Saturday, 4 January 2014

Haul: Bobbi Brown Date Night Palette

Bobbi Brown Date Night Palette
After loosing another lipstick into the abyss of my handbag I hit on the idea that a small makeup palette would solve all my problems (well, if one is to procrastinate, then shopping and makeup are a good combination).  I wanted a small palette that I could easily locate in my bag.  I do try carrying my daily essentials with me, however I'm hopeless and end up carting about too many items.  The Bobbi Brown Everyday Pretty Palette from the 2013 Holiday Collection seemed like the answer, alas it was out of stock everywhere.  I had to settle on the Date Night Palette, which I located at Actually there is a good tip there- lots of the counters and department stores online tend to sell out of items first due to promotion points and accessibility.  However it is well worth looking at the actual brand site as they might have LE items in stock.

I wanted a simple, classic look rather than a large palette with items I wont use.  This is about the size of a credit card (but obviously a bit thicker).  The idea is that you can get a day look out of the palette, but transform to an evening look too.  I can safely say I will use everything, although I would have preferred a lip or eye pencil rather than the gloss.  The darker eyeshadow (Caviar) is quite pigmented where as you can blend and build the highlight (Ivory) and shimmer (Storm Cloud) shade.

Inside: Two lipsticks, a gloss and 3 shadows.

Six items swatched
L- R
Diamond pink gloss
Sandwash pink Lipstick (link)
Berry Punch Lipstick (A gorgeous pink fuchsia colour)
Eyeshadow in Caviar (dark brown) (link)
Eyeshadow in Storm Cloud (grey purple with shimmer)
Eyeshadow in Ivory (off white highlight) (Link)

Link to palette on BB site
 I have linked the item where I can, but I think some of the products were LE for this palette.
Free sample ahoy: Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream.  It's quite thick...
Bobbi Brown gave me a free sample with my purchase.  I chose the extra repair eye cream, but if I had spent a little more I could have had 2 samples, including a brush... As it was pre-Christmas I was a good girl and just picked up one item.  I haven't tried the eye cream enough times to give you my thoughts, but it is thick and doesn't have a weird smell. 

I think this palette was £24 which seemed like a reasonable price for 6 items (especially when the full sized versions seem to cost around £15-20 each).  If you want these palettes, do check the counters for returns or try good old ebay link.  (At the time of writing there is one up there for £12 though it is worth checking for the everyday palette and the date night palette.  (If you want to chance it then QVC have a waiting list for this item, and they also listed it wrongly (link and link)!

Have you tried any of these items?  What do you think of Bobbi Brown's makeup range?  Handbag palettes- Yes or No?


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