Friday, 10 January 2014

Bioderma £3.50, Becca, Korres, Rouge Bunny Rouge for silly prices

I came across a few good sales today.  If you have always wanted to try Bioderma Crealine H20 then I found it today in a small bottle for £3.50 in the UK from a reputable seller (link).  Trying new products can be scary so sometimes smaller sizes are a safer bet. (I have posted several times on Bioderma so just type Bioderma in my blog's search bar or click here to read my review post (and see the best method to remove eye makeup)).  I love micellar waters for removing the first layer of makeup before I do a second (and deep) cleanse to remove all the makeup and dirt which has worked into my skin throughout the day.  I also find it soothing round the eye area when removing mascara.

I visited Zuneta's sale earlier today too.  They were bought out by LoveLula and all the Zuneta stock is being sold off for stupid prices on Amazon.  Items by Becca, Rouge Bunny Rouge, Edward Bess, Korres, Le Metier de Beaute, paperself, Butter London....  I may have purchased an Edward Bess blush and Korres Wild Rose Exfoliating Cleanser (for £7!)   (Link)  I have not tried Korres before so it is a first for me :)

As I'm mentioning sales, I have been visiting the SpaceNK sales where I managed to pick up a *cough* few Laura Mericier items (link).  They recently added more lines to the sale so I picked up some Aromatherapy Associates items (I love this brand).  It is worth checking there regularly for extra items and returns.  I have picked up items that I know I will use throughout the year, so it is more on an investment.

I will, of course, be posting on the sale items in due course!  In the meantime why not read about an amazing spot zapper (link),  or diet (link) or one of the other January posts on the blog :)

Have you bought anything in the sales so far?

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  1. I loved every single product you got, I might just use it as an excuse for a little shopping spree tommorow :D your blog is so very lovely, will definitely keep my eyes on it <3


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