Sunday, 28 October 2012

Autumn Saviours

Well, its cold in the UK.  Leaves are falling off the trees, and the skies are grey.  I had a nice surprise when my mum bought me some new (and very snuggly) slippers.  I'm also about to start using hot water bottles again... brrrr!

I thought I would share with you some of the products I have been using to try and combat the onset of winter.
Autumn lovelies (Lanolips, Weleda, L'occitane, Orly, By Terry

Lanolips Lovely Buttermilk Balm.  This stuff is amazing. Multipurpose and luxurious.  Seals your moisture into your skin, but without leaving a weird residue.  I have a detailed post coming up on this but for now check it out at (And you can use this code to get £5 or £100 off, and gain triple points this weekend and it's on a 3 for 2 on beauty products!!) Win!! (link!) (The codes are also on my new blog so check that out :)

Blistex (Which I forgot to photo so I'll have to do another post- or click the link if you are impatient!!) As much as I would love to use By Terry all the time (see below) It's slightly bulky to carry around every day and due to the price, I try to break up my usage by using other products every few days.  Also this means my body wont get used to the formula and compensate.  I was introduced to this product by the girls at Lipcote.  Its minty and my lips love it. (And you can use the same Boots code above!) £2.59 (link)

Weleda oil Body Oil is a great ay to seal the moisture into your skin before you wedge yourself into winter tights/boots/trouser/scarf/jackets.  Come spring or Christmas parties your skin will be perfect to show off with minimal prep!  Little goes a long way... (link)

Orly Cuticle Care Complex Brilliant bakewell tart smelling goodness for the nails- and Orly know a thing or two about them!  Costs around £10 but I have found it for under £8 on ebay with this seller.
Honey hand cream, Orly, By Terry...

Baume de Rose by Terry The By Terry front seems to be a bit quiet at the moment but this product still crops up every now and again.  It's a balm that can be used on dry skin and cuticles.  I have posted on it previously (link) but I use it mostly on my lips.  It lasts for ages, a little goes a long way and people often ask what product I'm wearing. My lips suffer a lot in the autumn, so this is a treat.  Further information at SpaceNK (link!) and I just noticed they have a little sale on!

Honey Hand Cream L'occitane.  I posted on this in July (link) including cheap links, so not much to say apart from I love this product.  None greasy, smells yummy and keeps my hands soft in the harsh climate.  Small enough to carry round at all times :) Love it.

What are your Autumn saviours? Any recommendations? Just shout if you want more info on anything :)

P.s. Don't forget to enter my Mac/Chanel giveaway- it's a close one, but still open!

(Disclaimer: I like the stuff I mention and bought all of it, bar the Lanolips but that has not affected by thoughts!)


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    1. Apparently I can remove content with one click- by accident :( Very sorry (Blogger- how about an 'are you sure' box before it deletes??!!)

      Little Rus Suggested Argan oil for use in autumn.

      Thank you and I will check this out! :) xx

  2. You seem to have great products here. I am interested in knowing more about the Lanolips Lovely Buttermilk Balm. I used to have dry skin. Do you think this is the one for me?

    1. Hi Emmy! Further post coming on the Lanolips- but its fab. I gave it to someone with Exzema to use.. posts on that. Hopefully this will help you to decided if it is worth trying! :) xx


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