Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Darphin Hydrating Kiwi Mask

Skincare AND fruit- I'm on it!! Two of my loves. Natural products and skin treats.  If you are like me then sometimes your face feels dry, tight, tired- especially at the end of the day.  Darphin's Hydrating Kiwi Mask  is a really lovely pick-me-up.

Skincare AND kiwi (and pomegranate and mango!)
Simply slather on, leave for 5 minutes and tissue off- result smooth, hydrated, fresh, dewy skin!  To make mine sink in a little more, I steam my face to open my pores before using this.  It is gentle, doesnt smell weird and my skin has been fine with it- which is such a relief after years of skin battles!  As I have combination skin I have targeted this mask on the dry areas (makes the tube last longer) but, when used on the oily patches it has not increased oily production!

It's really lovely to have a relaxing pamper before bed- I like to dress in my toweling robe, light a candle and treat my face to a mask while in the bath or on the sofa.  Using a mask gives the skin chance to absorb what it needs, rather than slop a bit of runny moisturiser onto your face, trying to rub it in and ending up with more absorbed into your hands than your face!
Luxury but affordable skincare :)

Apart from the obvious (and yummy) kiwi, it also contains Shea butter, vitamin E, pomegranate and mango.  Pomegranate is a anti-aging superfruit and very good for you inside and out- while the shea butter softens and the vitamin E- well that is just good for your skin wrinkles and blemishes.

I like this product as it is hygienically sealed with small foil seal under the cap rather than shrink wrapping the tube in non-recyclable shrink-wrap.  The cardboard box is also sturdy and reflects what a lovely luxury product this is.
Non-greasy, not runny or too thick- perfect!

Darphin is a french sister brand of Estee Lauder.  They are salon strength but available for home use and absolutely worth the investment for your skin!  Kiwi Hydrating Mask retails for around £27 and is available from several online stockists including Lookfantastic (link!)

Do you use a mask?  Do you like fruit(y) skin products?  How do you chill out and pamper yourself?

DISCLAIMER: Press sample sent for consideration about a year ago!  Words are my own and it was my choice to mention this product!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Bagpuss Investigates: Aromatherapy Associates Body Brush

After Bagpuss' last adventure (link) some of you have been emailing and tweeting BP to ask for more investigations.  Well I came home today to find that BP have been a very clever puss and opened the cupboard when I keep all my beauty products.  Specifically he had found a cardboard box (cats LOVE boxes!) and emptied the goodies to make room for his chubby little body.  It was then that he found this Aromatherapy Associates Body Brush- which caused much amusement and wonder!  "What is it?  What does it do? Can I eat it? Will it eat me? Can I sit on it" he said.  It caught his eye because he thought it said Aromatherapy AssociCATS!
It says Aromatherapy Associates Bagpuss, not AssociCATS!

BP said it looked just like a horse grooming brush only it seemed a little nicer.  I explained that it is made out of cactus (not CATus!) sisal bristles and it is supposed to be used in circular motion to boost circulation and remove dead skin cells. 
"Are those CATus bristles?!"

This in turn aids toxin removal and boosts new cell growth.  Since BP is covered in fur he said it might not work, but we tested it out a little and it worked pretty well.  So well BP sat there a rubbed his cheeks over it.  He particularly liked having a gentle belly rub!
It's a human body brush Bagpuss!!

You'd be surprised- even cats have a build up of toxins!  I think BP has permanently nicked this off me so I am going to have to invest in a new one- although body brushes last ages so it is a good investment!  I think the Aromatherapy Associates one is a good buy because the material strap fits gently over your hand allowing an easy firm grip- especially useful if in the shower.  It is similar to the Elmis one (link), but a fraction of the price.  I try to use this on a daily basis either first thing in the morning or last thing at night and my skin is certainly noticing the benefits.  As is my cellulite.  Not that cats have to worry much about cellulite....
Body Brush- good for cat belly rubs!

Aromatherapy Associates Body Brush is available from good retailers such as  BeautyBay (link).

Do you body brush?  Do your pets take a weird interest in things that arent for them??!  Would you like more posts from Bagpuss?

Disclaimer: Body brush is a press sample which I have had for several months- if not a year.  I love it and these words are my own.   No Bagpusses were harmed in the makeing of this post.

Monday, 2 July 2012

L'occitane Cream Mains Miel (Honey Hand Cream)

In my last post I said I needed to share with you my favourite hand cream.  L'occitane Cream Mains Miel or Honey Hand cream.  I'm not brave enough to say it is my all time favourite, but I am really liking it!
L'occitane Honey hand cream with a cute bear on the tube!

