Sunday, 4 August 2013

Sunday Service

Just a round up of tales, games, adventures, posts from this week.

My Muppet Show.  It's a free Disney app game and I'm loving it!  You collect the Muppets and add them to the stage.  Each Muppet plays an instrument or dances/sings so you end up with a cool band playing variations on a theme.  You also have to feed the Muppets and buy them gifts (with pretend money).  Something to while away a rainy afternoon (and take me away from Bejewelled with I have an unhealthy addiction to!)

I joined Google+ officially this week although I currently don't have many friends on there- so feel free to click the button on the right and +1 (or whatever it is you do with google+) and leave me a note so I can find you!  My page is Computergirl for those of you that want to find it on your own!  Hopefully I'll understand how to use Google+ soon!

Makeup with staying power for oily skin or hot days- full of products and tips.  Take a look!
My blog turned 4, and this is the first giveaway to celebrate that! Some awesome ceramic hair straighteners perfect for travel!  Please take a look.  It's easy to enter and you have nothing to loose!

Finally I'm looking forward to seeing the second 'Percy Jackson' film.  I saw Percy Jackson and the lightning thief' (IMDB Link) a while back and loved it (well worth a watch if you like clean adventure films with a twist!)- I hope the second film is just as good! 

That's all for today.  I hope you have had a good week and weekend.  Let me know what things you have discovered recently, or if you can recommend any other films similar to Percy Jackson!

P.s. Don't forget my blog sale!

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