Thursday, 2 January 2014

Christmas 2013: A tiny peak at presents

After a lot of hard work this year, I was more than ready for a break.  I don't have a lot to report about Christmas 2013 (though instagram (@computergirl200) followers will have seen a few Christmas snaps already).  I got to my break and indulged in lots of sleeping, eating and watching tv.  I saw a few friends and family, but mostly hibernated like a mouse in a nest.  I am more than OK with that!!  We did a jigsaw, ate lots of turkey, watched David Walliams' 'Gangsta Granny' (very funny and perfect Christmas watching), Dr. Who (welcome to the new doctor!), Hairspray (for the first time), Singing in the Rain (love old Hollywood glamour) and a whole bunch of other things that evoked a nice warm feeling inside.
I am Malia Book, cute stationery supplies, panda bear socks, bed socks and bath bombs.
I was given a few lovely gifts.  I'm always aware that many people have nothing and this year the British weather left many people without heating, electricity or (in some of the worse cases) a flooded home.  In the run up to Christmas I always try to do a portion of my shopping in charity shops- be it second hand books or brand new gifts that the shops market.  They are the gifts that give twice.  So here is the disclaimer: I am not bragging, these are just a few things that I have chosen to share because my blog is about sharing.  I am very grateful for every gift and appreciate them.
David Tennant as Hamlet.
 A few year back, I had to study Hamlet, so I will be interested to see this adaptation.  It has David Tennant in it... so if I get board of Shakespeare I can just watch Mr. Tennant......
Marzipan Fruits.  Almost too pretty to eat.  Almost....
I do love marzipan fruits.  There is a bit of a running joke in the family regarding marzipan fruits due to someone eating all of mine up one year....  This year these are all mine... mine I tell you!  I kid myself that these are healthy due to being made of two healthy and natural products: honey and almonds.  This means I can eat as many as I like... right?

There were a few makeup items and sales purchases... but I'll leave those for separate reviews...

Have you done a 'what I got for Christmas' post?  I love reading them so link me below :)  Has anyone seen the Hamlet DVD or read Malia's book?  What are your sweets of choice at Christmas


  1. I just bought Malala's book. I'm going to read it....once I finish reading all of my backlogged National Geographic magazines (yes, I am one of those people. I LOVE my National Geographic.) I don't normally read non-fiction books normally, but I saw her interview on 20/20 and I've been wanting to read her book since.

    I've never had marzipan before. Those look so pretty.

    1. I love BG magazines. So colourful and interesting. I have read the opening but have had to put it to one side until I finish a project, Happy New Year by the way :) Marzipan is yummy. but you only eat a little at a time. It is almonds and honey mostly.

    2. Happy New Year! Yea, I have three National Geographics to read, so I've gotten way behind (this happens occasionally because I get way into my library books. >.< ) First magazines, then book.


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