When I first heard about L'Occitane it was through the endless magazine promos.  I have to admit I just thought it was 'another' product.  But since I have become a beauty writer and blogger I have found out a lot more about products, what they contain, how they are made, fair manufacture and ethical companies.  I try to champion them on this blog.
Hand cream.  Medium thickness but sinks in well.  No greasy residue!

Why do I like this product?
  • The tube is handbag friendly, recycleable and has a cute bear on the front.
  • Contains 20% shea butter (the stuff that is in a lot of body butters).  It nourishes and softens your skin, helping seal moisture in.  Very important for hands which are repeatedly subjected to washing and drying, or harsh weather conditions.
  • L'Occitane are a company which try to use organic products and protect the earth.  They try to ensure a fair wage goes to the original producers.  They are also working hard to protect out bee population, who are struggling and in danger of dying out.  It is reportedly due to use of harsh farming chemicals confusing the bees and scrabbling their senses.  They then loose their way and die from exhaustion while trying to find the hive.
  • Specifically this product smells good enough to eat.  AMAZING!  It smells of yummy sweet honey but without bee-ing (sorry- bad pun!) sickly or overpowering.  A little goes a long way.  My hands love it and everyone I have given some too has either bought it or loved their gift.
Paper bags (environmentally friendly|) and sealed with a beautiful stamp :)
When I wear it I find myself sniffing my hands and feeling really warm and comforted.  I purchased mine from their stand alone shop in Cardiff Hayes Arcade, where the lovely shop assistant was very helpful AND looked amazing in Mac Russian Red lipstick (which I will pull of one day when I have the confidence!!)

Creme Mains Miel cost £8 for 30ml online link but it is worth checking out UK QVC (link) who have L'Occitane products too!

Do you use L'Occitane?  What do you think of their hand creams?  How you do keep your hands soft?

Disclaimer: Purchased by me- just in case you missed that whole sentence earlier in the article!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Birthday, Nars, necklaces, Italy.

Now I am back blogging I have lots to share!  In the busy time I was away I had a birthday.  Birthday's have never been a big celebration for me or my family.  We just seem to keep things small and simple.  This normally goes for presents too.  This year they weren't sure what to get me so I ended up treating myself to two lovely necklaces from Dorothy Perkins.  They were on the Ribbon and Asher stand but I'm not sure if they were by them!

I love Etsy and local fairs for individual handmade items, but sometimes a little cheap neckalce is a good pick-me-up!  These caught my eye down to the natural gift envelopes- plus I likes the words on them.  I guess I was sucked in initially by the packaging but when I saw the necklaces I knew I had to have one.  I couldn't decided and ended up getting two using their buy one get one half price deal!  £6.50 each = 2 for £9.75.  I full expect them to turn green in a couple of years and fall apart but I'll remake something out of the good bits then!

Jade for fortune, health, luck and success.  Well I haven't won the lottery yet so maybe I should sue whoever wrote that?!  The stone is milky jade and subtle enough to complement any outfit without overpowering the wearer.

Make a wish?  I haven't worn this yet but it is small, simple and elegant.  Enough to wear to work with shirts and business wear- or with a simple t-shirt and jeans.  Certainly one I'll take traveling this summer- which is ON!  I'm off to Italy on my own this summer.  I posted a while back about having a goal of traveling abroad on my own at some point and, well, I did it.  I made it a goal and I've made it happen.  I'm not lying, I am a bit nervous but I am planning the major things and researching it so I'll stay in safe areas and visit a few things but will leave smaller itinerary things to chance!

I haven't found these necklaces online but there was another which I restrained myself from buying but they haven it online at Dorothy Perkins (Link!).  Certainly a lovely gift for those of you leaving school, college or uni friends behind.  Plus turquoise brightens every day but looks great with a summer maxi-dress while you sip cocktails on the beach... *sigh*...

In other news:
Speaking of luck and success etc..finally back at my computer! I counted and verified entrants and the Nars blusher winner is Number 13 @beautylovenotes Laura!   Well done to you!  If you didn't win this time, don't worry!  I have lots more giveaways coming up including jewellery, make-up, skincare, vouchers- you name it!

MAC!  I went to photograph my palettes for you and realised that I have some shadows to depot so once I have done that I will give you an overview of my palettes unless you'd prefer individual posts on the colours??

L'Occitane.  I need to share with you my favorite hand cream!

Do you have these necklaces? Cute or a No?  Any travel advice?  What would you like to be successful at or lucky enough to win?
Disclaimer: Bought win my own money :)  Although it would have been nice if someone gave me a holiday!

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