Monday, 5 March 2012

Bourjois Mini Overview!

The other day this little lot fell through my letter box (obviously in a jiffy bag, or that would be a little weird.  Having said that if any people feel like they randomly want to post individual cosmetics through my door, then I probably wont complain!!

I haven't tried the Bourjois mini range, although have been using Bourjois products for at least ten years.  I think the first nail polish my mum ever bought me was Bourjois nice purple shade.  I might still have it somewhere if it hasn't dried up!  (TIP: For longer lasting polishes, keep them cool in the fridge.  In emergencies add a drop of nail polish remover to un-gloop.  However each time you do this, the polish will thin- use sparingly, with caution)!

Bourjois surprise!

I have;
  • Effet 3D Mini Gloss in Rose Arctic.  A neutral gloss with blue undertone, sort of the gloss equivilent to clinique's chubby stick graped up shade (link)
  • Eau de gloss. Clear gloss.
  • Mini kabuki powder brush
  • So laque nail polish in Rouge Fashionista 41 (think bright cerise side of red)
  • Cream Blush in Blush 04 Shimmery brown neutral- possibly a sunkissed glow?
  • Volumizer Mascara
  • Double ended Noir and Blanc pencil to define and widen eyes. (link!)
Expect to see some of these products creeping up in FOTD snaps soon!

I already have a Volumizer mascara and have struggled to use the second step without my eyelashes going gloopy and ending up in 3 clumps :/ (evidence pictures here)!  The first stage is fine and so I stick to using the first one only.  I was thinking about using this spare one for a giveaway?  

(P.s. Don't forget my Mac giveaway (link).

Do you have any of these products?  What do you think of them? Is the mini range worth purchasing?  Do you have a Volumizer mascara and how do you get on with it?  Would you like to win it?


  1. Really cute Kabuki brush! It's in my favorite shade of pink! :)


    1. It's really handy for my touch up handbag case! xx


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