Friday, 4 January 2013

The Christmas present post!

By popular demand....!  The car crash post!  I haven't photographed everything but here are a few of the things I had for Christmas.  My family is fairly small, and we try not to overdo things at Christmas.  This isn't a brag post- we all try to shop very carefully and do not mind second hand books, charity shop gifts and so forth.  Helps money go further and helps a charity.  Also allows you to splash on something special.  No Mulberry bags, Louboutin shoes or iphone 5's here ;)
Gudrun Truffles
 These truffles are light, melt in your mouth- I'd certainly recommend them! (Amazon link)  Not one's I had tried before but worth looking out for!
A heavy big book!

A sewing a craft book (link).  I am hoping to do a bit more crafting this year.. possibly.. it's just finding the time and the right projects! 
Neal's Yard :)
Foot Balm, face wash and hand wash.  I havent used these yet (apart from the hand wash several years back) but I will probably post on them in the future :)

Pretty stripes!
 Hand made fingerless glove mits.  So soft and warm.  Perfect for driving and protecting my hands!

 Now, if you don't know who Simon's Cat is... then you need to visit Youtube!  Needless to say, this will be gracing my wall for 2013!

 Purple scarf, bear ear warmer headband, Debenhams voucher.. (Hmm what to buy... which department?!), a Meercat puzzle (I love meercats!), a penguin umbrella.  Penguin's are pretty inspiring... especially emperor penguins... they stand for months in the cold, share parenting duties, trek for several weeks to bring back food... (I saw a documentary on baby snow animals before Christmas!)

Lush butterball and comforter.  I love lush's ethics and these are items I have used before.  I break up the comforter into 5 or 6 pieces, crumble it into running bath water and voila a giant bubble bath!  I keep my lush things in a drawer and sealed tube- but I have seen others use clingfilm to keep the items fresh.  The butterball is great for anyone who has dry or problem skin (allergic reactions, psoriasis, eczema etc) so if you are usure about fragrances then the butterball is one to try in your bath!

And that is all I am sharing at the moment!  I still have hauls from pre Christmas, clothes show haul and sales shopping to share.  People tend to leave me to buy my own gifts (which is fine)!

Have you done a present post?  What did you get?  Put your links below so I can see what you were lucky enough to receive!


  1. You got some lovely stuff, those truffles look delicious. How was your Christmas? Long time no speak xx

  2. I would love to learn how to sew. Hope we'll see some of your projects on the blog soon :)

  3. Great stuff - I also love Lush products. I take long, hot bubble baths, and my skin gets so dry in the winter time as soon as I get out of the tub. I like that the butter ball is also moisturizing and really won't dry out your skin for those of us that like to soak for a period of time. It's hard to have beautiful skin in the winter time - thanks for the post!


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