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Interview with Michelle Doherty: Alpha H

Longtime readers will know how much I love Alpha H (If not you might want to see my before and after pictures Here then you will see why I like it!)  I managed to pull a few strings and get the chance to interview Michelle Doherty, owner and director of Alpha H Skincare line.  I havent done many interviews on Computergirl's Musings so let me know if you enjoyed this and I'll look into bringing you some more :)

Computergirl's Musings: How did you come up with the idea for Alpha-H?
Michelle: Having suffered with a demoralising skin condition for many years, I was introduced to Alpha-H by a friend when I was 28, at the time Alpha-H consisted of a single two-step program of the Balancing Cleanser and Balancing Moisturiser. By just using these two products over a short period of time I experienced astounding effects resulting not only with happy, healthy skin but a personal boost to self confidence and esteem. Since then my mission has been simply to bring the very best skin care products and services to the world, not only just for a season or a specific reason but for a lifetime.

Have you always been into skincare?  If not what was the turning point?
My obsession with skincare started really when I began to suffer from painful acne at around the age of 14, I would save up to buy the best creams and lotions and was hugely disappointed when nothing worked. I was a sales representative for a well known beauty brand in New Zealand until I discovered Alpha-H. 

So many brands talk about routines-cleanse, tone, don’t use toner, pre cleanse, moisturise, serum, night treatments, eye cleanser, moisturiser for under the eye etc. – we all get a bit overloaded. What are the basic essentials to a routine?

At Alpha-H, following a strict ‘routine’ is just the opposite of what we want for your skin! I do agree that it is necessary to cleanse in the morning and evening, and essential to be using good sun protection daily. Keeping the skin as hydrated as possible is also important however so is keeping the skin ‘alive’ with constant change and a variation of products designed to target each individual’s skin concerns. Your skin is a living, breathing organ and when challenged in appropriate ways it can alter its behavior and further promote a more youthful, glowing complexion. Liquid Gold is our hero product as it has the ability to alter the skin’s pH and create waves of stimulation that last overnight, keeping the skin active all night long. The results from using this product on alternating nights are fantastic; a firmer, smoother, brighter and glowing complexion is expected every morning after using Liquid Gold.
Two of my skin saviours: Liquid Gold and Intensive night repair serum!.

To the nitty-gritty, blackheads and large pores. How should we treat them and can they disappear?

Large pores and blackheads are usually the result of dead skin cell buildup on the surface of the skin. By adequately exfoliating the skin you can clean out the pores which further tightens the walls of the pore, giving the effect of “zero pores”.  The debris in the pore, which displays a blackened appearance, is usually a mixture of oil and dead skin cells. Using a product like the Micro Cleanse which uses micro beads and 14% Glycolic Acid is the perfect way to tighten those pores. The micro beads physically breakdown stubborn debris trapped in the pore and the Glycolic Acid melts away the dead skin cells within and around the pore. 

Of course, we all know you for Alpha-H, and I am a big fan of the Intensive Night Repair Serum. I wish I had invented it! What other beauty product and makeup items do you wish you had invented?

Well that is the beauty of owning your own skin care company; I have the ability to keep inventing new and innovative products. I love finding out about new ingredients, skin technologies and different formulations and how they affect the skin.  For me, formulating and inventing is a journey, from an idea, to the different samples I personally test out on my own skin, to the final product and then seeing the results that that product is able to give to my customers. Flawless looking skin is a passion of mine and I have been on the hunt for years to find the perfect foundation. I would love to create a foundation that is as hydrating and caring for the skin as it is perfecting. Stay tuned later this year as Alpha-H is about to add some colour to our range … 

Finally, other than using great products, what are your essential tips for healthy glowing flawless skin?

Your skin is affected by what is happening with the rest of your body, for example; unbalanced hormones, problems with digestion, stress, alcohol, unhealthy diet and so on. For me, I believe that if you want your skin to be glowing and flawless, it starts from within. Focus on maintaining a balanced, healthy diet and lifestyle and you will find that everything else follows and reaps the benefits from these health conscious choices. 

A huge THANK YOU to Michelle for taking the time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions for Computergirl's Musings.  I hope you found her answers as interesting as I did!  For more information on Alpha H please visit my previous post which includes recommendations for retailers!

Do you use Alpha H?  I asked Michelle so I'll ask you- what beauty product and makeup items do you wish you had invented?  Who else would you like me to interview?

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  1. Great interview... I'm a big fan of Alpha H too & super excited to hear that colour products may be on the horizon!

    Nic x

  2. Thanks for sharing! Fab interview, will have to try. x


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