Friday, 9 January 2015

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes! 2015 New Year Blog Update.

Computergirl's Musings will turn 6 this year (6!!), and enter it's 7th year of blogging.  As you can imagine, a lot of things have changed during that time, and it is only right that CM evolves too.  What started as a skincare diary (which trialed products for 30 days), branched into beauty and then lost its way a little.  I did a bit of consulting last year and tried to find what people thought CM covered and where it should move next.  2015 is the year things change a little, and return to their roots.


If you have visited recently, then you may notice the design has had a few changes, which hopefully aid clear streamlined quick navigation.  I can now display larger images, and have removed some elements which slow the page down.  The header has also changed and represents this blog a little better.  5foot10 (my other blog) has also had a face lift.  It started as a side project for things that didn't fit on here, and then things got a little messy.


Here is how I hope things will work from 2015 onwards;

Computergirls' Musings is where you'll find; 
Makeup, beauty, skincare,reviews releases, blogging, tech etc

Meanwhile head to

Fashion, lifestyle, vintage, food, travel, interviews, style inspiration, decor, general makeup etc

5foot10, is for people of all heights (although I am personally 5 foot 10!).

Both blogs have individual twitter, instagram, pinterest, facebook and bloglovin pages and I'd love to connect with you!  (I am on twitter a lot!).

Also don't forget my current giveaways here and on 5foot10, plus a current blog sale!

If you have any thoughts or feedback then I'd love to hear from you.  I'll review it later in the year and see how it is working! 


Messages make me smile! Please share some smiles with me! :)

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