big PDAs :) Hope you have a great day xx


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