Tuesday, 13 November 2012

10% off MAC: Mac Collection: Ramble: Update

If you read The Beauty Hack you'll have seen my post about Debenham's holding an event today- 10% off all beauty (link for those who like drooling over makeup/skincare)!  They are also offering free delivery to beauty card holders (code SHBC) and 500 points (£5) on a spend over £40- so  off I went to have a look and of course I ended up placing a few orders!  I'll update you when they come!

Mac Collection
I was looking at the MAC section and I have to say that the MAC collection  Glamour Daze caught my eye.  Soft colours, 60's inspired, golden hues- gorgeous and perfect for Autumn gloom!  I have cooled off recent MAC collections.  There was a time where I would sit on the website refreshing every few seconds on a collection release day, but now I think a little more carefully about purchasing limited edition items (but still end up purchasing a few...!).  I loved the "By Request' collection, bring back a few favourites- I hope they do that again!  It takes a while to test a product and find out if you like it (by which time it has sold out or removed from stores) re-promotes are always good!

Whisper of Gilt

This skinfinish caught my eye.  So sparkly, smooth, pretty... yes I am a magpie for sparkles!  So I wondered if any of you have purchased it?  Whisper of Gilt is an ironic name- my brain is saying 'buy it, buy it, buy it!' so I have renamed it Whisper of Glit, as in Glitter.  Everyone loves glitter for Christmas... maybe it is meant to be?!

Winter Colds suck.  I have come down with one badly int he last few days, so I'm applying Sudocrem to my nose to counteract the sore split skin from tissues.  I have also ready that a double dose of Zinc is supposed to scientifically help the body fight a cold, so I'm giving that a go!  If you have any cold rescues please let me know!  My throat is sore so I'm laying off the lemon juice!
Essential cold care nose treatment! It can sting, but boy does it help!

Blog changes: Just a note that after 3 and a bit years of this blog, I might be accepting one or two blog sponsors from now on- strictly monitored and only a handful per year.  Not sponsored reviews- that's just a paid review and that's not my style.  I speak my mind on here- always have and always will.  I always disclose samples, and will continue to disclose as per my B.I.T.E. and Handpicked Media memberships (read more about my thoughts/involvements/guidance for PR/blogger ethics HERE) (I always find it interesting to see which bloggers don't disclose..).  However these posts will just be my normal posts- my content, my choices- BUT with my time sponsored by (insert name/blogger/Url at end of post).  WHY? Because I spend a lot of time and money on my blog, 500 posts, several years, lots of giveaways and I have to get a life balance.  I'd love to blog more but I also have to work so I can eat (and buy a new lipstick every now and again....).  Also I want raise a bit of money for charity and so in the spirit of my blog, I will be carving of a potion and donating it at the end of the year.  (Apparently charity donations are down by up to a 3rd this year so if my little corner of the world can help then I'm game)!  I'll see what grabs my heart but initially the local hospice and the orphanage in Africa one of my family is a volunteer at.

So basically: same content, very few changes, a handful of posts might have a sponsor, disclosures still in place, vetted sponsors.  I'm testing the water so if you have any thoughts then feel free to email me or comment.  You don't have to read the byline of who sponsored the post, if you dont want.  I was just thinking of ways I can justify blogging more, while supporting a few good causes.

Giveaway Thanks for all your entries.  I have picked the winner and it was Georgia, so well done.  Email sent so check your inbox.  I LOVED reading all your comments and choices-Mac was the overall favourite.  I have a few more 'wants' on my fantasy makeup list!  If you didnt win this time, then stay tuned as I have some things I have been saving throughout the year for my annual Christmas giveaway!  Possibly the 12 days of Christmas giveaways... just wait and see!

Loving: (This is NOT sponsored by the way!!) this advert on tele- the 30 second mark "Let's make you into a unicorn"  I'm not advocating there is anything wrong with dogs, but a unicorn would be cool :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xao1o8ARRnQ

Any updates, thoughts, cold cures, Mac collection thoughts- or Limted Edition products you wish would return?

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