Monday, 19 March 2012

Bourjois Mini Blush 04: Review

Almost looks like chocolate... maybe my chocolate free lent is going to my brain!
The other week I showed you a nice thank you present I received from Bourjois (link!).  Well inside that little lot was this baby: Mini Bourjois Blush 04 Cream Blush.

Screw lid is always good- less chance of handbag spillage!  I hate opening my handbag/ makeup bag and finding products have sprung open and emptied all over everything.

The pot is mini- around the size of a 10 pence piece for you UK folk!  This looks a little red in my pictures (unnatural light).  I assure you it is a nice sun kissed light golden brown, almost a rose gold.  However when you swatch it, it turns into a light highlight / glow.  The hue reminds me of Dior's Amber Diamond (that reminds me I need to post on that!).  Of course Dior is a powder and Bourjois is a cream.  They are also vastly different in price!

Unfortunately I cant find any links to this product on boots or superdrug- the only place I seem to be able to find it is on ebay (link!) for £3.48 including postage.  I think it is still available in stores on the mini bourjois stands though.  Absolutely worth a look, and handbag friendly :)

What products do you carry in your handbag in miniature version?  What products do you wish they made in miniature?

P.s. My Mac lipstick giveaway (link!) is still open and on the verge of having another prize added :) 
P.p.s.  Don't forget to visit this post (link!) and submit your skin questions for the dermatologist to answer.  She is a doctor and looks after all things from dermatitis to acne.

Disclaimer: I was sent this as a gift with no expectations of a review or mention.


  1. I love Bourjois products, and this one looks great :) x

  2. I adore Bourjois little round blush, this one I havent tried yet but it also looks great. I always carry corrector and lip gloss.


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