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Week in Instagram & The Clothes Show 2012!

Well, this is new for me!  I'm on Instagram!  I took a long time to join,  but if you want to follow then my user name is computergirl200.  Original, I know!  The same name as my twitter!  Let me know if you are on there!

My Instagram pictures!

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It's hard to show these pictures in full- in fact these are chopped down versions of what is on Instagram.

I'm not sure if you like these posts- I always enjoy seeing them.  Perhaps you could let me know if you'd like to see more instagram posts?

The Clothes Show
I was up at 6am yesterday to make the opening of The Clothes Show in Birmingham.  It's running the 7th-12 December at the NEC and is well worth a visit.  I have lots of news to share, interviews hauls, pictures.. but I thought I would share a few tips for anyone heading there in the next few days.  I have been before and on balance I think I liked this year a bit more- it seems to have more useful things going on, and a bit more space to move about.  Some good brands and deals (more on that at the end!);
  • Wear flat shoes- or ones you can walk miles in.  I saw many a young girl holding her shoes in her hands throughout the day!  Barefoot and crowds do not mix!
  • There are a few offers and vouchers for tickets so do an Internet search before you buy.  This might leave you with more spending money ;)  Students/UCAS get 20% off tickets!
  • The show guide (map) comes with a wristband that gets you lots of discounts.  Best thing is to get your guide (£8 unfortunately) and sit in the coffee or wine enclosure whilst having a quick read.  There are lots of show exclusives in the guide, which some people don't read until the train ride home (d'oh!).
  • Food outlets are there but if you are watching the pennies, head to the Zest and Company stands, buy there goodie bags for £3 (possibly £2 if at the end!) and you will find several healthy and not so healthy snacks AND drinks in them (as well as beauty goodies- which will make great stocking fillers)!
Waiting for the first fashion show to start.  Loved the themes and the dancers were great.

  • Don't just head to the 'main' high street brands (New Look, Miss Selfridge, Oasis, Rimmel, Paul's Boutique, Lee Stafford etc.  It's amazing what you will find tucked round each corner.  I love the handmade sections and Anita's Vintage Fair (including Oxfam vintage stall).  It's amazing what individual and unique items you can pick up.  Perfect for gifts too!
  • The main catwalk is good- and you never know who is going to be making an appearance.  However there are a few other stages inside the hall.  I managed to see the lovely Liberty London Girl talking about Blogging and answering a live Q and A.  There are also talks for writers and bloggers, educational incite talks for those wanting to know more about studying in the fashion industry (plus lots of information stands), trend alerts, talks on healthy modelling (including "All walks beyond the catwalk'- more on that later), catwalk school, goodie bag giveaways, make-up an hair demos and much more.  (Don't miss Rachel Wood on the Style Studio stage!)
  • Various celebrities and industry experts are there throughout the show, but some are only there for one day only so check the clothes show website for the latest up to date information.
  • After the show closes, pop long to hall 3A for the World Duty Free sale.  Free entry :) Open till late!
  • Yes, there are fashion scouts and searches for 'the face of...' campaigns, but don't wear ultra skinny outfits and a face caked in makeup.  I lost count of the number of people I saw wearing evening makeup- it makes it look like you are hiding lots.  Let your natural beauty shine through so the scouts can see what they have to work with!
I have to give a big mention to the lovely Georgie (Dreams that Glitter and owner of Beau_xoxo) who is a fellow blogger.  She hand makes beautiful items (which I have indulged in) so pop over to her stand for a Blogger's Discount!  Also the guys at Little Black Dress, Carmex, Sleek and Model's Own are great (with great exclusive deals too!).  Don't forget to say I sent you ;)
Georgie's beautiful stand! B43 and I love her outfit (and her nails were fab!)

I have much more to follow but I thought I would share a few tips for those visiting and follow it up with haul posts very soon!  I'm back on Monday so if you will be there then let me know!  Anyone else been or have any tips?


  1. Glad you had a good day! I'm sorry I couldn't stay and meet you! I was a bit overwhelmed, hungry and laden with bags by 12.30pm and I had a loooong drive home! I think if I went again I'd definitely get a show guide! x

    1. Yes, it was a shame to miss you- my arms hurt lots too! I "almost' look my suitcase with me but wimped out. Next time...! xx

  2. thankyou for this! im going on tuesday and ive never been before so this was soo helpful! could you put up a picture of what you bought?xx

    1. Hi Lucy, I have instagrammed a picture of some of the purchases... but I will be posting on several of the products :) xx

    2. Hope you had a good trip! Let me know what you bought! x


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