Saturday, 17 November 2012

Lip Service: Overview 1 of my lipbalms and glosses.

I was looking for my Aveda Nourish-mint lipglaze (post on it here) and I realised, as I emptied my drawer, that I have a fair few lip glosses.  Sad thing is, I know these aren't all my lip glosses and balms.  I had a few in my handbag(s), and a couple by my computer by Rimmel, Bourjois, Illamasqua, Lancome, Carmex, Jelly Pong Pong.....  I know, I know, I only have one face.
Top: Estee Lauder, Victoria's Secret, Model's Own, Burt's Bees, Apivita. Second Row: Jemma Kidd, Barry M, PixiGlow, Clinique, Aveda, Carmex, Bodyshop, ByTerry and a Dior on the bottom!

Lipglosses are normally one of the cheapest things in a range, easy to pick up, persuade yourself you 'need' just one more lipgloss... I though I would take a few snaps and show you what I have.  I do try to purge my collection every now and again for hygienic reasons (no-one wants to ingest a 5 year old product now, do they!? *shudders*).  And no, I never share.
Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush collection colours: Candy Baby, Slice of Heaven, Juiced Berry, Taffy Go Lucky, Red Delicious, Yummy Berry, Mocktail Hour, Strawberry Fizz.  If you want more info on these then I found them on the US VS site (though the packaging is a bit different form my duty free haul).  $9 each or 4/$20.  Glosses 2, 4, 7 and 8 have shimmer in.
I don't tend to wear lipsticks and glosses together- too messy.  These are used on 'down days' of trips to the gym where I know I cant wear makeup (if I love my skin) but feel too under confident to wear nothing.  A tinted lip gloss or balm is the way forward!  They have also been useful in this past week where I have been blowing my nose so much that the skin chapped under my nose and on my upper lip.  Nice.

I also have long hair.  Long hair + sticky lipgloss = hair stuck to lips.  No.  Just.  No.

Ignore the rouge chubby stick! It sneaked in!
Left- Right: Jemma Kidd lip glosses in Orchid (it had orchid in the title but I cant remember and helpfully is down for maintenance.  It's been down for ages so hope it's back soon.
Estee Lauder Pure Pop lipgloss in Pink Cupcake.  It's pink and has iridescent glitter in it.  I think it has been discontinued, but good old ebay lucked out
Jemma Kidd High Shine lipgloss in Shell.  Gorgeous neutral shade with a bit of a thin shimmer (swatch post here)
Barry M Toffee lipgloss (number 10).  Standard blogger item.  Tastes great. Blue undertone, makes teeth look whiter (Boots link buy 1 get one half price) 
Pixi Glow Magic Tink Tint. Pink but reacts to your lip ph to create shade.  Previous post where Bagpuss investigates this product link! Similar to the Dior lip glow (also pictured) but slightly different.
Clinique chubby stick (not quite a gloss) and Aveda Nourish-mint lipglaze in cassia (the perfect autumn shade for me.

Some of my natural balms.
Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balms in Pink Blossom and Rose.
Apivita Blackcurrant lipbalm.   Post to follow on these I think!  Vegan, natural, great.
By Terry Baume de Rose.  I know I have mentioned this on the blog before.  SpaceNK Cult product, worth a look if your wallet is flush!! (link)
Body Shop Cranberry Lip balm.  Normally retails at Christmas, smells/tastes great and has a bit of festive gold shimmer.  One of only a few jar lip balms I'll buy (and the jars always remind me of being at school where everyone had a jar of dewberry lip balm and dewberry body spray)!  STOP PRESS: When looking this up to see if this year's incarnation is available, I saw that it is in a dome packaging!! No need to apply with fingers!  This makes me happy- no gooey, messy finger or unsanitary poking of germs onto lips with icky fingers while on the go!  It's Christmas in a lip balm for me! (Link)
Carmex (just poking into the picture- yellow tin).  This is great when my lips are chapped.  Cheaper than By Terry, tingles and gives my lips a hug.  Also comes in tubes (hurrah) and mint, strawberry, cherry and original flavours.

