Tuesday, 23 April 2013

5 Things: Take 5

My take on '5 Things I'm loving right now' to share with you :) 'Take 5'.  Inspired name I know!

Daffodils in bloom around the UK.  Bright colours and signs that Spring has sprung!  Yellow is very much an energetic spring colour.  It reminds me of that gorgeous Jenny Packham yellow tea dress Kate Middleton wore when visiting Australia

Lovely Golden Daffodils

Coco Mademoiselle Purse Spray.  I love this fragrance for Spring.  Light and delicate, but without being so delicate it disappears instantly.  The twist and spray purse spray is very elegant and easy to carry around or have as a feature on your dressing table.  Available here (Link)
Lovely Coco Mademoiselle :)

Topshop Fedora Hat.  Made in Britain :) Navy felt with a neon trim.  Perfect for Spring and Autumn and a bargain price (especially if you get a student discount).  I have to be careful with hats- I find them hard to wear, but I think this one is perfect..  (Link)

Well made and stylish Fedora :)

Ear Plugs.  I always carry some round in my bag as you never know when you'll want to shut out the noise on the train (or people on the train ;) ) or when an after work drink turns into a noisy band gig.  In the battle of man Vs electronic amplifiers it's my hearing that will loose out- so I carry some discrete ear plugs.  I have several sets- these Pro Guard Lin-ear PR20s limit the damage but are designed so they don't limit the sound quality at gigs.  Perfect.  Nice carry case too.  More information HERE

Looking after my ears :)

MAC Girl About Town lipstick (thanks to Liz)!  A bright blue toned fuschia pink to inject a bit of summer into the room (even on grey days like today).  I was quite nervous the first time I wore it out in public but I had so many compliments that I've worn it regularly since!  If you are worried about a bright lipstick but want to dip your toes in that area, then I recommend checking this one out! (Currently on offer as a beauty club winner at link)
MAC Girl about town :) I feel like it's saying 'Ladies who Lunch' with Girls about town!

So there are my 5 things I'm loving right now.  What are your 5 things? Have you tried any of the products mentioned?

Disclaimer: Ear plugs were a sample but all thoughts are my own and I only mention the things I want to.


  1. Lol I did sit up at the mention of earplugs for a second.
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  2. lovely things!!nice hat..!i love mac.. :-)
    take a look at my blog,we can follow each other if you want on gfc and bloglovin...


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