Sunday, 4 August 2013

Sunday Service

Just a round up of tales, games, adventures, posts from this week.

My Muppet Show.  It's a free Disney app game and I'm loving it!  You collect the Muppets and add them to the stage.  Each Muppet plays an instrument or dances/sings so you end up with a cool band playing variations on a theme.  You also have to feed the Muppets and buy them gifts (with pretend money).  Something to while away a rainy afternoon (and take me away from Bejewelled with I have an unhealthy addiction to!)

I joined Google+ officially this week although I currently don't have many friends on there- so feel free to click the button on the right and +1 (or whatever it is you do with google+) and leave me a note so I can find you!  My page is Computergirl for those of you that want to find it on your own!  Hopefully I'll understand how to use Google+ soon!

Makeup with staying power for oily skin or hot days- full of products and tips.  Take a look!
My blog turned 4, and this is the first giveaway to celebrate that! Some awesome ceramic hair straighteners perfect for travel!  Please take a look.  It's easy to enter and you have nothing to loose!

Finally I'm looking forward to seeing the second 'Percy Jackson' film.  I saw Percy Jackson and the lightning thief' (IMDB Link) a while back and loved it (well worth a watch if you like clean adventure films with a twist!)- I hope the second film is just as good! 

That's all for today.  I hope you have had a good week and weekend.  Let me know what things you have discovered recently, or if you can recommend any other films similar to Percy Jackson!

P.s. Don't forget my blog sale!

Saturday, 3 August 2013

4th Birthday Giveaway! It's here!!

You lucky things! I have a few prizes lined up for Computergirl's Musings 4th birthday.  Everyone likes presents!  The first giveaway birthday giveaway is.....

Neon Goddess Straighteners and Starlight tweezers!
...A pair of mini Neon Goddess Elie Ceramic straighteners.  They are travel friendly and come with a heat proof travel bag.  The ceramic technology allows them to reach temperatures of 195 degrees allowing them to effortlessly style, curl and straighten your hair.  If you are like me, then they are also useful for depotting makeup i.e. Mac eyeshadows (depotting post) PLUS they have dual voltage for worldwide use.  If you are travelling then these will make a perfect light addition to your suitcase.

These straighteners are small enough to allow you to make small defined curls or larger sweeping waves.  Plus the bright colour makes them hard to loose!

Elie have also donated a pair of starlight tweezers- angled tweezers with a light making even the smallest hair easy to see!  They also come with a sturdy case that will fit in your handbag for day to day travel.

Starlight tweezers in a star box!
Thank you to Elie Beauty (link) and The Clothes Show (link) for donating these wonderful prizes for Computergirl's Musings 4th birthday.

This giveaway is only open to those in the UK due to postage restrictions.  Sorry.  There will be other giveaways so stay tuned!  Compers will be disqualified as this is open to genuine followers only.  Please read the rafflecopter rules and requirements carefully- it's easy to enter (and easy for me to verify and pick a winner!).  Competition closes at the end of the month.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

P.s. If you havent had a chance to check out my blog sale then there are still some items left.  Also don't forget to have a look at yesterdays post on tips and products for making makeup last in hot weather (or just making it last on oily skin)!  Lots happening on the blog this week!

Friday, 2 August 2013

Hot Weather Makeup

Some of the products I have been using this summer.
I thought I would do a bit of a round up of the products, types of products and tricks I have used this summer to try and stop my face melting off.  I wear less makeup in the summer because a) it's hotter and it doesn't stay well and b) because it's hotter I look more alive (and therefore don't need as much makeup). I have oily combination skin which can cause makeup to slide, but this has been worse in the dry/hot weather.  I try to wear as little as possible, but some days I need a polished look....

First off, facial sprays, primers and tinted moisturiser!
FACE After I have cleansed etc I begin my routine by spraying a little face mist or water spray to counteract the harmful Ph of tap water on the skin.  This also helps to cool my skin so it is easier to work on- hot = red, oily, open pores, sweaty 'glowy' which means products wont settle and its harder to judge colour balance!  I have a couple of sprays I use, but today I used Avene Eau Thermale.  After this I apply a primer to create a barrier.  This stops my pores eating the makeup and my skins oil disturbing my makeup.  Generally I use Witch* as a day to day product (especially if combating spots), or Chanel Le Blanc for special days and fighting redness.  (Weirdly Le Blanc is £1 cheaper at Boots than House of Fraser!)

Tinted moisturisers are great in the summer.  I often find a foundation too heavy at the moment and find myself reaching for Alpha-H's Tinted Moisturiser with Sun Filters* (link).  It illuminates while blending fine lines and giving a hint of colour and improving the appearance of age spots.  Perfect

Concealers, illuminators and bronzer
TIP: If your base starts to dry out in the hot weather before you have finished your look, spray some MAC Fix+ or face mist on it to revive the foundation or concealer to a workable medium.  Both MAC and Avene come in small handbag sizes for refreshing during the day!  Or just to try before purchasing the full size.

