Saturday, 9 November 2013

Haul: Rose gold glitter iphone case.

I'm on a glitter overload this week on the blog.  I had to share this purchase with you.  If you read Thursday's post then you will know how much I like sparkly, shiny, glittery things.  (I am not Gollum).
My phone is getting a new outfit for Christmas :)
 As soon as I saw this phone case, I knew it had to be mine... precioussssss... Introducing the rose gold glitter iphone 4s case from H&M for £3.99.  Yes it is tacky and the glitter will probably leave a trail- however it is sealed with glue at the edges and has lasted well from being in my bag thus far.  It came in a Christmas box with a tag saying 'To...... From....'.  I filled both spaces in with "ME".  Now I just need to find a nail polish to match..... (even if it will be a nightmare to remove)!   Every girl should have glitter.
My preciousssss
Can you recommend a rose gold glitter nail polish?  Or even gold glitter nail polish?  Glitter phone case- yes or no?

Disclaimer: Purchased by me.  I love glitter.

Friday, 8 November 2013

How to wake up on cold dark mornings. (Lumie light Review)

I dislike getting up in the dark.  There is somethings VERY unnatural about getting up before the sun does.  Getting out of bed in the dark falls into the same category as 'washing my makeup brushes', and 'telephoning people'.  These are things I know I have to do, I will feel better once these actions are done, but I still dislike them.

When I thought about it, there are three things I dislike about getting up in the dark.
  1. The fact it is cold.  My bed is warm and I want to stay in it as long as possible.
  2. The fact it is dark.  An alarm suddenly starts beeping away and you are supposed to spring out of bed, fresh as a daisy.
  3. The fact I am tired.  MY body tells me I should be asleep.  In my nest, hibernating.
It looks liek something the Jetsons (link) would have.
Well, I wont say all my gripes are solved, but they have got ALOT better due to the purchase of a Lumie Light.  (Sadly emigrating for the winter was not an option!)  It is an alarm clock that simulates sunrise (i.e. lights up slowly for 30 minutes before your alarm time).  This means your body is able to gently wake up meaning that you arent pulled out of deep sleep when your alarm goes off.  (Waking up when you are in deep sleep will generally leave you feeling very groggy, disorientated and tired).

Don't get me wrong, I still feel tired but its not heavily exhausted which is what I was feeling before using the Lumie light.  I also love waking up in the bright light and then turning on the bedroom light, rather than waking up in the dark and having to will myself to turn on (and adjust to) a bright 60W lightbulb on one sudden click.

I don't think this guy has slept yet.  His hair is too tidy!  See the pretty sunrise?
I have the lumie bodyclock starter 30 light (link), which is the baby of the group.  Recommended for suffers of SAD and endorsed by Good Housekeeping magazine, Starter 30 simulates sunrise and sunset.  It can be used as a light, has a dimmer for the clock face and alarm noise (which I dont use as I prefer the music on my phone).  I believe the other 3 models (Go, Active and Elite) have these features but with more variations (slower sunrises, different alarm sounds, MP3 options, radio, 7 day programming etc).  I find it easy to set up and use.

The starter model retails for £59.99 new which is an investment, however I have not regretted it.  I found these on Boots recently with a 10% discount (link) making it more affordable (and with the added bonus of tonnes of Boots points.  If you are thinking of purchasing one of these for yourself and want to save a few pennies then I'd suggest looking this ebay link as I have seen them go for £20, or check out the lumie website (link) for refurbished models with a discount.  If you are very unsure then Lumie offer a 30 day trial so you can 'try before you buy'.  Worth a look if you hate the dark, dreary mornings and struggle to wake up.

So this deals with the dark issue, and most of the tiredness.  Im not sure I can tackle the cold in the same way but let me know if you have any ideas!

How do you wake up in the mornings?  Have you tried a light clock?  If you have any suggestions or questions, just leave a comment below.

Disclaimer: Bought with my own money.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Haul: Sparkly Sequin Makeup Bag Bargain (M&S)

I am a magpie for sparkles.  Despite the fact I do not need another makeup up bag, I found myself purchasing this at the weekend.  I can totally justify it by the fact it was on a 3 for 2 offer at Marks and Spencer so I lumped it together with two other purchases.  It was £5 on it's own but I think I got it for free!  (I just noticed M&S have the 3 for 2 on AND 20% off online today so this is £4!)
Marks and Spencer sequin makeup purse (link)

Sequins remind me of making things at primary school.  We all used to make hats for the Christmas party and sometimes you were lucky enough to find a sequin or two in the scraps box.  Sequins are quite clearly jewels to 6 or 7 year olds.  I haven't lost that feeling!
Sequins.  Shiny, happy, sparkly sequins!
 Aside from the obvious shiny sequin factor I like this bag because it is compact but wide.  A number of previous bags have been so slim that they can't hold chunkier products such as my beloved Chanel foundations.  Now we are getting into the party season I normally end up having to be a social butterfly and carry a few extra items in my bag for hair and makeup transformations.  I also like this bag because its harder to loose inside my handbag.  The Sparkles are easier to locate- even in the dark!
My current bag (left) wont close.
If you are not a fan of gold, then this bag also comes in red (think Wizard of Oz shoes!), and silver.  I plan on filling a couple of these bags with items to make Christmas presents for a few friends.
All of this fits on my new makeup bag!  Chanel, Guerlian, Clinique, The Body Shop, Elf, MAC etc. AND it closes!

To see more of my sparkly gold makeup, accessories and jewellery click HERE to see an older post!

Marks and Spencer Sequin Makeup Bag- Do or Don't?  Do you use a makeup bag?  Any recommendations?

Disclaimer: Bought with my own money because I like shiny sparkly things.

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