Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Festive Update!

I had meant to blog before Christmas during the holidays, but sad to say I got flu- so I finished work, had Christmas Day and then.... Bed rest!  4 days in bed, my muscles hurt so much!!  I'm not quite recovered but on the mend.  I'm going through tissues like wildfire!  Anyways, I have lots of share I just need to find time!
My new diary! It's so pretty!
 So HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I  hope you all had a fantastic night (I just slept and coughed- anyone got an advance on that?!)  Normally I dont go in for resolutions at New Year as it is very hard to keep them (dark days, cold weather etc), but I am feeling a bit uplifted to detox and become healthy.  I also want to improve my outlook, organisation and approach to things.  I'll admit that I have become very stressed and a bit down in the past month.  Things really got on top of me- it seems everyone has an agenda, puts pressure on you- or their own stresses.  I am sure that this contributed to me being run down.  I'm not someone to normally get stressed - not going into specifics here but time to move on, strengthen, grow :)

I have been asked to do a Christmas gift post... as Laura (aka Lollipop26) said.. these are like car crashes.. but you can' look away.  If you have done one of these posts please let me know in the comments!
What's in the bag?....

I also did a little sale shopping (and did a post about it here if you want to see what I spotted online) and I still have some things from the clothes show to post about.  I wish I could post lots of exciting pre and post Christmas party photographs, but that didn't happen!

More to say on these- I did wear them pre Christmas flu!
So any updates from you guys?  How did you spend New Year?  Any good Christmas gifts or sales hauls?  Any 'pick me up after a cold' secrets?!  Happy New Year- let's make 2013 a good one!!


  1. I would love to see a christmas present post. :) I hope you feel better soon and Happy New Year. x

    1. Thank you! You too! You've been poorly too :( Present post... in the pipeline! xx

  2. Happy new year! I love that diary. Hope you feel better soon :) x

    1. Thank you! My mum spotted it for me! It's getting filled with to-do lists! xx

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