So there are *some* of my lip balms and glosses.  I think I will have to do a follow up with all the ones I didn't round up.  For a girl who doesn't wear them on a daily basis, I have quite a few.

Do you wear lip balms and glosses?  Is my collection normal?!  Any favourites?  Are collection posts interesting and do you want more?  Any recommendations?

If you want more info, just ask.  Hope you are having a great weekend!

(Discalimer: All purchased/personal gifts apart from Models Own, Apivita, Aveda and pixiglow glosses.  Mentioned as part of my collection and if I didnt like them they would have been donated to charity or thrown out by now!)

Friday, 16 November 2012

Lip Love: YSL GLossy Stain 4

I had high hopes for this product.  I introduce YSL's Glossy stain number 4 in Mauve Pigmente.  Mauves are my reach to shade- yes I know- another Mauve.  Stick with me though!
Even the packaging is shiny :)
I seem to put lips products on and they disappear within an hour or so.  Not the glossy stain.  It is a sort of gloss but combined with a lipstain (guess the clue is in the name).  It is pigmented and dries a little sticky but once 'set' it stays really well and lasts for an impressive amount of time.
It looks a little pinky but carry on reading....

The applicator can be used to apply a really strong cupids bow line, so no need for a liner (unless you want to use an Aveda clear liner to make an even sharper line).

One application is enough, but 2 or even 3 creates a darker stronger lip.  I've not been brave enough to wear the 3 shades lip outside yet.
Left with flash (which I think I overdid!) and natural light right.

Be warned though that this shade does dry a little darker than it first looks in the bottle.  I am not sure if all the shades dry darker, but it means I ended up with a little more darker vampy colour than intended- but it suits me so I'm happy that I went slightly out of my comfort zone!   Also a tip is to start at the centre of your lip and work outwards- otherwise you might end up with a darker splodge at the outer edges (like I did below in the pictures).  A quick q-tip soaked in bioderma will sort this.
No flash, flash! (Full face shots show my red, sore, flaky nose.  Silly winter cold!! Full face shot to follow!)

YSL Glossy stains are a little pricey at £22.50 BUT Debenhams currently has 10% off and 500 points on beauty if you spend over £40 so effectively it means you spend £35.  I bought mine as a Christmas treat, and picked up a few gifts at the same time :)  You can see the full range at Debenhams HERE

I love the Glossy Stains!  Do you have any or any similar products?  Do you stick to safe lip colours, or break out the brights?

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

OPI Orly Rimmel Nail polish dupe alert!

While browsing my nail polish collection in my state cold induced boredom, I discovered something.  I have lots of dark plum shades of nail polish.. I appear to have been drawn to purchase the same colour multiple times.  Shopper's memory block.  Introducing OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, Orly Naughty or Nice and Rimmel Black Cherries.

They are all seemingly the same colour, though quality is a little different.  And price.  So to save you guys making the same mistake I thought I'd share my triple purchase.
Orly, Rimmel, OPI L-R.  Top No flash, flash.

Orly Naughty or Nice  Mini mani 5.3ml £5 from Boots or £6.96 for full sized 18ml from this ebay seller.  Applies well, dries fairly quickly, free from nasty chemicals.  £0.39 per ml for 18ml bottle.  5.3ml bottle is more but I think currently on a 3 for 2 deal!

Rimmel Lasting Finish 193 Black Cherries £2.99 for 8ml from Boots (Currently on buy 1 get 1 half price).  Not sure about ingredients as the bottle is blank.  Thinner than the other two polishes so need a few coats.  £0.37 per ml

My photo minus flash didnt come out, but you can see the swatches above.
OPI Lincoln Park After Dark £11 for 15ml from Look Fantastic although I bought mine from Sally beauty in store.  Fairly thick, free from chemicals. £0.73 per ml

So, no surprise that the OPI is the most expensive.  It's hard to find in the UK but my recommendations are salons, ebay, Lena White (link although the picture shows a very strange coloured bottle! How is that the same polish as mine?!).  I think it is a lot cheaper in the US.  Rimmel and Orly are available more regularly in the high street in the UK, and I would ordinarily say you get what you pay for, but when I broke it down to price per ml, I realised that the prices weren't that different, yet Orly is the one I recommend.  The formulation is good, it dries in an acceptable time, the ingredients are on the bottle- so why pay nearly double for this colour from OPI?

