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Topic Post: Hair Removal for party season [Sponsored Topic Post]

I mentioned a while back that I might accept one or two sponsored topic posts in the future.  Just to be clear, I never accept money to write positive things about a product or service- that would be lying.  I always tell the truth and my blogger/media affiliations vouch for that.  From time to time I might accept a commission on this blog- that is a little bit of pocket money to write a general topic article- one which I might write anyway regardless of sponsorship.  I invest a lot of time and money into this blog, buying products, visiting venues etc so being able to put something back into the pot is always a bonus.  As always, all words are my own, all views are my own.  Nothing will sway this.

Hair Removal.
Smooth, toned, supple skin... I can dream right? (Oh and the sun looks pretty inviting too!  The UK is freezing!)
With the Christmas party season being in full swing, most women suddenly find themselves faced with a dress-to-impress event.  Skin that has been hidden under 20 layers of jumpers, tights and trousers will be thrust into view- this terrifies me for two reasons.  Dry skin and hair removal preparation!

Why is it us women in the UK feel the need to remove all (well most!) hair on their bodies?  Travel some countries and it doesn't seem to bother the native women, but in the UK and US there seems to be a big thing about women having hairy legs or arms.  Men are fine, but women seem to be viewed as grubby with stubbly legs.

Looking back through history, there seems to be a change during the age of liberated vintage pin-up drawings.  Women with perfect corseted figures and smooth, dainty legs.  No-one every draws stubbly legs!!  Prior to that women were stuck in bloomers and long dresses- showing leg or even ankles was a taboo act!  You remember Mr Darcy?! Seeing a women's ankle would have meant she was a harlot!!
Benefit Bathina- great pinup inspired leg 'sheen' for a festive glow!

 Of course, hair does have advantages- its supposed to help keep us warm and keep bacteria off the skin, but evolution has undoubtedly left variations on this.  I think it boils down to men being the hairy caveman who makes fire, and women wanting to be clearly distinguished from the neaderthals.. Well maybe not on the surface, but deep down there must be some substance in that thought?

Nowadays its easy, if not time consuming, to remove hair.  Depending on the growth and density, methods can be slightly painful, but normally last from a few days to a few months.

My home use hair removal tales....
  • Razors are easily available (unless you're under 16 in which case you might need a supervising adult to buy them for you- seriously!!), just remember to use shaving gel OR the cheaper alternative of hair conditioner.  Both work well to ease blade friction and reduce 'razor burn'. Ouch!  And never shave in a hurry. Unless you want to end up looking a bit like Christina A with her self-tan malfunction....
  • Hair Removal Cream: Normally smells quite very odd and can be a bit messy.  Just burns through the hair- so careful not to fall asleep with it on- or mistake it for deep treating leave on hair conditioner (though I have heard of a scorned woman treating her cheating husband to this 'speacial hair conditioner....'....)
Adding Aloe Vera Gel to skin post treatments can help soothe and reduce redness.

  • Home Wax strips/Kits.  I have never really got on with these. Lord knows I've tried.  The pre-waxed strips are normally set hard and require heating a little between your hands.  Cue lots of rubbing hands together, missing some patches, placing strips on and mentally preparing yourself to rip it off... only to find it only half works.  I tried a kit once- the one where you put wax in a rollerball thingy, then place hot water in another container, place the roller ball thingy inside then apply onto your skin, place cotton sheets on it and rip- confused?!  I ended up with a mixture of hot water and wax on my legs, ran out of strips and then found the hot wax had leaked all over my "really nice and now not-so-fluffy' dressing gown.  That kit is now recycled into pencils or some more useful then a mensa mind challenge beauty product.
  • Electronic Epilator.  It looks like a medieval torture instrument- and the one I had was pretty loud, which meant people I lived with asked what on earth I was doing.... *cue red face*.  It literally rips the hair out at speed from the root. You have to glide it over the desired areas- I was never brave enough to use on anywhere other than my legs.  It hurt- though the freezer pack did help.  Though I liked not having to wait for 4-6 weeks growth before using it (unlike waxing).

My preferred method for legs is salon waxing- only it adds up in cost and you have to go on a regular basis so that you get every hair growing at the same rate- so there is a little bit of 'growth' towards the end.  Inevitable I end up with a razor most days.  Can be quick, last a few days and doesnt require traveling (I generally use this razor).  I LOVE having my eyebrows threaded.  Depending on various times of the month the process goes from pain free to YOUCH! So take this into account when you book.  The results are long lasting and clean cut- this is a middle eastern technique which can be used all over the body.

I have never tried Sugaring or Laser Hair Removal.  I have heard various reports on the painfulness of both but that Laser Hair Removal is the only process which eventually kills the hair root meaning no more shaving/plucking/waxing etc.  Sounds good!!
Don't forget to detox after all your 'dress-to-impress' Christmas parties!  Although dancing in high heels is supposed to be a good work out so don't feel too guilty about skipping the gym the morning after!

So my question to you is, what method do you use, and do you have any tips?

This topic post has been sponsored by Urbana Hair Removal at

Coming up: Huge Clothes Show Haul (just see the Instagram photos (username computergirl200), Topshop makeup haul, Mac Haul, Apivita goodies, Christmas Giveaway(s), Alpha H, Murad... Christmas!

Disclaimer: As stated this post has been sponsored by Urbana.  That is to say my time has been compensated.  No positive review has been bought


  1. Electronic epilators are getting common these days, most people can't afford to get laser hair removal treatment so they rely on these products.

    1. There are pros and cons- I have known people get a course of laser hair removal and never have to have any other hair removal ever- instead of buying lots of razors. Epilators are good too but can be painful. It depends what you find personally :)

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