Friday, 15 March 2013

How to import your blogger dashboard / GFC to Bloglovin

Just a quick post.  Google are discontinuing Google Reader on July 1st (a great way of following blogs/websites)- this is very much connected to GFC (Google friend connect), and I highly suspect there will be some changes to this service too.  A great alternative is Bloglovin, a simple subscription application that is very much like the blogger dashboard.  The BEST bit is that you can IMPORT your Blogger dashboard/Google reader subscriptions with 2-3 clicks of a mouse.  Simply
    Follow on Bloglovin
  1. click this link
  2. Sign into Bloglovin if you haven't already!
  3. Click 'Google Reader'
  4. Click 'Import from Google Reader'
  5. Click 'Allow Access'
  6. Done!  All your subs are imported in bloglovin which is great if you have spent years building up brilliant blogs on your blogger dashboard and reader!

Bloglovin also have a great app so you can read the blogs on your ipad/iphone/generic computer device.  Hurrah!

There are. of course, other ways to follow blogs- Google + is a start (although I havent quite figured it out), Facebook, Hello Cotton, Twitter, Instagram- Computergirl200, email subscription.... and I'm sure there are other ways!

Google- i'm not sure what you are trying to prove, but my dashboard has never worked properly, and now you delete the reader... I know it is a free service BUT without users you don't exist.  Would it hurt to ask us what we think?

How do you follow blogs?  Share your tips and advice!



  1. Replies
    1. No problem. Thank you for saying thank you :) xx

  2. I like Bloglovin and I've been using it much more than Google Reader all the time, but it's great to know this. I had no idea, thanks for sharing! May I share it on my blog? I'll link to your blog, of course.
    Hope you're well. xx

    1. Absolutely- sure :0 Its good to back up the blogs you follow anyway, just in case! I'm getting there thanks :) xx


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