I still like OPI (and have a number of polishes by them).  I like the unusual mixes and colours, though I would think again about buying regular colours from them at full price!

I hope this post has been useful to those of you who lust over OPI Lincoln Park After Dark- just nip to boots.

Note to self: Don't buy any more dark wine/purple polishes.

Do you have any dupe alerts for polishes?  Where do you buy yours from?  Does anyone else buy things, get home and realise it is exactly the same as what you already have?

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

10% off MAC: Mac Collection: Ramble: Update

If you read The Beauty Hack you'll have seen my post about Debenham's holding an event today- 10% off all beauty (link for those who like drooling over makeup/skincare)!  They are also offering free delivery to beauty card holders (code SHBC) and 500 points (£5) on a spend over £40- so  off I went to have a look and of course I ended up placing a few orders!  I'll update you when they come!

Mac Collection
I was looking at the MAC section and I have to say that the MAC collection  Glamour Daze caught my eye.  Soft colours, 60's inspired, golden hues- gorgeous and perfect for Autumn gloom!  I have cooled off recent MAC collections.  There was a time where I would sit on the website refreshing every few seconds on a collection release day, but now I think a little more carefully about purchasing limited edition items (but still end up purchasing a few...!).  I loved the "By Request' collection, bring back a few favourites- I hope they do that again!  It takes a while to test a product and find out if you like it (by which time it has sold out or removed from stores) re-promotes are always good!

Whisper of Gilt

This skinfinish caught my eye.  So sparkly, smooth, pretty... yes I am a magpie for sparkles!  So I wondered if any of you have purchased it?  Whisper of Gilt is an ironic name- my brain is saying 'buy it, buy it, buy it!' so I have renamed it Whisper of Glit, as in Glitter.  Everyone loves glitter for Christmas... maybe it is meant to be?!

Winter Colds suck.  I have come down with one badly int he last few days, so I'm applying Sudocrem to my nose to counteract the sore split skin from tissues.  I have also ready that a double dose of Zinc is supposed to scientifically help the body fight a cold, so I'm giving that a go!  If you have any cold rescues please let me know!  My throat is sore so I'm laying off the lemon juice!
Essential cold care nose treatment! It can sting, but boy does it help!

Blog changes: Just a note that after 3 and a bit years of this blog, I might be accepting one or two blog sponsors from now on- strictly monitored and only a handful per year.  Not sponsored reviews- that's just a paid review and that's not my style.  I speak my mind on here- always have and always will.  I always disclose samples, and will continue to disclose as per my B.I.T.E. and Handpicked Media memberships (read more about my thoughts/involvements/guidance for PR/blogger ethics HERE) (I always find it interesting to see which bloggers don't disclose..).  However these posts will just be my normal posts- my content, my choices- BUT with my time sponsored by (insert name/blogger/Url at end of post).  WHY? Because I spend a lot of time and money on my blog, 500 posts, several years, lots of giveaways and I have to get a life balance.  I'd love to blog more but I also have to work so I can eat (and buy a new lipstick every now and again....).  Also I want raise a bit of money for charity and so in the spirit of my blog, I will be carving of a potion and donating it at the end of the year.  (Apparently charity donations are down by up to a 3rd this year so if my little corner of the world can help then I'm game)!  I'll see what grabs my heart but initially the local hospice and the orphanage in Africa one of my family is a volunteer at.

