Thursday, 1 March 2012

February Favorites!

It's that time again! February is so short that is has just flown by.  At least we had an extra day in February this year.  Did anyone propose?!  I spent my extra day working and trying to remove lipstick off my duvet cover! Woops!
Glamour Mag!

I struggled a little with choosing my favourite things this month- not entirely sure why.  Perhaps the shorter month has knocked me out of kilter.  That and a lot of travel/family strife this month!  All is fine now though!

I liked this month's Grazia for all the fashion content.  It was a big bumper issue so lots of reading at a bargain price- and better pictures than scrambling to see at the catwalks!

I have been using This for a good few weeks and so far I like it.  Origins Night-a-mins night cream.  Fear not- it shall be reviewed (along with a back log of other origins things).  Thankfully no weird faces have popped up in this cream so far......

February Favourite makeup items!
I wouldn't necessarily say these are all time favourites but they have gravitated towards my 'use daily' basket.
  • MAC 'All that Glitters' eye shadow.  Light, neutral and lovely.  Featured in my gold things post!
  • Chanel Perfection Lumiere foundation (initially reviewed HERE).  I can report that the formula does clog in the pump every now and again but not as badly as Mat Lumiere.  I buff it in and so far so good!
  • MAC 'Patisserie' Lipstick.  My lips but better. Lustre finish.  Perhaps worthy of a post?
  • Illamasqua Feisty Medium pencil  I have only used this a lip liner/colour but perhaps I should try it as an eyeliner?!  Bought in my Illamasqua haul and posted here (link!)
Why did I include Glamour magazine?  I absolutely loved the shoot with Reese Witherspoon.  It was classy, vintage and elegant.
All rights held by Glamour magazine UK.

Doesn't she look fab?  I love simple, classic, vintage style.

What have you been loving this month?  Do you want a post on Patisserie lipstick?

P.S. Don't forget to enter my MAC lipstick giveaway! (Link!)
P.P.S. I was featured as Drop of Pink's Blogger of the week this week, so if you want to read my story of how and why I started this blog then click HERE


  1. I'd love to read a review on the Patisserie lipstick. It's not one I've ever picked up at a MAC stand, but it looks lovely on the photo and I'd be really interested to see how it looks on the lips.

  2. I would love for you to do a post on Mac Patisserie, I have been thinking about getting this for a little while. xx

    1. You should, its gorgeous. I'll post on it xx

  3. Please do a post on MAC patisserie!
    I am still in two minds about perfection lumiere!
    Have just entered your giveaway wooo!


    1. It's certainly my most used this month, not sure its it's an all time favorite though! Patisserie post coming up! xx

  4. Oooh what's that MAC lipstick? Looks like Ravishing, I wear it everyday. Shame about the duvet cover. Hope you're well xx

    1. Hi Lauren, haven't tried ravishing, it's Patisserie by Mac- gorgeous. I'm ok thanks- how are you? xx

  5. Patisserie is one of the lipsticks I'm going all oooh and aaah about, so I'd love to see a post on it before I buy it. And Reese looks like an old Hollywood star in that picture.

    1. Post coming up! Glad I'm not the only one to think that about the picture! xx

  6. That lipstick looks gorgeous :D x

    1. It's lovely. Can see why it's in my favorites basket a lot! xx


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