Friday, 10 August 2012

Jewellery Haul and Holiday Accessories!

Before I went to Italy I treated myself to a few new accessories.  Sometimes the best way to pack lightly is to take few clothes and lots of accessories.  I was taught that by a girl I met years ago who was from Australia.  She always packed VERY lightly but had a sandwich bag full of accessories- broaches, earrings, necklaces etc. Her style was amazing and I have been inspired to a) pack lightly and b) change outfits by accessories!

While deciding what to take to Italy I unintentionally set a colour scheme.  I will be going into that more on my fashion blog.  Here I though I would share the jewels I took with me!

I'll state now that the bracelets were spotted on Tali's blog Glossy's Wardrobe She is a lovely lady and a friend of mine so if you don't know her blog(s) then please check them out.  The Gloss Goss (makeup/beauty) is now in retirement but certainly worth a look at the archive of posts there!  Glossy's Wardrobe is still going strong and worth a subscription!

Lovely bright holiday jewels!
Bracelets: Two sets from Accessorize (see below)
Earrings: Accessorize (link) £5 and perfect for evening elegance without too much glitz.  I wore these out for early evening drinks and evening events.  Perfect for my dark hair/pale skin complexion!
Forever21 Earrings:  Neutral bargain discs.  Will go with most outfits day and night! These are an older season but I found some similar here for £1.65 Bargain! (link)
Necklaces:  Both of these I blogged about recently (here) but they came from Dorothy Perkins for just over £4.50 each for my birthday!  Having worn them a little the star one has lots quite a bit of the outer gold layer, but it is silver underneath so sort of has a duel gold and silver feel to it.  Just a word of advice- never spray your perfume (or deodorant) when you have your jewellery on.  The alcohol in it can settle and erode or tarnish metals so always spray this on well in advance.

Both these bracelet sets matched and complimented my pale skin tone.  I can see me wearing them for many events both daytime and evening.  I like these because the elastic means they wont slip on my thin wrists.  Also very important when sitting at a computer as I find bracelets really get in the way when typing- maybe that is just me?

3 Evening sparkle bracelets (link) £12 from Accessorize.  My photos dont show up the true colours.  I had so many compliments on these sparkles!  I mixed them with the set below and so I didnt feel I was wearing the same bracelets day in day out!  I hope they bring out more in this range!

6 Discy Stretch Bracelets.  Perfect to layer, mix with others or just wear 3 or 5.  The colours are hard to pick up but you can see them better on the Accessorize website (link) £8
Owl get these too!
Another Accessorize purchase.  These were ticking the boxes for me.  I love a statement pair of earrings and peacock colours really suit me.  Quirky and colourful!  These are big so be careful if you order them online. £8 (link)
Flying over the Italian coastline.  Stunningly beautiful!

What I didnt photograph was my trusty Oasis watch.  It's chunky and went will with the bracelets to create a statement but without looking too maculine!  You can read about and view my watch in my older post (link).  I also normally wear a few small sets of sleeper and stud earrings but didnt photograph those as I am currently wearing them!

Do you like these items?  How do you organise what accessories to pack?

Dislaimer: all bought by me!  Just in case you missed that part!


  1. good posting about Jewellery Haul and Holiday Accessories!

  2. Awww, the owl earrings are cute. That's a fun way to do peacock feathers. I think just doing traditional peacock earrings is old, but those is cute and fun.

    I use a jewelry cloth made for cleaning gold (so it's soft and gentle) on all of my jewelry to clean them as I tend to have skin that makes jewelry, especially silver (which is the kind I wear most as it's most flattering), tarnish quickly. I clean them after I wear them to ward off tarnishing and that does the trick, whether it's cheap costume jewelry or my more expensive jewelry (like my pure sterling silver word necklaces and my pearls.) Of course, I never wear perfume, being so allergic, but you shouldn't put on your jewelry for at least a half hour if you just put on your makeup, lotion or put in hair products, especially if they're pearls!

    1. Hi Katie, glad you like them! I'm keeping them safe for special outings! I use a cloth but some jewellery is hard to clean as is has nooks. That is some great advice. I have some pearls but I havent worn them yet. I also sometimes sleep in my jewellery which I think does it no good! Bad Emma!! xx


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