So basically: same content, very few changes, a handful of posts might have a sponsor, disclosures still in place, vetted sponsors.  I'm testing the water so if you have any thoughts then feel free to email me or comment.  You don't have to read the byline of who sponsored the post, if you dont want.  I was just thinking of ways I can justify blogging more, while supporting a few good causes.

Giveaway Thanks for all your entries.  I have picked the winner and it was Georgia, so well done.  Email sent so check your inbox.  I LOVED reading all your comments and choices-Mac was the overall favourite.  I have a few more 'wants' on my fantasy makeup list!  If you didnt win this time, then stay tuned as I have some things I have been saving throughout the year for my annual Christmas giveaway!  Possibly the 12 days of Christmas giveaways... just wait and see!

Loving: (This is NOT sponsored by the way!!) this advert on tele- the 30 second mark "Let's make you into a unicorn"  I'm not advocating there is anything wrong with dogs, but a unicorn would be cool :)

Any updates, thoughts, cold cures, Mac collection thoughts- or Limted Edition products you wish would return?

Monday, 5 November 2012

Meanwhile on the other blogs...

Not everyone follows my other blogs or the other blogs I follow, so here is an update with some things I have enjoyed writing or reading recently! 
This is a random Furby for no reason other than it looks sweet. Apparently they are in for Christmas this year.

Liparazzi wrote on the latest Clarins collection- which looks beautiful.  I love Laura's blog- it has great design, fashion and makeup purchases!

5 foot 10:
Model tips link, Winter Hats link, Sam Edleman Dupes link.

The Beauty Hack:
Free Maybelline Foundation Link, Free beauty magazine Link,  50% off benefit makeup link, and how to fix a broken nail link.

Tali (Former Gloss Goss) showed us the beauty of a good winter coat and a Chanel Lipstick Link

I havent watched an All That Glitter's video in ages- Elle and Blair just go a bit too big- they were launching their own Glitzy Glam collection, then fashion, books, phone cases etc etc and I wanted to see things other than that.  That said I stumbled on their website (wow has that changed!) and found this video of 'Getting ready with Elle'  It's brave to show yourself without makeup- but I thought it was a really nicely made video and interesting. Youtube Link

I was glad to see a return to blogging by Tina (All the Vanity) with some interesting products (link) and also enjoyed Caroline (AKA The Beauty Mouth) wishing her son a happy 21st- love the family pantene advert! (link)

Finally (for now though there are many blogs I read and enjoy via bloglovin and blogger) I loved reading about Roger the puppy on Laura's blog ( for those under a rock).

What have you enjoyed reading recently?
P.s My lipstick vote/competition ends shortly so enter here to try and win Chanel or Mac.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Pointless Beauty?

I came across these today- I cant remember how or why... but they are weirdly odd.  And a little expensive.  But hypnotically beautiful.  A-Morir lace glasses.  They sort of look futuristic, lady Gaga designed and well- possibly not much use.  Imagine getting a sunburn with them on....

It got me thinking to expensive things that are actually not functional but everyone jumps on the bandwagon- then you get it home and find it doesnt really work that well.  For me it was probably a home wax roller kit.  Smooth legs, no salon trips, save money- be like the girl in the picture who has a great smile as she skips and hops around New York in a silk pink skirt that graces her smooth and fuzz free legs.....   It was the kind you put the wax in a pot, put some boiling water in another pot, then put wax pot into water pot, screw together and 'rollerball' the melted wax on your legs. 

I ended up with boiling water and wax mixed together (I think the pots melted), the applicator was too hot to hold, yet if you let it cool the wax cooled too much to use.  The pots also didn't screw together correctly so when you turned it upside down the water dripped onto your skin...

Surprisingly this didn't actually remove much hair... the 'system' is now recycled into pencils or whatever plastic is made into.  Utter FAIL!

So come on, what things have you bought that have been an utter fail- yet seem SOOOOOO good when in the shop/online/blogger or YT raves??

(P.s. my mac or chanel giveaway closes very soon- some great comments so far!)

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