Monday, 5 November 2012

Meanwhile on the other blogs...

Not everyone follows my other blogs or the other blogs I follow, so here is an update with some things I have enjoyed writing or reading recently! 
This is a random Furby for no reason other than it looks sweet. Apparently they are in for Christmas this year.

Liparazzi wrote on the latest Clarins collection- which looks beautiful.  I love Laura's blog- it has great design, fashion and makeup purchases!

5 foot 10:
Model tips link, Winter Hats link, Sam Edleman Dupes link.

The Beauty Hack:
Free Maybelline Foundation Link, Free beauty magazine Link,  50% off benefit makeup link, and how to fix a broken nail link.

Tali (Former Gloss Goss) showed us the beauty of a good winter coat and a Chanel Lipstick Link

I havent watched an All That Glitter's video in ages- Elle and Blair just go a bit too big- they were launching their own Glitzy Glam collection, then fashion, books, phone cases etc etc and I wanted to see things other than that.  That said I stumbled on their website (wow has that changed!) and found this video of 'Getting ready with Elle'  It's brave to show yourself without makeup- but I thought it was a really nicely made video and interesting. Youtube Link

I was glad to see a return to blogging by Tina (All the Vanity) with some interesting products (link) and also enjoyed Caroline (AKA The Beauty Mouth) wishing her son a happy 21st- love the family pantene advert! (link)

Finally (for now though there are many blogs I read and enjoy via bloglovin and blogger) I loved reading about Roger the puppy on Laura's blog ( for those under a rock).

What have you enjoyed reading recently?
P.s My lipstick vote/competition ends shortly so enter here to try and win Chanel or Mac.


  1. I love the pic of the Furby Em! lol! Ging to check out these posts you have been enjoying!



    Em's Mixed Bag

    1. The Furby is so cute! Thanks! Hope you are well xx

  2. Enjoted reading this-and the kirby image!
    I have been loving P0lar milk- google her shes a fab blogger- youtuber. Hope you are well lady!


    1. Hi Lovely! Thanks for the recommendation- I'll check her blog and yt out! Hope you are well xx


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