Thursday, 5 April 2012

Bourjois Noir & Blanc Eyeliner Pencil

I'm back!  I'd love to say I have been off somewhere exotic, hot, sunny and luxurious... in reality I have just been working all hours and collapsing in a sleep coma the rest of the time.  I've been barely having enough time to eat let alone the mental capacity to write anything meaningful here.  Anyway, I have a bit of my life back now so I'm back here!  I'm trying not to have blogger's guilt but I cant help it!

I'll start by saying Bagpuss is so pleased so many of you liked his post, and he plans to do another once he has had his share of sleep, food and payment in tickles under the chin.

In the past couple of weeks I have been reaching for this pencil on a daily basis.  Duel ended white and black eye pencils are big this season.  Why?  Firstly they save space in your makeup bag.  Secondly they make you look awake and alert, make your whites look brighter and make small eyes look bigger!  Simply use the black end to join your lashes on your top eyelid (like dot to dot) to create the illusion of thicker fuller lashes.  Now use the white part inside your your lower eye lid, join the bottom lash line gently with the black end then apply some on the white underneath lightly. 

You don't have to buy the Bourjois one, but it's the softest and most long lasting one I have tried so far and I'm loving it.  I used to have a rimmel white pencil bit it went hard really quickly (and eye pencils need to be soft or they'll drag and damage the delicate skin round the eye).  I will give you a look at how this technique looks- but just not when I have huuuuuge bags under my eyes (like now!!).

Bourjois Noir & blanc can be picked up from any Bourjois retailer including Boots (currently 3 for 2 on cosmetics) (link!) and Superdrug for £5.49

Have you used any of these types of pencil?  Any recommendations - or non-recommendations?

Dislaimer: This pencil was a gift!


  1. Ooo brilliant purchase!! Thank you for the review. Considering in buying it!! Does it smudge though?? Xx

    1. Hi Chu, I havent found it to smudge very much once applied and dried. However everyone's skin is different- I have been impressed with the lasting power! :) xx


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