Sunday, 5 May 2013

Take 5 : Makeup Brushes

Continuing my '5 things' posts, today I thought I'd bring you the 5 makeup brushes I'm currently reaching for.  I do have a little growing collection.  This is because I hate washing them.  It's boring and tedious.  Of course the easier option is to go into denial and just buy more brushes.....

5 Brushes... spelling '5'....
 Of course this is not 'the ultimate' top 5 brushes- just the ones I'll reach for if they are clean.

Top to Bottom!
1) Gosh flat eyeshadow brush.  I have posted about this before (link) so all I want to say is it is affordable, soft, applies and bends my eyeshadow nicely :) Great for travel or carrying in your handbag.  Available from Superdrug

2) Real Techniques Blush Brush.  Reviewed here.  Again, soft, synthetic and affordable.  I like this brush because a) you can see when it's dirty (and when it's properly clean during washing) due to the white tips, and b) it's tapered edge makes it easier to apply blush (or bronzer) lightly- it distributes the powder more evenly rather than in a big blob that you have to blot out with tissues (think Aunt Sally!).  Available at several places but I picked mine up at Boots (link)
Nice lineup! (1 Gosh, 2 Real Techniques, 3 ELF, 4 MAC, 5 Japonesque)

3) Elf Powder Brush. Link.  This is my go to foundation brush.  It eats foundation which is a downside but I love the finish it provides.  It really works the product into the skin.  Plus it's a bargain at £3.75.  I'm hoping the invest in a smaller one by a different brand shortly so it wont eat up my chanel foundation so quickly- but still gives me a good foundation finish.

4) Mac 210 eyeliner brush.  I don't think ALL Mac brushes are good- there are some good dupes about.  However I love this brush for gel liners.  It washes well and retains it's shape- something which is a must for precision brushes.  This has been the best small liquid or gel liner brush I have found.  Worth the  £16 price tag (although Debenhams often have money off all beauty so worth a look!)

5) Japoneque Pro Concealer brush.  Flat, tapered edge.  Washes well.  I use this for my liquid concealers and under eye highlighters.  It's not so good on thicker concealers (like Mac Studio Sculpt) because I find it wipes some off- however if the consistency is more mailable then I use this brush.  I also use it to blend out under eye concealer/highlighters (we don't want reverse panda eyes now, do we?!).  I should also add that this generally what I use when the spot/pimples/pigmentation surface is not too uneven (or picked tsk!).  I have a different routine for those kinds of spots- but I'm hoping my days of getting bad acne are numbered (more on that to come).  This brush is synthetic and afforable at £11 from HQHair or BeautyBay but keep an eye out for discounts!

So there you have the 5 brushes I am using a lot at the moment.  What brushes are you using?  Have you tried any of these?  Hope you are all having a great Sunday :)

(Disclaimer: All purchased by me apart from the Japonesque brush which was a sample.  As always, all products are included because I choose to and all words are my own).

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