Thursday, 1 August 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Computergirl's Musings! Giveaway time!

CM is 4! How did that happen?  We got through the teething troubles, terrible twos, confusing threes and now we are F-O-U-R!  We will have to star thinking about which school to go to!!  4 years of writing about skincare, beauty, fashion, shopping, random things... I'm not going to gush but I just wanted to say thank you to those of you that read my blog, and an extra special thank you to those of you who take the time to comment or tweet.  It's really appreciated!  Another huge thank you to those who have been around since the start and still continue to read :)

There will be related blog birthday events this month- namely giveaways so just a heads up to stay tuned! For now I'd like this cake.  It looks amazing and yummy- I found it on Driftwood Dreaming- a lovely shop and blog if you like crafts and natural designs :)

What cakes do you like?  Any cake inspiration blogs or designs?


  1. Happy 4th Blog Birthday! Computergirl's Musings is two days older than Affordable Treats :) I'd just like to thank you again for being so supportive over these years. From sixth form worries to university nerves, you've been there to give me reassuring words. Thank you! :)

    1. Hello! I think my first post on here was the second of August, but I thought I would start celebrating today! Aww no problem- It seems such a long time ago now- really pleased to see you going into year 3 :) Thank you for all your support on the blog too and Happy 4th birthday to Affordable Treats! xx


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