Thursday, 1 May 2014

Missed Lancome Hypnose Mascara for £10? (For those that missed Debenhams!)

Did you miss the online offer for Lancome Hypnose Mascara for £10 at Debenhams?  FEAR NOT!  Other retailers are catching up with the 55% discount!  Yes, it is normally £22, so at £10 it makes it in the same price range as most high street brands!  I was just in House of Fraser (link) and Lancome are now telling their retailers to price match Debenhams, though it might take a little while to catch up online.  You might want to ring them.  Also John Lewis have a 'never knowingly undersold' policy so keep visiting their page here (link) or visit the store.  Finally I have heard a rumour that Selfridges might be following suit and reducing their mascaras to £10 (link) so if you are an avid Hypnose fan or fancy trying their mascaras for the first time (like I am) then you can pick up Hypnose, Hypnose Drama (with a curved wand), Hypnose Doll Eyes, or the waterproof versions.  I also found the limited edition extra black version was included in the £10 deal.  I'm not sure how I will get on using it, but I will let you know.

You can still purchase the mascara via Debenhams but you will have to go into a store they have sold out online.  Apparently demand was high, despite thousands being put aside.  I guess a huge discount plus gifts with purchases (and free samples) made everyone click like crazy...

I want eyes like hers! (and flawless skin while I am wishing!) Lancome Hypnose turns 10!

Debenhams do have a Lancome gift with purchase starting May 6th so if you have missed out completely then keep your eyes on the counters as I think this will be a good deal.  If you are not near a Debenhams then they still have 10% off all beauty and fragrance online and if you buy 2 items I think there is a gift with purchase online while stocks last.  However House of Fraser currently have a £10 beauty confidential event running this until Monday, so you can have £10 off or save the offer to use later! (Link).

If you manage to find some Lancome Mascara, then please share your find below so that other readers can locate it.  I haven not tried this range before so I cant offer help with which mascara to try, but maybe others have more knowledge of the range- feel free to comment below!

Thanks :) 

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