Monday, 26 March 2012

Bagpuss investigates: Pixi Magic Tink Tint and Nail Polish

It's not often I catch him up and about, as Bagpuss tends to be frozen when the humans are about- but the other day I was lucky enough to catch this candy stripe cat mooching about.  The first thing he did was streeeeettch and yaaaawn.  The second thing he did was find my stash of PixiGLOW goodies (naturally in a jiffy bag because ALL cats like Jiffy bags as holiday homes......
Yaaawwwnnn, stretchhhh! Time to play!

Bagpuss was investigating the Magic Tink Tint, a lip balm pencil that, once applied, adapts to your individual lip PH and provides the wearer with an individual shade.  Bagpuss (lets call him BP from hereon in) said it smelt of strawberries and icing sugar- he would be right.  He said it was delicate on his nose as cats have very sensitive noses and don't like lots of chemicals or harsh scents.  (I noticed on the box it says the gel crayon is free from parabens, triclosan, sulfates and pthalates which is good news).  BP said the crayon made him feel happy and proceeded to rub his little (or actually rather big and disproportionate) head against the box.

Mr BP is a very clever cat for then he spotted something very interesting........
Clever (clogs) Cat! Dupe Alert!

He went and found my Dior lip glow colour reviving balm with his little paws and exclaimed how similar they are!  Luckily the price is slightly different as the Pixi product is £12 from ASOS (link)  and the Dior is £21 (link!).  "Extraordinary!  Both 2 and 1 but the reverse price!"  BP said.
Dior Lip Glow (left), PixiGLOW Magic Tink Tint (right)

I tried both items and found the pixiGlow to provide a more vivid colour, and last slightly longer.
Pixi top swatch, Dior bottom...

I rewarded BP with some pampering- any treatment he wanted- of course he chose a PAW-decure or should I saw CLAW-decure?  He shade of choice was PixiGLOW 408 aka Pirouette Pink.  The bright flamingo pink matched his fur and the tin gold finishing sheen brought out the blue in his eyes (so he said... ).  If you want to copy Mr BP then the polish is on Pixibeauty for $8 (link).  Alternatively I just noticed they have a set of both items AND a a fairy dust for £20 (link!)
Perfect Summer toe/ claw colour
Notice the gold sheen in the bottle- I struggled to capture it :/ It's there, I assure you!

BP was very tired after this adventure and needed to make sure he got his 18 hours a day beauty sleep, so retreated to his favourite sunny corner.   He did say that he would love to hear if you have tried these products and what you think! So...

Have you tried these products?  Hot pink nail polish- hit or miss?  Anyone else been a clever cat and found a dupe?  Shall I ask BP for more reviews?

Disclaimer: Both these items were PR samples, however this has not affected any of the words here as BP is not easily swayed.  Everyone knows you can't make a cat love you or your products.  Humans are their servants, cats are free spirits and serve no-one.

P.s. You can see Bagpuss in one of his famous adventures HERE (link!)


  1. Great post I've never tried their products but looks interesting! Great use of Bagpuss too:)

    1. :) I assure you, he is very much his own person! :) xx

  2. Oh my god I loved bagpuss when I was little !

    1. Me too (and when I'm a little grown up too ;) xx

  3. Aww that was cute, and what a pretty polish!


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