Friday, 28 February 2014

Sephora for the UK


Sephora announced today that they will ship to the UK! It costs £10 for orders over £75, and for orders under that amount, they will calculate the actual shipping costs (which means it will vary).  Sadly they cant ship nail polishes, nail polish remover or aerosols due to shipping restrictions.  Word on the street is that there are also potential restrictions on Hourglass and Nars, but that might just be due to certain ingredients in specific products.  If in doubt, just try and order and see what they say.

Sephora- the mother ship!
Now, when I have ordered things from the US previously I have had to pay a shipping charge- fair enough- but when the items arrived here I have been charged a customs fee (normally via a lovely letter taped to my parcel, or an invoice sent in a separate letter).  Thankfully I have always had my parcels turn up pre customs charges, although I have heard of some handling companies holding on to parcels, sending invoices and not releasing the goods until the invoice is settled.  It's like a weird ransom.

Anyway Sephora contacted me personally to say that their shipping charges include all customs charges, and UK recipients will not be charges any additional fees via customs upon receipt.  I hope that this is true....

Sephora is one of those places I go into when in Europe and gaze at everything with big eyes.  It all seems so special though I am pretty sure part of that allure is due to the fact we dont have one int he UK.  They have a mixture of branded items, exclusives and own brand items.  Some are not great (I think I'll give the Upside Down mascara a miss (link) but I can recommend the OPI Sephora polishes if they do another holiday collection (I think they will).  You can view pictures of one of the prettiest polishes I own in an old post here.
One of my most treasured polishes.
I'm not sure what I will be purchasing at this stage, but I know the Anastasia brow items are stocked at Cult beauty however I think Sephora have a bigger range of products.  Sephora  also stock Kate Somerville skincare, which is supposed to be good (but hard to get in the UK) and Kat Von D palettes.  I really really wanted 2 of the Kat Von D palettes when they launched, but never really got round to asking a friend to pick them up.  Then I think I ordered my clarisonic instead and sort of forgot about the palettes... maybe now is the time to order via Sephora?

Oh and if you order by 17:00 GMT Sephora will deal with your order the same day due to the time difference!

Are you going to order anything from Sephora? Maybe some of my US / regular Sephora shoppers can recommend some products?


  1. Finally! Haha can't wait! Think I need to save my money first though :)

    1. It's good isn't it? Thankfully payday is round the corner so hopefully you'll be able o pick up something nice shortly! Let me know what you get!

      Thanks for the comment :)

  2. Nice polish!


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