Tuesday, 7 May 2013

You know you are a (beauty) blogger when.....

1.  You have a box of new unopened products that you need to photograph before you can use them.
2.  You spend months waiting for a certain eyeshadow/lipstick to be released only to cry all the way home on the train because you can't swatch it (before you have photographed it).
3.  When people talk about Mac- you think makeup, not Apple Mac computers...
4.  You have the Mac website on your bookmarks and know how to find Limited Edition products on there before they hit the main homepage..
5.  The word 'swatch' makes your heartbeat a little faster.....

Swatch, Swatch!

6.  #bbloggers means something.....
7.  You stalk reality TV shows waiting for the 'celebrities in the bathroom putting on makeup' clip and then pause the TV so you can identify what products they are using, before making a list.
(You then instagram the paused TV clip and tweet your findings feeling very proud).
8.  You buy girly magazines only to see a blogger friend featured on the next page.
9.  (You then tweet that blogger with a twitpic just to prove that 1) they are in the magazine and b) you purchased the magazine).


10.  You enter 'purchase ' into your diary purely because Miss said that there is going to be a free Nails Inc/L'Occitane/Neal's Yard/Benefit/Avon product with next issue- you then buy 4 copies of the magazine jsut to get ALL the products....
11.  You are willing to pay double the retail price for a limited edition makeup item on Ebay.
12.  You pay extortionate shipping to get super, super cheap makeup items shipped over from the US- just because it looks cooler than what we have in the UK.
13.  You plan your trip to Paris around what Pharmacies to visit.
14.  You leave space in your luggage on ANY trip to Europe just to stack up on the biggest bottle of Bioderma.
French skincare :)

15.  During aforementioned trip to Europe you photograph the inside of the pharmacy (much to the bemusement of the locals.
16.  You are unable to eat ANY meal without arranging it on your plate and then photgraphing it with your iphone, applying a nice sparkly filter and then tweeting it (with #food after).
17.  You cringe at the state of makeup counters in shops and have to resist taking your own makeup sanatizer to the unmanned counters.
18.  You have to explain what a Clarisonic is to most people- 'no .. it's a toothbrush for your face'.
19.  You have a world of weird named people as friends- and when you talk about them to your real life friends, most of them think you have a load of make-believe friends.....
20.  You cringe when people say they only use face wipes to cleanse their face.
Sephora! Mother ship!

21.  You plan your holidays around places that have a Sephora.
22.  You notice when the tv makeup artist uses the same lipstick/blush/eyeshadow on multiple characters/presenters.
23.  You watch other people apply their makeup in public- and then steal tricks or tweet the faux pas!
24.  You get emails addressed to 'Hi Mrs Blogger'... (and vent your rage on twitter)...
25.  You smile when you see blogger products in real life- Pixiwoo brushes.
26.  You plan your spending ban around IMATS.
27.  You buy a random fluorescent jumper and jacket because you saw other beauty bloggers wearing them...
28.  You find out breaking world news while on twitter chatting to other beauty obsessives about Sleek's latest blush or MAC's 37th collection of the year...
29.  You randomly stop strangers while out shopping and ask them what lipstick/highlighter they are using- and then think about buying it-' for the blog'.  Lots of things are bought 'for the blog'.. ahem...
30.  You have a daily narrative going along in your head in the style of a blog post...
31.  You know you are a beauty blogger if you have identified with 10 or more of these points!

So, are you a beauty blogger?  Do you know someone who is unsure if they are a beauty blogger?  Do you or your friend need help for this strange ddisease which is beauty blogging?!  What points could you add to this list?  I hope you enjoyed this post- feel free to retweet, comment, or click the reaction boxes :) If you do this as a TAG please link back :) Thank you!


  1. I am a BB! :D Very funny post! I can relate with most of the points ;)

    1. Hurrah- glad I am not alone in my strange life :)

    2. and Thank you for the kind words and comment :)

  2. Haha! Looooove this! And oh how true, almost 'everything' I purchase now is for blogging purposes didn't ya know? ;)

    Aysh xox

    1. Haha- yes I make a lot of those justifications... ;) Thanks for the comment xx

  3. Great post - totally relate to number! xx

    1. Thanks Bettina :) I really appreciate the comment xx

    2. It should have said relate to number 1 !

  4. Hahaha LOVE this! Except I pay crazy shipping for items from the UK since it looks cooler than what we have in the US ;)


    1. Thank you Sarah- glad you enjoyed it! Shipping costs are a pain :( xx

  5. This was brilliant. i can relate to most of the points! Haha. xx

    1. Thank you :) Hope your hiccups have gone xx

  6. Cool! Great job on this blog post! Its awesome!

    1. Thank you :) And Thank you for your comment xx

  7. I'm not a blogger, but funnily I do most of those. I do nail swatches on my Tumblr though.

    I bet you don't notice hair elastics or bobby pins in period shows or movies and rant about them though. :) I'm prone to doing that when watching Once Upon a Time, The Borgias, and Vikings.

    I can get pretty bratty about hair. Ha ha ha!

    1. Hi Katie, I need the link to your tumblr again- I swapped computers and had a bunch of stuff wiped- but I'll book mark it :) I havent noticed that but I'll have to keep an eye out! I do spot some errors- or just some plot things that don't make sense! I hope you are well :) xx

    2. My Tumblr is kateandzena.tumblr.com, Emma (the name kateandzena is also my Instagram, if you want feel like following there.) :) I haven't done any nail stuff because I've been on this cleaning purge. I finally tired of all of the excess junk in my room!

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    1. Thank you. It's not finished yet but that is my aim! Thanks

  9. haha, love this post!!! Just stumbled upon your blog, love it, so I started following. :)

    Sarah| Beauty and Lemonade xo

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