Sunday, 24 February 2013

New products, discontinued, Limited Edition & Haul (and feet!)

Can you guess which ones match which parts of the post title?
Haul, Limited Edition, New products and Discontinued- which is which?

Firstly, I have heard that DIOR are pulling the cult highlighter 'Amber Diamond' this spring.  I'm quite upset at this as it is a gorgeous product.  You can see my FOTD, swatches etc using this HERE.  I hope that it is just being repackaged and not permanently pulled.  It's one of my staple items and can be used to highlight cheeks, eyes, lips, nose- as well as doubling as an eyeshadow.  The various stripes make a lovely palette.  Only availble at local counters while stocks last :(
Going, Going... *sigh*

Bioderma is coming to the UK- From Friday 1st March you will be able to buy it for £9.99 on or you can pop into their store (50-54 Wigmore Street, London) to buy it in person today!  Well it is the Queen's Pharmacist- maybe she'll use Bioderma?!  If you want to read my thoughts on Bioderma micellar water the see my previous posts here!
I always purchase this when abroad- now I wont have to!

Lush have some lovely limited edition things in for Easter and mother's day.  I stopped by the other day and picked up Brightside (link)- a citrus version of 'The comforter (link).  Just crumble a small bit under the running water as you draw a bath (does anyone draw bath's these days?), and then wait for the bubbles and relaxing fragrance.  Brightside has tangerine oil in it- smells wonderful.  I normally break these into 5 or 6 pieces- a little goes a long way- and at £4.25 each it's good to spread it out a little!  (Warning- if you crumble the entire thing into your bath, you will create a scene directly out of home alone... the bubble monster invasion...)
Creamy Candy (left) and Brightside (right).

I also picked up a Creamy Candy- smells suitably sweet, contains real cake decorations (link).  Again it's a bubble bar but only costs £2.50 so a cheaper alternative.  As will all lush items, it;s vegan friendly!

Hello baby lips!  Lush Mint Julips scrub!

While there I also picked up a lip scrub in Mint (Mint Julips).  At £5.25 it's a little more than I would like to pay- and I know it would be simple to make one.  However I have never tried Lush's lip scrubs so I wanted to see if they were worth it.  It gently removed dead lip skin (something I suffer from lots in winter) and revives lips pre lipstick!  It works, but its a little messy- not something to use on the go!  I used to have one from The Body Shop that was in a chapstick format (lipscuff).  I prefer this for application though it didn't taste as nice!  Lush also gave me a sample of R&B conditioner for my hair- apparently you leave it on as a serum while you dry you hair.  I'll let you know how I get on (If you have tried it, let me know in the comments?

Incidentally The Body Shop have an offer on relating to the number of products you buy (10% off for 2-3, 20% off for 4-5, 30% off for 5-7, 40% off for 8-9 and buy 10 or more and get 50% off IF you use to the code STAR.  I didn't pop into the store the other day but wanted the check out the new collection as it looks good- I have heard good things about the BB cream?  Do you have any recommendations?

On my shopping day, I picked up a new Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in the colour 08 Grandest Grape from House of Fraser- I love my recognition points and they had a bonus time offer- buy two products and gain a goodie bag.  Always worth it!  PLUS Clinique and House of Fraser are currently donating £2 from each lipstick of lipgloss sale to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Cancer 'Kiss It Better' campaign.  You can read more about it using this link

As you can see, it's a blue toned mid red colour.  I like these for their application and packaging.  Easy to apply in a hurry, long lasting and moisturising so well worth the £16 price tag.

On a slightly different note, I'm on instagram (@computergirl200 give me a follow/comment and I'll follow your instagram).  Anyway, this popped up in my feed.  Nice shoes from the recent London Fashion Week (I mentioend the Burberry show in my last post).  However my initial reaction was... the feet!! Oh my people, the feet!!  Yes the shoes look pretty, but look at the feet?!  Bruised, battered, wonky toes, corns, hammer toes... any podiatrist would shudder. 


Source: Fashionclimaxx2 Instagram Link

So that's a sort of beauty round up- what new releases are you excited about?  Which items do you hope they will never discontinue?  Any recent hauls/purchases?  Link me to them!


  1. I love the Lush bath bombs, I never thought to break them up - one is too much for my small bath so that's a geat idea to make them last longer!
    I hope that CoverGirl Lash Blast Fusion is never discontinued. It's my go to mascara and I have become so attached to it!

    1. I always break mine up- they invade the bathroom if not- plus they can get a bit strong sceneted if not! I havent tried that mascara, but I keep hearing about it! Must make a note to try it when Ive used up a few! xx

  2. I can't believe Amber Diamond is being discontinued, what are they thinking?!

    Sarah xx

  3. Who cares about the shoes? Look at THE FEET? *shudder* You wonder why I wear flats and trainers and own one pair of heels. THAT is why (well and my muscle issues.) *shudder* I think I need to wash my brain from that image. So disgusting. Icky icky yuck yuck.

    In fact, I think I will go pamper my feet tonight just because of this.

    1. Hi Katie,
      I was going to email you to see how you are! Sorry to share that image with you! I think Im going to do the same! I hope you are well apart (apart from the feet!!). How is the weather where you are? xx

    2. Cold. Very, very, very COLD. It's also been snowing! It's crazy! It's like, "Um, Mother Nature, it's spring now. Can I have the sun? Possibly some heat? I'm really tired of it being 20 degrees here." You can't wear dresses in the cold, seriously.

      Sorry if I've been a little silent though! Life has been pulling me everywhere. I'm more busy on Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram than on blogs. Comment? Me? I have no time anymore! I have my ballet video to do (sometimes I slack off, but it really does help me), I'm pestered by Zena, I usually have to pick up my brother (got my license again), I have's insane! If I have time, it's Facebook or Instagram.

      It's really funny as sometimes I feel like I have all of the time in the world, and sometimes I feel like I need more hours in the day (or night, as it were as I'm such a night owl now.)

  4. Lush's Brightside looks amazingg, the colours are gorgeous!! Yeah I recently did a haul post here is you're interested! xx

    1. It's great- I love it! Yes sure I'll take a look! Thanks xx


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