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Miranda Kerr's Treasure Yourself.

I didn't intend on taking a few weeks off, but it sort of happened.  I have had a lot going on recently and have had to neglect quite a few things (including blog reading- attempting to catch up now!).  I do have exciting bits and pieces of news to share in due course.  I think it is the longest blogging break I have had in 3 years so please bear (bare?) with me!  I am only human and there is only one of me!!!

So back to the blog..
This book has an amazing material cover

You will have seen this in a haul post a while back, well I thought I would share some more information on it for those of you who asked.

Treasure Yourself (Book)
Miranda Kerr is an Australian model, just in case you were wondering!  She is stunningly beautiful and, as if that wasnt enough, married to Orlando Bloom.  This makes a lot of people want to a) look like her or b) be her because she gets to be Orlando's wife.  Miranda gave birth to their first child in January last year.  I am guessing that she wrote most of the book while pregnant and unable to model.

I first heard about when it hit the shelves, and then again when my friend Tali (she writes a great blog at so drop by and say hi) mentioned it.  The book is split into two sections.  The first Miranda shares parts of her life story, photos, and thinking mindsets she has found useful in tough times.  She also shares helpful information on being healthy for positivity.  The second section has a little quote, saying or thought on each page, designed to build you up or challenge you.  I should say here that Miranda is a Buddhist, although the book focuses on positivity rather than going into individual intricate details of Buddhism.  I, as does Miranda, practice yoga and do notice the benefits, so this is a sort of kick start to keep positive thoughts.

One of the pages towards the end.
It's not a book for everyone, but if you like a book you can dip in and out of easily and read a positive sentence or two, then I would recommend this book.  Some people won't like it, but I have found the positivity infectious- and a great reminder to make the most of each day.  It's perfect to pick up and read a quote before bed!

It has a lovely pink material cover, so its one that looks and feels beautiful.  It's not cheap but you can purchase it from Miranda's website for around $24.95 or from some book websites (although the ones I looked out had sold out at the time of writing!) (Also worth looking at good old Ebay!)
So pretty- to roll out of bed and look like this sans makeup- *sigh*

Incidentally Miranda also has her own skincare line called Kora Organics.  Its supposed to back up her natural organic philosophy, but is sadly currently only available in the UK via international delivery.  I haven't tried it yet, but maybe one day!

Have you read this book?  Do you find positive quote books useful?  Do you have a positive mantra you can post below?

P.s. My NARS giveaway!
News coming shortly!

Dislaimer: Bought with my own money.  All thoughts are my own!

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  1. hi dear.i created my own affirmation that is"""""I SPARKLE WITH LOVE"""""


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