Who is Computergirl?

Hello!  Welcome to Computergirl's Musings.  If you're reading this then I guess you want to know a little bit about me- it's ok, I like to read the 'about me' bits on blogs too :)

I'm just a normal girl, living in the UK.  Graduate and freelancer.  Although my 'base ' is in the Midlands, I roam about the UK quite a bit as needs.  The UK looks quite small on a map, although I assure you it can be a very big place (especially when your (delayed and expensive) train stops every 2 minutes on a 2 hour journey...)

Computergirl's Musings begun as a skincare diary and grew to encompass beauty, makeup, haircare, food, fashion and anything else which caught my eye.  In 2015 CM went back to basics, returning to beauty and technology ('Beauty with a hint of Geek').  I talk about fashion, life, travel food, vintage things on my sister blog 5foot10.   I like natural products where possible (dermatologically tested although I do unintentionally slip up on this).  I like brands to think about the long term or wider consequences.  I like things to work (doesn't everyone?).  Yes, I still like glitter although sometimes it's like the friend who doesn't want to admit the party is over and outstays their welcome by several days.

Personal beauty missions:
Irradiation of: spots, blackheads, pigmentation, wrinkles, cellulite, dry split ends.
Hates: chipped nails, dry lips, dry skin, stubby lashes, finding foundations to match my skin.
Improvement of: wild eyebrows, oily combination skin, teeth that have lost their glow, fading makeup, dry split ends, diet and exercise.

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