Monday, 18 February 2013

Life Update, Stress, Energy, Organisation and Supplements

Where have I been?  Well this past week saw an accumulation of a large work project I've seen through from start to finish involving about several hundred people.  It went well, I was fairly happy and now resting a bit before doing the 'scrub-up' meeting.  This has dominated my life for the past few months so it's weird that it's over, but nice to have a bit of time to sit down and return to normal life... and BLOG!
My 'To-do' lists had "Write 'To-do' lists on it....!!

As you can imagine, I have had to do a lot of organising, planning, scheduling, time management, budget planning while trying to foresee any problems- and also deal with lots of random problems that have popped up along the way (things that you couldn't dream up)!!  I have not had the time to get sick (hence my week off at Christmas was dominated by flu).  One of the worst things about being this busy is stress and adrenaline- it's deadly and kills your immune system.  You have no time to relax, so you just keep going and going... and when you do have an hour or so before bed, you run through all the problems or uncompleted tasks and end up using up all your adrenaline and sleeping badly.

I thought I would be in a good position to share with you now some of the things I have found useful for getting through this mammoth time!  I love reading posts like this so I hope you'll find it a good read!  I'll hopefully elaborate on a few of these things in time- whether you just need aids to cope with day to day life- or are organising a big work project, birthday party- even wedding ... then I hope these tips help!
My Topshop handbag pre-packed and ready to go in the morning!

You'd be amazing at how much time we waste trying to find something- especially when suddenly under pressure.  Keep your handbag packed with essentials in there ready to grab and go!  Keep your room and desk tidy.  Tidy Space, tidy mind.

Get a Diary and/or agenda.  Write out a daily list of tasks and tick them off.  Make sure you write things down because as you get busier your brain will forget things.  Spending time trying to remember things you've forgotten, is in fact a big waste of time.  I can write a little on task management, but remember that LUNCH is important and to factor it in.  In general, time management is a biggie as it's lack of time that leads us to be too busy to rest, eat, sort emergency tasks out etc. 

My Filofax! I might post on this if you want?

On the go?  You need energy.  You cant expect optimum cruising on little or no fuel.  I banned coffee, drunk plenty of water (this helps brain function), ate plenty of fruit for hydration (also excellent for hydrating skin), hit the porridge and oats for slow release energy.  Soup is great for a quick lunch pick me up- it's hot and nourishing.  I quite like Yu! foods (link) for handbag snacks- blueberry pieces are yummy!

Yes, I have joined the supplements gang.  I was flagging a lot and have been amazed by several things.  This B12 vitamin spray is not cheap- however B12 is notoriously difficult to absorb from foods and tablets that slide through the gut.  For those of us not able to get B12 injections in Harley Street then try this yummy spray (apricot flavour).  Spritz under the tongue daily and your body will absorb it gently- perking up your energy levels.  I have really noticed the difference.  I have a post planned for the other supplements and things I take and why- but if you are feeling very sluggish, then give this a go.  (I ordered from Victoria health (link) and it came the next day!
B12 Boost Oral spray for energy (tastes of apricot!)
Easier said than done.  Empty your mind onto paper so it doesn't bug you.  I found that I cant just sit watching TV- I have to be researching and things SO the best relaxation I had was a hot stone massage and a visit to my Osteopath.  I physically couldn't be at my desk, phone, computer etc.  I had to relax.  All my tense muscles were relaxed, my posture improved, boosting my circulation (which aided my energy and productivity)!  The gym is also a good aid!  Remember when tired our problems seem much bigger and our ability to rationalise and cope diminishes!

I set myself a few goals and this to look forward to for after the project.  The first thing I had to do was have a filling- but then I was so tired I almost fell asleep (unheard of!).  I have a voucher for a spa visit to use up, and bought a few little treats (magazines) to read.  I do have a few trips planned  so it's help me keep perspective.
Hot stone massage- if you haven't had one then you haven't lived...!

Such a small thing, but the best thing I did was smile and laugh- even when things were really tough.  It relaxed the muscles and reduces stress,  If people are relying on you, you need to be strong- not frowning at them all the time!  Find your quiet moment to worry, but then smile and be grateful for something each day.  Don't be over critical or negative.  Give yourself a pat on the back for the good things and don't forget to tick them off on your 'to-do' list!

I have a few other posts on organisation and time management to come but these are just a few points to get started on a topic I haven't touched for a while.  

What are your ways of coping with stress, lack of energy and organisation chaos?  Do you take any supplements?  Would a post on that be useful?

P.s. I just watched the Burberry London Fashion Week catwalk for AW 13 and the good news is.. sensible shoes, floaty heart dresses and nice macs- check them out here (link) though most of us will only dream of paying the price tags!  Still, Anna Wintour looked nice :)

Disclaimer: All items were bought by me and mentioned because I like them :)


  1. I got recently an agenda and it really works!! It feels much better to be organized, makes everything more easy!!

    1. I love keeping an agenda- I just have to remember to use it! xx

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