Concealers- I like Benefit It stick (£3.49 link) for a workable concealer with powder finish.  Liquids I still reach for my Aveda Inner light (in depth post) as it can work into problem areas a little easier than harder concealers.  To illuminate under the eyes, nose etc then I use pens by The Body Shop or Guerlain.  I'm quite careful about sun exposure (everything in moderation) but should I need to even out any tan then it has to be Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel, a sort of cream with powder finish link.  (I can't believe I havent done a post on it)!

Blush, blush and more blush!
CHEEKS With a little more 'colour in my cheeks' from the sun, I find I don't need as heavier colours in the summer- however I have been using creams and stains a little more to combat the summer 'melt'.  The trick with creams is to never apply in a rush, or you will look like Aunt Sally.

Illamasqua Betray (link) is super pigmented- apply a little at a time and build.  I have a number of Illamasqua products are they are all highly pigmented and well recommended!  Jelly Pong Pong Love Rouge duos are currently sold out but they are good kit additions should you get the chance to buy them.  I also use their Jelly flush Stain which is light and adds a healthy glow.  I found one on ebay for 99p the other day.  (JPP made the infamous Supermodel Stain too which is worth a look if you find one!)

If you can work quickly then I'd recommend Daniel Sandler's Watercolour Blushes, though I do find the liquid is drying quickly in the hot weather.  I use my fingers, not the accompanying brush (which is good for applying powdered highlighter).  I wrote a previous post on my visit to Daniel's counter, a makeup look and this blush HERE

TIP: Set your cream blush with a powder blush is a close colour.  It will seal the product in and help it to last longer.  I generally use my MAC blushes.

Powder, eye primer, eyes...
EYES I like to keep my eye makeup simple in hot weather.  My lids get oily on normal days, let alone in hot weather where I am constantly putting on and taking off sunglasses.  I use Urban Decay Primer Potion (link to travel size!).  I have not found any product that matches this as an oily lid primer yet (but please feel free to recommend others to me).  I prime, then add some dots of Avon supershock gel eye pencil along my lash line to fill out my lashes (blog review post here).  I'll curl lashes, add some natural look mascara (Max Factor False Lash Effect* pictured above, but I also use Avon Supershock mascara regularly).  Next I powder, powder powder!  Elf Complexion Perfection lives in my handbag because the compact has a mirror though I'll use Witch blemish powder in the morning.] with my Crown Kabuki.

TIP: To set eye liner pencils or gels, use an angled eye liner brush with a bit of matching eyeshadow.

Summer lips. Balm, bright and bold.
LIPS As I barely wear eye makeup in summer, I try to go with bright lips.  If I am able, I'll have a no-makeup day and just wear tinted balm.  This Burt's Bees Rose tinted balm lives in my handbag.  It's soft, pigmented and moisturising. I think everyone should own one at least.  They are on offer a lot, though currently £5.10 at Feelunique (link) and come in many different colours.  Essential product.

Mid balm and lipstick comes Clinique's chuby sticks.  My summer bright is Grandest Grape.  Grown-up bright!  However one colour I really love for summer 2013 is MAC's Girl About Town- a bright Fuschia (I posted on it here although was sad to see the price increase on Debenhams earlier).

TIP: To keep your lipstick/chubby stick in place while you eat lots of ice lollies/frozen yoghurt/sip cool cocktails, use a layer of Lipcote over the top to lock the product in.  I find my lips will stay perfect for hours :) (More info at Boots)

I hope this has been useful.  I'd love to know what products you are using and any tips you have to stop makeup melting off your face in the summer heat?

Disclaimer: All products were purchased by me apart from those marked with * which were press samples sent for consideration.  All words are my own and products are only included at my discretion with honest thoughts.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Computergirl's Musings! Giveaway time!

CM is 4! How did that happen?  We got through the teething troubles, terrible twos, confusing threes and now we are F-O-U-R!  We will have to star thinking about which school to go to!!  4 years of writing about skincare, beauty, fashion, shopping, random things... I'm not going to gush but I just wanted to say thank you to those of you that read my blog, and an extra special thank you to those of you who take the time to comment or tweet.  It's really appreciated!  Another huge thank you to those who have been around since the start and still continue to read :)

There will be related blog birthday events this month- namely giveaways so just a heads up to stay tuned! For now I'd like this cake.  It looks amazing and yummy- I found it on Driftwood Dreaming- a lovely shop and blog if you like crafts and natural designs :)

What cakes do you like?  Any cake inspiration blogs or designs?

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