Sunday, 29 April 2012

Haul: Update: Goodies: Ramble

 What a weird week.  You know those sort of days when you wish you had just stayed in bed.  My week has been full of them, with random things happening.  I'm exhausted!  Some of you might have noticed I haven't been blogging very much- I haven't been tweeting much either- although twitter moves so quickly I don't think anyone has noticed.  That's the one thing I hate about twitter is that it can be like talking to an empty room!  Other than that, I love twitter.  Continual source of entertainment!

Anyway I am getting back into the swing of things.  I have replied to lots of comments and emails and trying to force myself back to writing posts.  Don't get me wrong, I love blogging and writing, it's just sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming.

Of course I have some hauls to share with you! I always have hauls.  I still have 3 giant bags worth of things from January to share.... woops!

I now have one of these babies.  Separate post to come, but let me know if there are any must have Apps :)

Ipad goodness :)

I have also got my paws on the Bourjois 1 second nail polish remover.  Bold claims.  Stick around to see if it works!

A little bit of Guerlain too :)  More on that later

Makeup wise my face has been ok- not too many new loves to report at this stage as I will include them in the April Favourites post.  My skin has been slightly neglected although I am back to using my clarisonic and a night treatment which is helping remove the dead skin and moisturise my eyebrows.  (Yes eyebrows.  As part of my odd week by eyebrows have had really dry skin!!)  Thankfully my split mouth corners are all fine now after a bit extra zinc and vitamin C.

Reading wise I am dipping in and out of this (although I would love some fiction recommendations.

So what is new in your life?  What have you been reading?

As I havent really been around I am extending my NARS giveaway.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Oh de toilet! Andrex moist toilet tissues...

... Yes you read right.  Moist toilet tissues.

There is something about these that I just can't can't get my head around.  Just to be clear, I havent tried them, so this isn't a review.  I was shopping in the Bullring shopping center about 6 weeks ago when these were shoved in my hand.

Andrex say 'Washlets: Flushable Toilet Tissue Wipes'.  I'm saying adult baby wipes?  These just dont appeal to me- unless I was say camping at a festival over the summer and without washing facilities.  The thought of using these in normal day to day life just makes my teeth itch.  If I think of them as wet wipes then they sort of have a place, keeping my hands clean.  The catch is, if using them after using the toilet, you still have to use normal toilet paper afterwards.

Just imagine trying to carry a pack of these around with you on a daily basis.  We have all had the embarrassing 'feminine hygiene product' fly out of our handbag at an inopportune moment, or tried to hand them to people mistaking them for pens, sweets, paper... you name it!  Imagine trying to a) fit a pack of these in your evening clutch handbag...  or having these fly out at the cash register... (oh don't worry, they are my adult baby wipes!).

These retail for £1.95 from Boots (link!), if they are cheaper than normal hand wipes then I might purchase them when traveling.  However maybe there is an aspect i'm missing?

Have you seen these/used them?  Any thoughts? Yes or No?! Have you ever had something embarrassing fly out of your handbag by accident?  (Try and keep it clean ;) )

P.s. Nars giveaway (Link)

Monday, 9 April 2012

Nars Giveaway

In celebration of the new Nars Summer 2012 collection (available to buy from April 15th (link!)) I have a NARS blush (possibly of your choice) to giveaway!  It's also in celebration of another milestone, of a stupid amount of page views and a blog award :)  The fact that people read my ramblings still astounds me!

To enter just follow these rules;
1) Simply make sure you are a GFC/Blogger dashboard follower of this blog.
2) Leave a comment below.  You are stranded on a desert island- what three makeup items (brand and shade!) would you take with you?

For extra entries
3) Follow me on bloglovin and like a few posts! (Link!)
4) Follow me on Facebook and leave a comment! (Link!)
5) Follow me on twitter and tweet 'I have entered @computergirl200 amazing* NARS giveaway.  Have you? ' (Feel free to change amazing for another nice word!)
6) Post this giveaway on your personal blog in the sidebar/post. Remember to leave me a link in the comments below!

The winner of the Mac lipstick is Melitta. Please get in touch!

So there you are!  Giveaway is open for three weeks from today (30th April).  Open intentionally, but I take no responsibility for the item once posted.  I'll gain a proof of postage as always, but it's in the postal service's hands!  Pro compers will be disqualified, as will those who unfollow as soon as they make their entry!

Mac Club Eye shadow

A few people asked so see some more of my MAC collection, so here is a post for you.  One of my favourite MAC eye shadows.  It's not one I reach for on a daily basis, but more one for evening's out.
MAC Club eye shadow (night with flash).

Meet MAC Club eye shadow.  a brown/taupe with a green duo-chrome.  Simply stunning.  The best bit is the multi-dimentional finish means that I literally wear one shadow on my lid and it makes me look like I have expertly blended several shadows into a perfect smokey eye.  So basically it is foolproof to apply, and makes any wearer look like a pro makeup artist (well almost)!
MAC Club swatched, brown with a pretty green iridescent sheen.

I normally apply a thin line of black eye kohl around the eye, add a coat of mascara, and slap this on the lid.  Recently I have been using my Bourjois contour dual ended pencil (post link!)  I have blue eyes and this shadow predominantly looks taupey brown, which suits me perfectly.

I think this shadow is the pressed pigment 'Green Brown', which used to be available in normal MAC counters but now only retails from MAC Pro, although can sometimes be found at outlet stores.

I'll try to remember to take a picture next time I go out!  I'm notoriously bad at doing this!

If you want to have a different look at this shadow here is the Debenhams link- they did have 10% off all MAC so worth storing up the discount and beauty points!

Do you have this MAC eyeshadow?  What is your foolproof eye product?  Any cheat tips/products?

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Bourjois Noir & Blanc Eyeliner Pencil

I'm back!  I'd love to say I have been off somewhere exotic, hot, sunny and luxurious... in reality I have just been working all hours and collapsing in a sleep coma the rest of the time.  I've been barely having enough time to eat let alone the mental capacity to write anything meaningful here.  Anyway, I have a bit of my life back now so I'm back here!  I'm trying not to have blogger's guilt but I cant help it!

I'll start by saying Bagpuss is so pleased so many of you liked his post, and he plans to do another once he has had his share of sleep, food and payment in tickles under the chin.

In the past couple of weeks I have been reaching for this pencil on a daily basis.  Duel ended white and black eye pencils are big this season.  Why?  Firstly they save space in your makeup bag.  Secondly they make you look awake and alert, make your whites look brighter and make small eyes look bigger!  Simply use the black end to join your lashes on your top eyelid (like dot to dot) to create the illusion of thicker fuller lashes.  Now use the white part inside your your lower eye lid, join the bottom lash line gently with the black end then apply some on the white underneath lightly. 

You don't have to buy the Bourjois one, but it's the softest and most long lasting one I have tried so far and I'm loving it.  I used to have a rimmel white pencil bit it went hard really quickly (and eye pencils need to be soft or they'll drag and damage the delicate skin round the eye).  I will give you a look at how this technique looks- but just not when I have huuuuuge bags under my eyes (like now!!).

Bourjois Noir & blanc can be picked up from any Bourjois retailer including Boots (currently 3 for 2 on cosmetics) (link!) and Superdrug for £5.49

Have you used any of these types of pencil?  Any recommendations - or non-recommendations?

Dislaimer: This pencil was a gift!

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